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Are you prepared for some unedited photos of one heckova ugly space?

It’s Friday the 13th…time to celebrate the scary.  I thought you’d never ask.  Welcome to the office.

Right now it is sporting weird fleshy pink walls.  Not to be confused with the previous salmon sushi walls of Will’s room or the serial killer walls of the guest bathroom.  The color falls somewhere between Irish American and Britney’s sequin see-through suit…you totally know what I mean.

And the trim…yup…the same color as ruddy doo.

Note that these photos were taken when we were in the middle of the office bathroom renovation – so the vanity and the random supplies are sitting in here…I wish I could say that it was cleaner now that the bathroom is done.  I wish.

There is actually quite a bit of light in this space – which is really nice – but totally swallowed by the dark paint.

The room has really tall ceilings (like the rest of the house) but there is only one dinky light bulb in the entire space.  You can imagine me in there trying to photo edit…it’s not pretty.

I can imagine that this wall (the one with the entrance door) would be great for some shelves.  I really need an office to have lots of storage.  And since Jeremy is no longer working from home…yup…that happened.  I cried.  He probably would cry if he were here.  Which he’s not.  He’s getting ready to sit in his two hour commute….back to the point…since this entire space is all mine and I need it for blogging, crafting, sewing, and the photography biz, I definitely need a spot for all my props, supplies and it’s gotta look cute.

This is the view I’ll probably be looking at whenever I’m working.  I love that there is so much wall space to work with.  And I hate having my back to the entrance door – so having my back to a wall is a must.

Oh and then there is this little door nook.  The door leads into the garage…and is constantly locked.  Jeremy suggest that we put even more storage over here (I have about three hundred baskets and bowls and blankets for photoshoots) so it would be nice to have additional space that is organized and easy to grab and go.

And here is what I am thinking for this space…

Of course, I want it to be bright and fun and inspirational…and girly.  I already have an old small yellow trellis rug from Pottery Barn and a teal wingback chair – so those are my jumping off points.  I also have the Pinterest Challenge watercolor artwork…so that really will help pull in more color.  The desk is actually an old Ikea desk that I plan on painting…scary.  And of course, the entire space including the ceiling, will need painting.  I’m thinking white and a light blue that has more teal in it’s blood than baby blue.  Oh and then there is the storage, curtains, fabric for the lumbar pillow and gallery wall for my favorite photoshoot pictures (all Ikea)… hopefully all that will help turn this beast into a beauty.

Do you have a home office?  Is it gender-specific or more neutral?  Do you have tons of storage or are you a purger and not need it? Any suggestions for how to make this sucker better?



  1. says

    Poor Jeremy! I know it hates giving up all that time with you guys. Good for him though for making that sacrifice for his family. Keeping you guys in my prayers for this one!

    On the flip side, I LOVE the mood board for the office. I am so excited that you are using the jellyfish painting since I think it is the coolest thing ever. Can’t wait to see the updates on this room!

  2. says

    Haha I wish I was a purger! My office is currently no mans land, but unfortunately we walk through it every day. Blah. I just need to get to cleaning and it will be much better!

  3. Stacey says

    The board you did for this room is wonderful! Love the curtains and picture especially :)

    But the thing that caught me the most is that Jeremy no longer works from home… I am so sorry :( A two hour commute?!?! I hope that he is able to get back home again…sooner rather than later.

  4. says

    As I was browsing Craigslist I came across the chair you wanted for only $40! I find it ironic that I can find the chair you’re looking for, but not the one I’m after. Hope you get as good a deal as I found. Happy hunting!

  5. Joy says

    I have a colour suggestion for you… I painted my hallway in a light teal-blue-gray called Contemplation by Behr. I love it!

  6. Patti says

    I’m so jealous that you have this beautiful space to call your own! It’s gonna be fantastic once you get done with it. I love the mood board but … I keep trying to read what looks like script on the curtains … and it kinda looks a little shower curtain-y … but I know you’ll make it all work! So glad you’re using the jellyfish pic in there!

  7. Lauren Spekkers says

    This looks awesome – I love how you’ve chosen pieces to spark your imagination and creativity. You should think about adding a little “zone” for Will to get his creative-think on too! (Not sure if he ever joins you in there.)

    I had a suggestion you might like to consider…I have a really similar desk from Ikea which came with their “white foil finish” and while the surface was hard and seemed fairly durable, if I ever got pen or sharpie marker on it and didn’t immediately notice it – it left a stain. So, I decided to cover the desk surace with wallpaper and then had a piece of bevelled glass cut to the surface top of my desk. Now it has an extra little element of “surprise” and the glass seals in and protects all the pretty wallpaper goodness.

    Since you plan to paint your desk, it might reduce the desk’s “wipeability” but with glass you’d be good to go! I’m even thinking about swapping out the wallpaper from under the glass and neaty collaging it with photots. A cute idea for a photog like youself.

    Anyways, it will be a fantasic space and I can’t wait to hear more about the progress!


  8. Margaret says

    Something magical happened recently where I can see pictures now on your site! Did you do something different? I used to read YHL at work (uh, still do, multiple times a day…), come over to bowerpower and try to imagineer what I thought you were talking about, sniffle a little in sadness, and resign myself to saving reading bower power for when I got home computer. No more! So exciting! What gives?

  9. Molly says

    Hi!! I love how it turned out!!! IT IS AWESOME!!! I just discovered your blog and want to be your BFF! lol. I have been reading backwards so I just got to page 50… lol that sounds stalkerish… lol I just got to wedding week and the story of Jeremy proposing.. Oh my word, I was crying at work.. lol embarassing? I was like just have something in my eye.. lol. Anywho. Just wanted to tell you how amazing your little family and blog are!!!

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