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Did the 2012 calendar just not include spring?  Is that what happened?

Because here in middle-of-nowhere Georgia, we completely missed it.  One minute it was mild-winter and then the next thing you know, I am outside with my bathing suit clad toddler wishing that we had a pool.  Weird.  It reminded me of some High School Musical movie – like the kids get back from winter break on the slopes to find themselves already in bikinis.  (side note – I tried to find a pregnant kid in one of those movies – you know, for realism sake – and not one can be found.  I’d say that’s a Disney FAIL.  Just keeping it real folks.)

Seeing as how we are already in the midst of hot-lanta, it’s only fitting that we Bowers got uncooly excited about the freebies that Mr. Bar B Q offered us.  Jeremy doesn’t get that pumped about many products we recieve (not like me who is doing the macarena in the corner) – so to see him salivate over some of the potential gifts?  priceless.

I think it goes without mention that Jeremy’s favorite was the tool set.  He’s been grilling out with our pimp-grill for quite some time (it’s an old story about how we almost caught the house on fire and in the end, our stainless steel grill turned gold – hence, pimp-grill)…so to see something so shiny and new was practically blinding.  It had everything we needed – plus a nifty storage case.

I was most excited about the pizza kit – which included a stone that you can use in the oven or the grill – and a giant metal spatula pizza scooping thingie.  HELLO!?  Nothing speaks to the Italian in me like looking like a professional pizza chef.  I have since adopted the nickname Keo….and yes, Keo talks with an Italian accent and of course, her hands.

The best part about freebies (besides the stuff – THAT IS FREE!!!)  is that it gives me an excuse to actually set the table and entertain.  Since to me bbq’s are traditionally summery – and we had eight degree weather, we ate al fresco.  (for my younger readers – al fresco is not a man.)

The grill stuff was amazing.  Our number one favorite thing was the reversible grill griddle/pan for vegetables.  (yes, I can also use it for pancakes inside on the stove top – bonus points to the dual grilling griddle!)  We also used the non-stick flip basket for the extra non-skewered veggie items…and it was perfect for not letting those little suckers through the holes while giving them just enough color.

The pizza was amazing.  I put some freshly sliced basil on top…straight outta my garden…(kisses fingertips!)

Jeremy wanted me to mention one really cool thing about both the hotdog roller and the pizza scooper-upper thingie – the handles detach.  Why is this cool?  Because things that break down into smaller pieces are easier to store.  just ask ikea.

The table after the food was complete…

We made corn on the cob (check out those manly fancy pants corn holders – they came with the toolset!) smothered in bbq sauce…and the margarita pizza was perfect as an appetizer.


I loved the showmanship quality of the hanging kabob display.  I only wish there was a way to permanently keep the veggies on the stick…ours kept sliding off – so I fashioned a rubberband solution for pictures.  I think in the long run, I’ll just use old corks.  It’ll be like easter eggs – both cute and functional…but with a little chic thrown in.

In the end, we absolutely loved it.  It was one great way to start our holiday weekend – just being able to relax in the shade with Jer’s folks over some good food.

And of course, what would a post be without our mascot?!

Here he is demonstrating how short his tongue is (that’s the farthest I’ve ever seen it out) and his love for ice.  Yup.  The kid is fascinated with sucking on ice.  He begs for it as a treat.  How weird is that?!  I hope that isn’t a sign that he’s dehydrated.

So let’s talk about summer!  What is your favorite part of the warm season?  Is it cookouts with friends or vacations with family or just hanging out by the pool?  Or perhaps it’s just the fact that the days are longer and fruit is cheaper?

Disclaimer – I totally got some freebies from Mr.Bar B Q….yup…didn’t charge me one cent to send me some products they sell.  However, they didn’t coerce me, hold a ransom over my head, encourage me or pay me to write anything nice.  I’m not that cheap.  So everything you read above is 100% my opinion…and me and Keo stand by it…I just like talking about relevant home items (or items that help food get into my belly) that I would want to buy anyway :)



  1. Jillian says

    Ditto on what everyone else said about the ice craving and anemia. I have always LOVED ice, and found out recently I was highly anemic. I had no idea. Since then I have found out that a craving for ice (or other weird things) is called pica, and can mean there is an issue. Also, chewing on ice is very bad for the teeth!!

  2. Mindy says

    Ok, so I’m one of those crazy breastfeeding ladies. Anyways, did anyone ever check to see if Will had a tongue tie? That could have been the thing that caused you so much pain in the beginning. Just curious? (yes, I know, totally not on the bbq topic. lol)

    • says

      Yup – like I said in the post, we had it checked but of course, they didn’t check for any rare tongue ties – just the normal one. I still think it had to do with his tongue.
      xo – kb

  3. Jenny R says

    I have a pizza stone too but it is SO HARD TO CLEAN! Is the Mr. BBQ one easy to clean? Or did you figure out a way to clean it?

    Btw I can’t wait to see more belly pics and an overview of your trip to Florida!

    • says

      Well, I simply scrape when the stone is still warm…and then just use plain water to rinse off everything else. Since stones absorb everything – I think you aren’t supposed to use soap. I always preheat it in the oven so I figure in my bacterial-dumb world – that is basically cleaning it :)
      xo – kb

  4. Urban Wife says

    Darn gravity and the hanging kabob display. It’s still precious!

    The best part about summer for me is getting away to the beach on the weekends. Grilling is up there too especially since I get to watch. :)

  5. Laura says

    Just dropping in to say how much I appreciate your humor and frankness about the reviews you write. I’ve stopped reading blogs before when the blogger would get all sneaky or coy accepting and reviewing products. Heck, I would love free stuff too! Why is everyone so afraid to say that!? So, thanks! Just another thing I love about your blog! :)

  6. JG says

    Craving ice is very frequently a sign of anemia (iron defficiency). Though judging by all of the tasty red meat items you have on that BBQ i doubt that is the problem :)

  7. ScullyPA says

    Cute. Hold off on the obnoxious birthday celebrations as much as you can! Sweet, simple, and full of family and fun, that is all you need.

  8. Karen R says

    Im really craving some grilled corn now! I want to make it a point to eat outside more this summer. I love the long days and the fruit. Love that its cheap but REALLY love how sweet the berries and melons are! Im seriously salivating right now.

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