For the Birds

Last month, Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine’s challenged me to come up with a DIY bird haven…and I kinda missed the boat what with all the baby announcing, Pinterest Challenging and repetitive fainting, shock & awe over the fact that you guys voted this little blog one giant award.  BUT I did take on the Bird Oasis task – hit some turbulence – and then reworked…err…rewinged it to make it actually better.

Let’s stop all this confusing convulusion of me talking….let’s get right to it.

Let me preface this entire thing with the fact that finding a more modernesque birdhouse is like finding a silicone boob that an Orange County Housewife doesn’t like.  It’s tough….err….difficult…because them tata’s ain’t tough.

Back to the point…I wanted to create a cheap alternative to a Modern Birdhouse that would be easy and simple to recreate.  So when I saw the opaque glass light covers (super cheap at under $10) I knew it would be perfect.    Then I picked up some quick apoxy, some eyehooks and a package of wooden furniture knobs.

First I hammered the eyehook directly into the center of the knob with a hammer.

Then I used a tiny metal screwdriver to tighten that thing all the way down.  Don’t mock me for having the world’s weakest hands.  I blame the extreme laziness.

Then I whipped out the epoxy.  NOTE – THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR THIS PROJECT.  Don’t buy it.  Just use your at-home-glue gun.  This epoxy is probably perfect for many projects…this just ain’t one.

This epoxy you have to mix seperately.  So that is what I’m doing.

Instead of doing this step – just put your round light globe on a bowl with the hole facing you and use your hot glue to fasten the knob on top of the globe.  Again…I repeat…do not use the epoxy…unless you are really into glue for another reason :)

Then it’s just a little paintbrush action.  You know what I mean.

And wahla!

Tie a little twine to the top and instant modern birdhouse.

The first time, I used the epoxy and the globe was on the ground and the twine and knob were still in the tree the next day.  Thankfully it didn’t break.  That’s when I broke out the hot glue gun.  I love that dang thing.  I would hot glue my jeans up in the back if it wasn’t so painful.  I mean….nobody wants to see that squatty crack attack…just saying.

Thankfully – it all worked out and now the birdhouse has been outside for three weeks without incident.  I am still waiting on the right bird to take up residence.  I imagine that it will be a very modern bird…one who appreciates midcentury furniture and will move in a very tiny Eames chair and paint the walls solid black…but call them Midnight Charcoal Dust.  Yup.  That is exactly what I hope happens.

And why yes, Gnomeo’s father-in-law guards this area of the yard…so glad you asked.

So that’s it folks – one little birdhouse – coming in at a grand total of $12…including the cost of the epoxy.  I imagine that you could get it for $9…two for under $15…providing that you have your own twine, paint and hot glue sticks.  How cool would it be to fill an entire tree with these things?!  And when the birds are flying south for the winter, you could pop a tealight candle in there.  It’s a magical night with your glowing orbs!  That’s what she said :) or he said.  Jurys still out on that one.

p.s.  Thanks LCI for bringing a birdhouse to our yard.  Oh and Lowe’s Creative Ideas is on Pinterest!  Go on…get your creative juices flowing!



  1. Karla says

    that is so cool! Imagine if you could somehow put LED tea lights or some Christmas lights in them, not as birdhouses of course. But that would be so cool!!

  2. says

    I like it but for some reason even though you mentioned it was a house, I was picturing a bird feeder. Maybe make two? A bird feeder to attrack the birds and one for a house? We have a cool little blue bird in our bird house. :-)

  3. Urban Wife says

    You are so creative. It looks awesome. :) I’m thinking if one could find another color besides white that would also look rad. Thanks for sharing!

  4. WendyMI says

    Very cute, Katie.. I like!

    Maybe you could put in a few pieces of a little coco liner… or a few twigs to invite the darned birdies in? The little vermints are stealing bits of mine right now to make nests…grrr.

    And I actually do like the idea of tea lights.. would make a great accent for an outdoor evening party. =)

  5. says

    LOVE the birdhouse!
    And I just saw that you added the Munchkin Snack Catchers to the “Stuff you Drool Over” list. not sure if you have those yet or not, but they are worth 100 times what they cost…they are used for our 19 mo. old, and they live up to their snack catching promise 100%. I guess you could say I drool over them too!

  6. Nicole says

    So adorable! I am going to try this. We have a birdhouse that has Eastern Bluebirds and their babies in it. Maybe they will tell their friends to come holler at us and this fancy house!

    • says

      Like I said before – the epoxy does NOT work…I switched to the hot glue when it became evident…aka the globe was on the ground :)
      xo – kb

  7. Kristen P. says

    Hate to be a party pooper, but what did you do to prevent this from filling up with water next time it rains? Maybe poke a few itty bitty holes in the bottom?

    • says

      Hmmm…didn’t think of that! It just rained yesterday so I’ll have to go check if the lip of the globe kept the water out. If it didn’t then I guess I’ll move it to my covered porch…that’s where all the birds live anyway :)
      xo kb

  8. Laura says

    Love the modern look of the birdhouse, but just want to make sure the glue is going to stick to the glass with more weight added to it (ie mama bird and a few little ones). I’d hate for it to fall to the ground with the wee ones inside. Just a thought…..

  9. Mike says

    Just a thought, but wouldn’t that sucker get pretty hot when the sun hits it? I’m talking bird-nest-bursts-into-flames hot. It looks cool though.

    • says

      I don’t think so…for one it’s in the shade and it’s got a fairly large hole…bigger than most birdhouses…and it is made for a light covering so it has this opaque coating on the inside…in my mind that would help shade it even more. But what do I know?!
      xo kb

  10. Jen says

    Please update us when you have bird(s) in residence. I think it would look great to have several of these in a tree. I just wonder if the birds like glass houses. I don’tt hink I’ve ever seen a birdhouse without any wood.

  11. Meg says

    I love it! Modern birdhouses are so expensive. If you were going to put a light in it, you would have to use a battery-operated tealight, right? I would think a real flame could char or crack the glass and it would re-melt your hot glue.

  12. Jason says

    At first from the picture I thought it was one of those sort of squished glass globes that hug a ceiling or go on a ceiling fan like a dish/bowl shape – but when I got to the picture where you could see it was a globe/circle/orb I couldn’t believe it! It looks awesome – even if you just hang it up as decoration it’s so cool!

  13. says

    Super cool! I had no idea where you were going with it until the finished picture, ha it’s early and I’m slow.

    Speaking of butt cracks and Pinterest… (it’s a leap, just go with it) I saw a great fix to the back of gapey jeans using a small piece of elastic that does NOT make it look like weird fake mom jeans in the end. Haven’t tried it but thought I’d pass the tip along :)

  14. Brooke Buckingham says

    Thank you for this idea! I actually have one of those random globes hanging out in my house! I’m going to make that birdhouse this weekend!

  15. Karen says

    Oh man…. I’ve been buying these globes at Goodwill whenever I see them because I was going to use them to make some outdoor lighting. I love this idea so much better!

    I’m definitely making one!

  16. Tara says

    AHH! I have been hunting for a cool way to decorate my balcony…yes I live in an apartment with a balcony, and yes it is gross and boring right now. But not for long…I’m thinking a bunch of these, hung at different heights, with some tea lights would be perfect! Maybe I’ll leave one for a bird, but I think my cat would flip out and probably kill herself by running into the glass door constantly.

    Thanks for the fun idea! Now I have DIY plans for this evening…

  17. says

    So cute!!!
    A hipster bird that watches Mad Men, wears glasses even though they see just fine big, dons big chunky head phones and obsesses over Apple products.

  18. says

    I love how clean and modern it looks! You’ll have to let us know if the glue holds up over the summer. I once had a glass and hot glue project fall apart because the glue melted from the heat of a New Orleans summer!

  19. says

    Can we have an update as to how your sprouting bean is? Like have you gone for any check ups? Did you have an ultra sound yet (there’s prob still a few more months for that maybe)? How are you feeling? How are Will and Jeremy feeling? Will you let us know the sex when you find out?

  20. Carmel says

    Very cute, Katie! I have been reading your blog for about 6 months or so. You crack me up! I really enjoy your writing! I like the way you stick up for yourself and can definitely appreciate your sense of humor! Happy pregnancy and I’m praying all goes well!

  21. Molly says

    It’s cute for sure, but stick to tea lights. I don’t think a bird would feel all that safe in a glass house, and the entry hole is way too big; baby birds might fall out, not to mention predators will be all up in there. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve had bad luck with hot glue/summer heat/non-porous substances – like glass. These corporate-sponsored projects are pretty strange, if I may say so!!

    • says

      Haha…maybe they are strange but they are fun! It’s always a blast to think outside the box when it comes to DIY :)
      And hopefully the other sponsored project this month won’t be as odd – it’s just a room makeover :)
      xo – kb

  22. Thirkellgirl says

    I really *will pray for you. I’m at the empty nest stage of life, not the little kid stage anymore, but my husband took a new job in January and his commute is just like your husband’s now. I’m so totally over cooking dinner at 7 pm. We have toast and peanut butter sometimes, too. Neither of us wants to talk at the end of these weekdays. But I have the advantage over you because I lived through this phase of life once, when the kids were tiny, and I know this too shall pass. You don’t know that, yet. You just do what you can do, sweetie. Hang in there.

  23. says

    It’s gorgeous! I couldn’t figure out how you were going to make that globe into a birdhouse. A few people wondered how it would hold the weight of mom & her little chickies- add some seed and watch the squirrels go after it- they can be your guinea pigs. If it falls, they won’t get hurt- I’ve seen squirrels fall much farther than that. Ok, too many critters in my comment, getting a little crowded here.

  24. says

    Seriously love these! And you’re right. It would look awesome with a few of them hanging in the tree – especially in a few different sizes! Great job!

  25. Flower says

    Very cool idea… but did you know that the colour white is seen as a warning sign by birds? I wouldn’t be surprised if no birds have nested in this modern home yet.
    I think I’m going to adopt your idea though, it’s so easy and creative… but I’ll paint them blue.

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