He’s Got the Whole World In His Room

To be quite honest, I felt overwhelmingly grateful to y’all yesterday. 

You are so encouraging. 

After starting my teepee at 5pm on Monday evening, I stayed up till 4:30am to sew the darn thing and draft the post.  I actually constructed it in the morning while Will was eating breakfast, threw the globes up and prayed that my camera had enough juice to get a decent shot (did anyone notice the terrible photography?  Consider my hand raised emphatically!)  

Right after uploading the ‘after photos’, I had to muster the energy for music class/playgroup and I seriously thought that the teepee would be a complete and utter flop.  Literally and figuratively.  I thought it might flop over at any moment (probably because my boyfriend wasn’t around for the Jeremy-Bower-Sturdy-test — he’s got me brainwashed).   And also in the other sense…I thought most of you would roll your eyes and guffaw at the thought of me making a small hut outta sticks and a dropcloth while others are working their booties off making real furniture and awe-inspiring artwork. 

But it seems like not only is it a popular thing to tackle (high five to my other teepee-constructing-sistahs!) but you all were just so darn nice about it.  You fiercely love.  And I love you for that.  So from this sleep deprived mom of 1 and a half….thanks.

and here are some better pics…   

Open & Closed :) (old photo on left and better photo on right)


A couple people noted the stuffed zebra.  Long story short, we were in Pier 1 and Will had a RingPop….ten minutes later I was purchasing a $25 (!!!!) stuffed zebra that had a newly adorned red gotee.  I was so upset that I decided to use the new friend to my advantage….for paci-extraction-operation-zero.  I simply removed the paci from our lives and whenever Will asked for it, I would say “oh it’s all gone!  Here’s Zehbah”  (he can’t say zebra…so it sounds like Zehbah)…no crying, no fuss….it was actually the best thing ever and totally worth the twenty five bones. 

Some folks asked about the sturdiness of the construction.  I don’t know if it’s like the sturdiest thing ever…I mean, I wouldn’t ask him to climb to the top of the poles or anything…it’s not a jungle gym…but since I put it in the corner of the room, the legs mostly hit stuff…so it’s not like he can knock it over or anything like that.   The poles are also two heavy for him to lift so he can’t shift them on the carpet easily or move them by picking up.  So I would definitely say it’s safe for him. 

I also covered the Haven string with a little more decorative rope I found later. 

And yes, Will is seeming to enjoy it.  He and I played pirate inside the teepee this afternoon.  And if you don’t know…playing pirate means putting make-believe telescopes up to our eyes and saying ARGH! alot. 


I don’t know if anyone noticed (it would be hard to seeing as how this wasn’t photographed) but I switched out the artwork in the lowest frame.  I added the placemat that I got with Sherry while Goodwill shopping.  It’s very manlyesque to me….I love the vibe.

Last but not least is the globes.  Yes, I hung them up.  It was just simply a matter of unscrewing the bases and using a bit of twine and a hook.

Pretty simple. 

I always look for globes at thrift stores and yard sales…I don’t think I paid more than $10 for any one.  I know for a fact I got one of them for $1…they aren’t anything fancy but I love them together in mass.

So all that is what I didn’t talk about yesterday during the Pinterest Challenge…probably due to the sleep deprivation.  Speaking of sleeping…we decided to transition Will to a toddler bed situation this week.  He started climbing out and he’s FAST.  So Jer and I figured it’s time.  We are still talking methods to get him to develop that unconcious sense of bed-edge awareness….pray.  pray hard.

and thanks again.  if I haven’t told you lately – you are awesome. but I think you already know that :)

p.s.  I posted the cut list for the outdoor table at the end of the varnish post…happy building!!



  1. says

    When we transitioned our kiddos to big kid beds, we did not use rails or anything and neither one ever fell out or escaped. I read something in a Dr. Sears book once that said we have a natural sense of the edge of the bed. I put both of their beds up against a wall, and both of them slept (sleep) cuddled up against the wall. We got my son Logan a full-sized bed, and it has been wonderful. He has night terrors and nightmares, so if he needs comforting, either my husband or I can climb in bed with him and snooze with him a little bit to help him calm down.

    As far as escaping, we had one night with each kid where we had to keep putting them back in bed (Super Nanny-like, no talking or communicating, just put you back in bed, cover you up, and leave), and after that night, neither one gets up unless they have wet the bed, vomited, or had a nightmare. My rule is that unless there is mucus, vomit, blood, or a horrendous dream, you have to stay in bed :-). Good luck. We put Logan in a big boy bed early and it was one of our best parenting decisions. He sleeps so much better with more space.

    • Julie says

      I second the “back to bed with no communication” technique!
      My husband and I (although he ended up staying up a few hours longer!) both did this one night with our. I bet we took him back to bed 1984376382946934 times that night. Each time, picked him up, took him back to bed, said “night night” and left the room. We did this every 10-30 seconds or so that night…fun times! Not. But it did work. We were also firm believers in the cry-it-out method when our kids were babies. We caught quite a bit of slack for that from friends and family; but interestingly, no one gave us any slack about having babies that slept through the night at 7 and 8 weeks respectively. Parenting is so subjective; but I do think that there are a few training techniques that are pretty universal. Cry it out and back to bed over and over until the point is made, are two of those techniques.

      Good luck with the toddler bed situation, Katie!

  2. Alissa says

    Each of my 3 girls fell out of bed one time. That is all it took for their little kinds to grasp the concept of those bed boundaries. I wouldn’t fret too much about it. That have to figure it out sometime.

  3. Lorie Smith says

    I’m sure you’ve seen the idea on Pinterest before, but in case you haven’t…Have you thought about using a pool noodle instead of a bedrail on Will’s bed (those rails sure do make it hard to make a decent looking bed in the morning when they are not sleeping in it)…anyway, put a pool noodle on top of the mattress, but under the sheet (that’s how it stays in place) as kind of a “speed bump” if you will. If they roll over in the night, chances are they’ll wake up when they hit the noodle before they actually fall off the bed and the plus is that you can actually make the bed too. When Sarah Kate started sleeping in a twin sized bed, we put a pool noodle on both sides of her and it worked like a charm…never fell out and she’s not a “stay in one spot” kind of sleeper either. Once she got used to the bed, we took one of the noodles out and she just used one for a while. Good luck!


  4. Stephanie says

    My almost 3 year old (at the time) rolled out of her bed when we moved her to a big girl bed and we woke up to a blood curdling scream at 4:00 in the morning. Falling out of bed might have been okay without a metal bed rail in the way. She hit it just right and ended up with 7 stitches above her left eye. Actually, now that I look at the date it was 3 years ago from tomorrow. Anyway, my point, just make sure there are no metal bed rails exposed. Ours was only covered by the bed skirt. If I would have known I would have wrapped those suckers with something. I was nervous to move her and wish I had invested in a second bed rail, but I thought she’d snuggle up and favor the side that had one. Wrong guess. Her stitches did heal up okay and it is mainly only noticable in one part of her eyebrow. Scary though and a toddler bed is a lot closer to the ground than a regular twin bed like we tried b/c she was almost 3.

  5. Alice H says

    I have not read the other comments yet, so sorry if this is a repeat. But have you tried putting a noodle (the ones for the pool) under the mattress cover to help with him not going over the edge of the bed. I saw it on pinterest.

    I love the teepee. I love the hanging globes. Come decorate my son’s bedroom, please and thank you!

  6. Reenie says

    You did a great job on the teeeeee-peeee. So cute. Love the giraffe idea and the paci!! Love the globes also :)

  7. says

    You did an awesome job so cuddos are well deserved. :-) My little man’s room looks like a toy bomb went off in it…..desperately need to reorganize before I can even dream of adding a TeePee….who am I kidding, already secreatly dreaming about it! ;-)

  8. bex says

    I didn’t read anyone else’s comments, so forgive me if anyone else has said this. I saw some brilliance on Pinterest that suggested putting one of those foam roller thingys that you use in the water under the sheets on the toddler bed to try and keep the kiddo from rolling out. Brilliant!

  9. says

    HIIII Katie! I’m new to your fan base (just learned about you from Young House Love), but not to worry, I’ve done my fair share of backtracking your archives OBSESSED with your blog. Seriously might have a girl crush on you. Although I have a wonderful partner and son, I kid. (but not really). I absolutely love what you’ve done as far as decorating and DIY work, but I’m more in love with your “life” posts. I find it so refreshing and exciting to read about another mom who loves to joke and kid (almost over the line but not quite) but still be a great wife, mother, and woman of God. Did I mention I’m obsessed? Anyways, you’ve found a true fan in me and I’ll stick by your side through crooked teepees and more! Great work Katie. You rock!

    • Holly says

      Agreed! I LOVE the “life” posts.

      I’ve been DYING for another pregnancy update, actually! As I’m sure many others are as well. I’m not a big comment reader, but I bet you get a pretty regular flow of “Pregnancy update please!” comments!

      Of course, I adore all of your other posts, too. But I’ve gotta say – those ones are my fave. :)

  10. Kathie M says

    We transitioned our 2 year old to a toddler bed at Christmas (yes, he was only 18 months old then, but he HATED his crib with a passion and kept on ending up in our bed…which meant I ended up on the couch).

    The first time he slept in it was for his afternoon nap. He had no problems. Then when we went to put him to bed that night he insisted on his big boy bed. So I took the mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor. About 3 hours later I heard a thump and he was on the mattress on the floor, but still asleep. So I just covered him up and left him. Then about 2 hours after that I checked on him and he’d rolled off the mattress onto the floor. I left him and just shifted his blanket. When I checked on him the next morning, he was asleep in his bed (!!) with his blanket. Go figure.

    We haven’t used the mattress on the floor since and we haven’t had any more problems with him rolling out. We bought the Kritter bed from Ikea as it’s longer than a toddler sized bed that uses a crib mattress.

  11. Leah says

    When we transitioned our little guy to the toddler bed, he fell out every night because he liked to sleep pressed up against the bumpers in his crib. So I just transferred his crib bumper over to the toddler bed since it’s the same size, and it definitely helped. He would climb over it once he was awake, and no more falling out!

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