Gotta love any title that reminds you of a Zac Efron movie.  Especially when it’s a got a peacocking millionare who also happens to be a fan of Star Wars.  I am totally the female version of that.  minus the money.  and the singleness.  and the peacocking.  basically we only have the nerdy awkwardness in common.

Tangent complete.

Now to the meat.  We went over my mom’s house for a little fun time.

The boys were having a grand ole time with the sprinkler.

We were trying to water my dad’s tomato plants….see them in the pots and buckets?  He’s so proud of them it’s kinda hilarious.

While I was sitting in the shady wings while the boys got enemas, I asked my mom about these pineapple plants she has growing in huge pots near her deck.  She said that my sister cut up a pineapple from the grocery store and took the chopped-off-top (where it was attached to the first fruity part) and just stuck it in the ground.  Bada Boom Bada Bow…er…now it is peacocking it’s own fruitiness.   How cool is that?!

Okay – so now let’s chat about my mom’s tablesetting.  I kinda love it.

She was going for a Peacock theme…since she found these beautiful accent plates with the pretty bird on it.

The head seats got different place settings altogether.  I think that’s a great way to mix things up or if you only have enough plates for four or six – just change out the head and foot of the table for another complimentary look.

She also included a bowl of candy eggs (it’s a bird afterall), a little place card holder that is a flower (to nod at the flowers on the plate), some craft sea glass, and some shiny gold flatware to pick up the hues in the plate and even some peacock feathers.

I adore the centerpiece…so simple and still so effective.  The large colored mercury glass footed compotes are a great way to take up visual space while not requiring too much time to prepare…just set and go!

Love it mom.  Great job.  Glad to see that some people still have time and energy to do tablesettings :)

So speaking of birds, my dad pointed out this little nest buried in one his bushes.  He found it when he was trimming the hedge and narrowly avoided disturbing the little babies inside.

They were adorable….in that still-new and totally undeveloped and ugly way.  It’s crazy to think that the little baby in my belly is bigger than those tiny chicks…like twice as big.  I can’t imagine putting my newborn outside in a nest to survive the elements and predators and wait for me to sit on them :)  It’s just a great reminder to me that God provides for us all…things we don’t even know we need at times….and that I shouldn’t fret over stuff…just open my beak when my soul needs a little food.

“I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine.” Psalm 50:11



  1. Jessica says

    I just have to say that I love the photo where Will is getting squirted in the face by the sprinkler (with maybe some help from Cole!) He looks so big and so darn cute!

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