Adventures in Babysitting

Anyone still there?


Well Mom, since you seem to be the only one still hanging out, I’ll give you the heads up on this past week.

As I mentioned before, on this past Thursday I headed to the Haven Conference (basically it’s a new two-day event that turns baby-blogs into Bloginators).  Originally I didn’t even know if I was gonna be able to make it because I have this crazy loud appendage named Will…but since my girl Sherry (and her boytoy) were asked to be the keynote speakers, she needed a hand with Clara…and of course, Will + Clara = Magic Unicorn Rainbow Awesomeness:)

As Sher & John were blowing minds and saying the word ‘fart’ alot, I had my hands full of two year olds.  So I borrowed this photo of the rockstars from Erin.

Toddlers are so fun…with the attention span of a gnat…so we did a variety of activities.

Training them for housework…

rearrange the home decor….

Will’s trying to remember how to hotwire the Armada.

One of their favorite activities was this high pitched screaming.

And yes, there were some folks that weren’t too happy with the 9:30 am ‘wakeup call’.

They were obsessed with the things they could see out this window.

Here’s a video of the cuteness….

Will & Clara from Katie Bower on Vimeo.

After an hour of McDonald’s visiting (thanks for the warning Carmel!) & lobby crashing, we headed to meet Sherry & John for the toddler exchange.  As I was walking into a giant hallway of gorgeously accessorized, smart and witty people, I see the conference room & the session wrapping up.  All these people are pouring out – striding gracefully, while Miss-Belly-A-Lot waddles by toting two rowdy toddlers, one on each hip.  Not exactly glamourous.  Thankfully most folks don’t have any idea who I am or what this blog is, so most stopped to swoon over Clara and asked me if I was the babysitter.  Yesma’amIamonlythehiredhelp.  (it’s so embarrassing to be associated with this blog sometimes because I’m so weird that it’s kinda nice to be able to adopt a completely different persona as a responsible serious toddler-caring adult).

We finally pulled those Petersiks outta there (sorry to all the folks who were waiting for a photo with them and didn’t get it!)…and took the kids upstairs….and then finally back down to what I called Sponsor-Alley.  The kids got to spin the Annie Sloan chalk paint wheel-o-fortune, got fun yo-yo’s from the Fish Window Cleaning guys, applied Frog-Tape temporary tatoos, and basically provided free quality control testing to the Shaw rugs and the couches :)  Then a quick lunch & hand-off of the kids ensued.  That’s when Sherry & I could attend a couple sessions.

We saw Ana White in action (she’s like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider but with power tools)….and then the photography session led by Josh, Kevin & Layla from Shoot Fly Shoot and The Lettered Cottage.  Both were so engaging and perfectly led!

I wish I had more photos of us with folks – I was being lazy.  let’s blame the uterus.  Here’s the renowned Kate (better known as Centsational Girl!)…

And the uber-classy fellow Georgian Rhoda from Southern Hospitality….

and of course, here’s a random one Sherry shot…I have no idea what I am doing….frankly I’m sortof amazed that I can get that low.   That lady in the back is probably awwed at my flexibility.

After stuffing my face at the cocktail hour (Who says you can’t eat a dinner of cocktail shrimp and brie!?)….we ended up tagging along to dinner with Dusty from All Things G&D, Beth from Unskinny Boppy, Kent of Peachy Keen Designs, and Colleen from The Restarter Home to a place that had half-priced wine night.  Nuff.  Said.

And then later we snagged the ‘prom-pose’ photo.  That was after a rowsing dance to Apple Bottom Jeans in which I broke out the “Milk The Cow” moves….and was filmed by a security guard….oh how I wish I was joking.

All in all, one day wore me out.  I had such swollen ankles that I don’t think I could have lasted an entire conference….so kudos to those of you that did….I’m officially impressed with your stamina and commitment to blogstardom.  I am also impressed with your plethora of beautiful jewelry.  And your perfectly coiffed hairdos.  And your complete control when there are cocktail shrimp present.

Oh and one heckova hand goes out to Rhoda and the other fabulous girls who put this thing together….you guys throw one amazing shindig.  And if anyone has a photo of me in it….even me in the background or awkwardly wrestling toddlers to the ground, I’d love to see it.



  1. Emily says

    I love the last picture! Bonus points for all of you for looking so cute, and extra points to Sherry for having to stand on her tip toes! :)

    • says

      Took the words right outta my mouth! I was going to give kudos to Sherry as well for that added height! No one likes to look like the shorty in a group especially standing in a line! ya’ll looked GREAT & the baby bump is the cutest =)

  2. says

    Ok, I am really excited to see pictures from the whole visit! You look amazing. When I was pregnant, my whole body swelled and my face looked so fat! You, my dear, look as beautiful as ever. No fair.

    Love seeing the kids together! My best friend and I have a boy and a girl that are 20 days apart and they are getting to where they love each other and want to play together. It is so much fun!

  3. says

    You deserve more props than you give yourself! You’re fantastic, Katie. Fan-tastic. I really wish I had the courage to go to one of these conferences so I could meet a blogger like you.

    I would SPAZ OUT. Seriously, you would be terrified of me. I’d like to say I wouldn’t tackle hug you but….. I can’t promise anything. I would definitely blush and squeal.

    Was there anyone there you were super excited to meet?

    • says

      I think I was more excited to see Sherry than anyone…but meet for the first time? Probably Ana White, Kate Riley, Rhoda, Dusty, Layla, and Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick (she was the only I didn’t get to see)…but those are the only ones that I’ve participated with on big projects or read since day 1 but never met in person. I have a terrible time remembering people so I think there are a million people I’d love to meet, I just can’t recall them all right now!
      xo – kb

  4. Merri Jo says

    The video of Will and Clara is oh, SO cute–I love the ‘monkey-see-monkey-do’ in living color.
    Will “trying to remember how to hot-wire the Armada” is my great laugh of the day!!

  5. Jess says

    Awww you and $her-Dog are my favorite blogs to read! I love when it is a post that includes both of you!!! Keep up the great work and keep rocking that baby bump, you look great :D

  6. Shawna says

    Okay, so in your pictures, if you scroll up to right before your belly, you don’t even look pregnant! You seriously ONLY have a belly, I’m so jealous! I’m one of those people who get pregnant in my face, arms, etc! You look amazing and have the cutest belly :)

  7. amiz says

    So glad you ladies had fun! I especially love that last group picture with sherry on her tip-toes. So cute!

  8. steph says

    Hey cute preggo lady!

    Where have you been getting your adorable maternity clothes this time around? Are you using the same stuff as you did with Will? Any good places you can recommend other than Old Navy and Gap Maternity?


    • says

      I’ve been using the same stuff and a bunch of non-maternity clothing that is just XL. I love shopping for tunics (like Forever 21 has cute dresses that are super short but long enough on me to be a tunic or a crotchy dress!)…and also I’ve been hitting up Goodwill…but only have found a couple items.
      xo – kb

  9. Cindy * Daisies & Crazies says

    Babysitter? Katie, don’t you pretend for one minute that I didn’t charge right up to you and know EXACTLY who you were. I was nervously waiting the entire time to meet you. Our post-cocktail shrimp talk was one of the biggest highlights of the conference for me. I adore you.

    Sherry DID say “fart” a lot. haha


  10. Sugar Cookie says

    It’s hilarious that Sherry is on her tiptoes in that last picture! I’m a short person too, and for some reason, I guess I thought I was the only one who did that :)

  11. Valerie Shea says

    It looks like yall had a blast. Love reading the posts when you and Sherry are together!!

    Where did you get your adorable shirt + belt? You look amazing!

    Have a great Tuesday Katie! (:


    • says

      The shirt is from the Banana Republic outlet (it was one of those super $10 deals)…and the belt was Goodwill :) Happy shopping!
      xo – kb

    • says

      Yeah – we joke about the difference all the time. She is 5’2″ I think and I am 5’7″ so the boots really give me a boost over her :)
      xo – kb

  12. says

    Pshaw. Nobody thought you were a babysitter. Or rather…just a babysitter. I had such a great time meeting you…you’re just as fantastic in person as you are in the blog! Even more so, since in real life I got to appreciate your dance moves. We should hold hands. Or go back to prom, since I must say we’re rocking that look!! So very glad you came and that I was able to hang with you! PS-Will and my son Caleb would totally be great buddies, although we’d have to make sure that Clara was well out of tackling distance. Holler if you’re ever in south GA!

  13. Ammie says

    This video of Will just reinforces that pictures do not do his cuteness justice! If you’re taking requests (haha – in your spare time, right?) I request more videos of the little man. Clara’s videos on YHL are always adorable – so keeping up with Will in motion would be just as great.

    And I gotta know, when you see people like Ana White or others, do you get that “Oh my goodness, she’s a celebrity!” feeling? I think i’d totally get it if I ever get the pleasure of meeting you guys or the Petersiks.

    • says

      Oh totally get that in-the-presence-of-a-celebrity feeling….which of course leads me to tell them something inappropriate. Like how I requoted something Ana said back to Ana that was a “that’s what she said” joke.
      xo- kb

  14. Natalie says

    Most. Adorable. Baby. Belly. EVER! I have a quick question, where did you get your shirt? I have this slight obsession with stripes. Thanks!

  15. Sara W. says

    You probably saw it already, but Carmel over at Our Fifth House has a cute story about you & a picture of the two of you together. Love both of your blogs!

  16. Lauren says

    Clare needs to go find something better to do with her time. Seriously? One can only hope and pray to be as cute as you when they’re pregnant!

  17. says

    Looks like you all had a great time – even if you did end up with swollen ankles. Have you ever tried compression socks? Not the prettiest (not nearly as ug-a-ly as they used to be, though), but they help so much. xo

    • says

      I haven’t! My dad has some (he’s got DVT and they really help those circulation issues)…so I might need to give them a whirl. Any recommendations on brand, kind, etc.?
      xo – kb

      • Liz says

        I’m 22 weeks pregnant and went on a road trip to Florida about two weeks ago…. Oh My Gosh – super major swelling going on! I was completely freaked out and ran to Walgreens to get some Ace bandages to use and would just wrap my feet/ankles/lower calves at night, and while it wasn’t very comfortable, it completely helped. Thankfully since I’ve been back I’ve had zero swelling issues. If I was going to be using them everyday I’d definitely invest in a better compression sock solution, but for a once in a while swelling happens solution, they work great. Just a tip! Oh, and my Midwife emphasized that I should be trying to drink an ounce of water for every pound I weigh every day. That is a ton of water – but it also really helps!

          • Sara W. says

            Hey Katie, I’m a nurse & I wear compression socks for the 12 hour shifts. Mine are from Walmart (near the women’s socks/hosiery) & were about $25. I don’t know that any particular brand is better than another, but you should take a measuring tape with you b/c it’s very important that you take your leg measurments so you get the right size socks.

  18. Sara says

    I’m waiting for the Goodwill shopping trip video, love you and Sherry together. I got to meet John and Sherry and didn’t tackle them out of excitement, and I’ve stalked you and mailed you a book :) When I met them it felt like they could be friends, not celebrities, I know it would be the same way with you. Love reading your posts, so real, so in my head of things I’d think but not say. I love that you say them!

  19. Melissa says

    Hey Katie! Random question…what do you do when you get overwhelmed with being a SAHM? I am going to become a full time momma this fall to our 18 month old and I have to admit I am a bit nervous. Any activites to keep Will happy for the whole day/night/week/lifetime? Any special treats? My son Jack is very similar to Will (sweet but does have a wild side ;-) ) I always explore your blog for stuff to do but need some help!!

    You look absolutely ravishing and I love your hair this length!

    Please let me know!

    xoxo Melissa

    • says

      ha. I am sure there are much better moms out there that you could ask – but I do love to try one big Will activity a day – whether that be a craft or playdate or shopping trip (like I splurge for a donut for Will when we go to Walmart or let him have a milkshake at the grocery store)…and then I also try to do one thing for me each day (sometimes that is just a shower!)…but it is a great resource to look on Pinterest!
      xo – kb

  20. says

    I’ve missed you!! I can’t wait to see Will and Clara’s baby wedding, I hope y’all took pictures! Definitely want to make it to a Haven conference sometime, I think my little bity blog would definitely benefit from all the wisdom of blogdom going on!

  21. Sherri says

    Such a fun post, Katie. I love Will’s hair short. Clara & he are so adorable together. I bet they kept you busy! You look great. You couldn’t look more lovely or radiant. And if people in Blogland didn’t recognize you, they are missing out. I enjoy the adventures of you & Sherry when together.

  22. says

    Meeting you was a highlight- you’re so sweet! And girl, please on the perfect skin- it’s called Bare Minerals ;) and you’re the one with the beautiful glowing skin! Thanks for making me feel less awkward- I’m just thanking Jesus I didn’t touch your belly – cuz that would have been coconuts!

  23. says

    Is it weird that I got upset when the girls around me didn’t know who you are and about your blog? I was all like, “What?! How do you not know who Katie from Bower Power is? Clearly you aren’t the super blogger you think you are.”

    I had a blast talking with you and Sherry for the 2.5 minutes I was able to. The highlight had to be your impromptu chair molesting photo shoot. I’m sad that we didn’t get a good pic together. I got one with you and Sherry, but it looks like something is growing out of my chin. You and Sherry look totally cute though. I actually did my very first vlog about Haven today and posted the bad photo.

  24. says

    You look great! I am 13 weeks along with my 2nd (my son is 20 months old) and am already showing – showing EVERYWHERE! It’s not cute at all! Ha! I feel like I’m 8 months along and my boobs are bigger than I ever thought possible – and, no, that is not a good thing!

    Again, you look fabulous! I know being pregnant can take a toll on a gal’s self esteem so I can’t say it enough!

    Is your blue/white polka dot bathing suit (on YHL today) maternity? I love it! I have been looking for a cute maternity bathing suit that doesn’t look like a tent and can still support the girls!

    • says

      It’s not but since Canvas cuts their tops a little looser (nice for girls like me with no waist!), I wear it during the first two trimesters. And the support is awesome!
      xo – kb

  25. says

    Katie, I love, love, love your blog! You have a great sense of humor. Your posts always make me laugh. I live in the area, but waited too long to purchase my ticket, then they were sold out. When I read that you were attending I (seriously) considered stalking the hotel entrance just to have a chance to meet you. Yep, I think you’re a big deal!! : )

  26. says

    Love your blog, and wanted to follow you guys on facebook, but your facebook link/icon just takes me to the welcome page of Facebook and not to your page… is there a direct link to use? Thanks! keep up the great work!

  27. says

    Oh honey, where to start? Those pics (and your captions!) of Will and Clara have me “awww”ing and lol’ing in the same breath. Cuteness overload! I also love that picture of you girls with Rhoda, and your sexy belly pose on the chair – and I know FOR A FACT that you can get even lower than that, girl! Do you need a video reminder of this?

    I forgot that place had half-priced wine until you mentioned it (shocker, right?). And I texted Beth today that I am horrified that I might’ve undertipped our ridiculously fantastic waiter. I seriously need that kid’s PayPal account so I can pay for his acting lessons or backpacking trip through Europe, or whatever it is he’s saving up for as he works as an under-appreciated waiter.

    I’m glad we all agree our prom pose is The Cuteness. That’s much better than it being The Weirdness because I couldn’t resist putting my hands on your belly as we posed for a group shot. Way to go with it, KB. That is why I love you. Next time you can grope my belly if you’d like. It’s only fair.

    And now this is turning into a novel.

    I probably should’ve just emailed you.

    I’m so thrilled we finally got to meet, and miss you already. xoxoxo

    • says

      haha…I think that waiter will forgive you. maybe only you. I am surprised he didn’t ask for your number :) He was totally drinking that Dusty koolaid!
      And I am so so so glad to finally meet you. No wonder I’ve been reading your blog for so long….all this time, I didn’t know I had a long lost friend who would chinese fire drill car dance with me :)
      xo – kb

  28. says

    Hey, Katie Bower! It’s about time we met. So glad we finally did. You are so charming and cute and funny and I would love to get together again, even if I am old enough to be your mother. Let’s not be strangers, OK?! I would have loved to have been in on that dinner ya’ll went on, that looked like fun. Haven went so well, we are all thrilled and over the moon excited about it for next year!

    • says

      YAY! I was hoping you would say that it would be returning. Hopefully next year people will jump on those tickets early…and you can maintain that awesome bragging right of SOLD OUT status :) Let’s do lunch soon…just as long as you don’t mind a screaming toddler :)
      xo – kb

  29. says

    Such a fun recap! I’m the one who was all awkward like and said “hiIloveyourblogWillissocutehowfuntomeetyou” and ran away. It was a balance between, I totally want to say Hi and chat for hours and (because I pretend to be a reasonable adult) can see that you are busy with the kids and loads of people and I’m sure you guys have plans to get on outta there.

    Sounds like it was a ton of fun for you guys!

  30. Emma says

    We get it, your pregnant but what’s with all the cupped hand under the belly pictures?? A bit obnoxious. I’m loving all the haven pics from everyone’s blogs but almost every pic of you is with your hand tucked under your belly. Looks bazaar and very much in everyone’s face.

    • Amy says

      Emma, would you be as to rude to someone if you saw them in person? Or is it because you’re hiding behind a computer? Either way, it doesn’t matter. There is no need for comments such as yours! It is not relevant at all, and frankly you’re just being plain mean!

    • Erica says

      Wow, I have to agree with Amy on this. Would you tell her that if you met her in person? I doubt it. This comment was completely uncalled for. She doesn’t look bizarre holding her belly. It’s probably comfortable for Katie, and why does it matter anyway? If you don’t like it, maybe you should find another blog to read?

  31. says

    Ok, first off.. your new home is FABULOUS!
    Your baby is a doll!
    YOU are beautiful!
    and your hubby is a stud.

    Now, Sherry tip toeing is hilarious! I LOLed so hard!!! I remember she posted a while back when her mom was visiting that she ALWAYS wore heels because she was short… I didn’t realize Sherry was so teeny! ((:

    Congrats on your ‘new baby on the way’ and your blog is awesome.

    gina xoxo

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