Great Outdoor Glimpses

Each month we are attempting to redo one space.  Even with that schedule, we are gonna be busy for many years in this house.  It’s a first world problem.  Cry me a river, right?!     

So this past month (June) we started the outdoor patio…which we count as two spaces – one dining area and one lounging/sitting/growing-while-splayed area. 

With the help of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, we built one giant outdoor table.  It’s big enough for a family of sumo wrestlers…or my family…take your pick.


And the other side was the area that we wanted to tackle this month. 

We had added some furniture that I scored at a discount at Target (you can read about that here) but that is about when the brakes were applied. 


So here is where I tell ya what we tackled. 

First – we wanted to add some architectural details to the posts to make the deck/patio look a little more finished. 

So we came up with a simple plan to add two more posts (directly next to the house) and add braces to the posts to give it a barn look. 

And the space that once looked like this….

Now looks like this…

Along with the seating furniture, we added a coffee table (that we spruced up with some coats of Valspar’s Front Door Red paint) and a couple new side tables.  

And under the window we added a giant console table….one that’s beefy enough to give a cow a run for his money.  I love it because it ties in the dining table and is versatile enough to house a drink station or a couple bins of outdoor toys or even serve as a tv table for outside.

The side tables also tie into the console table and dining table….making them the perfect compliment for this space.  I like the fact that it looks cohesive but the coffee table keeps it from being too matchy matchy. 

We figured each one of these outdoor projects deserves it’s own post (because most of them involve building plans) – so be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks.  

So as we are doing family-stuff in Destin (surprise!  we got the chance to come back so we are here enjoying the local fare!) I hope y’all are surviving the summer-o-crazy with your own outdoor spaces. 

And big hugs to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine for sponsoring these building projects.  You guys put the “treat” in my ‘pressure-treated wood” :)  




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    The red Katie the red!…brilliant use of color! You always have a terrific way of adding just the right amount of accent color without overdoing it. That red just woke up the great architectural additions to the space. My compliments to you are me using your ideas on my projects! I always want to pull in red, but have been afraid to do it. With this post, now I see how its done without overdoing it. As always thanks for sharing your talent!

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