Slicker Wicker

Any time I see a wicker chair at the thrift store for less than eight bucks, I snatch it up.  I don’t know why I choose 8 dollars as my limit and not 7 or 9…it just seems like an awfully nice number.  Like the Blake Shelton of numbers.  I would get along with an 8.

Anyhoo…I found these two wicker chairs at different thrift stores at different times and they have been sitting in my garage waiting for a makeover.


The white one was really really dry.  It had obviously been outside and the paint cracked and was flaking off.

I want to use these outside – so the first thing I did was whip out my wire brush.  It’s a great tool for cleaning in crevices like these.  It did the job pretty well with the dandruff.

Then I used our new Amplifi to spray the entire thing down.  What is an Amplifi?  Well I am so glad you asked :)  It’s like a hose holder and a pressure washer washer had a baby.  And the thing came out all dark gray and hairless.  The fine folks at Briggs & Stratton sent us one and we’ve been playing with it since.

I think the technical term is hose powering and storage system.  It takes a regular ole hose and turns it into a high powered cleaning and watering tool…and a wicker-chair makeover tool.  I wish I had a picture of me in action with this bad boy (but I didn’t want to risk ‘cleaning’ my Mark II).  Anyhoo…it’s awesome…you want it.  I did.  I just didn’t know I did.

So after I got done spraying the entire chair, it was looking clean and ready for paint.

Now let’s take a look at the black one.

It’s finish wasn’t quite as bad…just a few flakes and a bit of Amplifi-ing got it ready.


Now are you ready?  Here’s the finished product – a couple newly spraypainted chairs.  I used the Rustoleum’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze and love it so much.

Since the black chair wasn’t as dramatic – I decided to show ya just the white to black transformation.  Doesn’t it look so much newer and cleaner?  I love the sheen that comes with the spraypaint (although black would look good too – I just wanted that extra ORB glimmer).  Oh and the cushion is from Walmart.  Much better, huh?


Plus – it’s great that we have a his & hers chair out front…you know…so that we can greet those girls knocking on the door for Will.  And yes, we are holding weaponry.  A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do :)



  1. katie says

    I spray painted come outdoor chairs this weekend too and now my pointer finger is totally numb! Has this ever happened to you and does it go away?? Im freaked!

  2. Jen says


    Love the transformation of the chairs. As soon as I saw yours I thought that black wicker chairs would look perfect in front of our brick house on our porch so I went on a thrift store hunt for 2. No such luck :( Then my mother in law informs me that she is getting new ones and we can have hers for free…and they are rocker wicker chairs!! I am thrilled and very excited to spray them (as soon as it stops raining here!!)

    Also I wanted to send you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy. I follow your blog but have been away for a while (plus I just had a baby girl, Madeline, at the end of February) I was so excited to see that you were expecting again. I know you were having some difficulties getting pregnant for the second time and I wanted to say I was right there with you. I too had issues getting pregnant with my second. and now I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl who will be 3 months old on the 28th of May. I wish you nothing but the healthiest, happiest pregnancy.

    Best Wishes :)

  3. Donna says

    These look amazing! I have been wanting wicker for a long time, and never considered used. What a difference!

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