Down to Earth

Operation Heart of the Home has officially begun. 

Cowabunga, right?!  Not really.  As much as I would love to be excited about renovating kitchens…I am human.  And as a human, I would rather rest my sciatica than do DIY sometimes.  That’s perfectly normal.  For all you “I-love-work-and-would-choose-hard-manual-labor-any-day-over-watching-recorded-episodes-of-Bachelor-Pad”…well, obviously I hate you.  kidding.  only a little though. 

Okay – so our kitchen’s first closeup looked like this…

Our kitchen normally looks like this…

And I explained that our first phase is complete.  Here’s what we did in that phase:

Now we moved on to the second phase (which I explained in more detail here).  First up to bat is replacing the cabinet above the stovetop with a hood. 

Why do we need a hood?  Well…because of this bad bad naughty boy…

Check out that groddiness.  Like the aftermath of a potty-training toddler. 

Yes…the buildup on the glass stovetop was so terrible that I had to spend hours upon hours scraping it up with a straight razor.  That’s after I attempted every glass stovetop cleaning product on the market.  It as gah-ross. 

And see that vent in the middle?  That’s a downdraft vent.  Meaning, when I am burning our chicken dinner, the smoke which wants to go up, needs to go down…sounds to me like it’s against nature.  And that the vent needs to be pretty powerful.  It never worked properly.   Evidence below…

See all that soot and grease and that is on the side and bottoms of the cabinets?  Just what I wanted to do on a Saturday night – scrubbing cabinets. 


I got it relatively clean…but the bottom of the ‘hood’ cabinet was damaged.  I guess the heat and moisture just was too much to bear. 

So our plan was to remove the cabinet and using that as a catalyst to start working on the cabinets…

Jeremy broke out the drill and started removing the screws.  After installing cabinetry in our old house, we learned that usually upper cabinets are screwed into the studs…both on the inside of the cabinets, the outside and then also attached to the other cabinets living beside them.     


Then lift from the bottom and catwalk that bad boy out…


God bless those Nike shorts.  every skin-gripping inch of them :)  Sorry if that was awkward for you…you may paste your own hubbies face on his body if it makes it better.

Nine screws, a little laddering, and a lot of bending my head over to see Jer’s shorts later – the cabinet is down to earth.  And now we have the hood area clear and ready for planning.  Most surprisingly, the wall behind the cabinet was a different color.  That means that the kitchen was originally the same toothpaste color as the rest of the house.  It just goes to show that the previous owners did make at least one improvement to this house!

Next up – cabinet doors and clearing the kitchen.  erg.  My bum throbs just from thinking about that.   And not in a Nike-shorts kinda way :)



  1. says

    Hey! Quick question – what color is the paint in your kitchen? Doing some repainting in our house soon, and noticed the color in the pic where Jeremy has removed the cabinet above the stove…lurve it! Mind sharing? I’m sure you have it somewhere on here, but I have a slow working computer right now, that might as well be running Oregon Trail on dial up. NOT. FUN.

  2. Arthi says

    Just asking-…how do u like wenge wood i.e., deep chocolate colored kitchen cabinets with silver handles? Have u ever liked such kitchens? What do u think of those kinda kitchens?

  3. says

    You kill me… before I even read your shorts comments I was like, she’s not going to go this whole post without commenting on that tush! Good thing we’re on the same wave-length.
    Progress looks great!!

  4. Becky says

    Can you tell me where you got your green trellis rug that is running in front of your kitchen sink? I have been looking for one just like it!

  5. Lauren says

    LOL I was noticing his shorts and cute bottom! And I totally say that in an appreciative, married lady kinda way ;D

  6. Robin says

    I just recently found your blog, and I have loved getting caught up, I feel like I know you guys! lol, that was not intended to be as creepy as it sounds!
    Anyways more to the point I have a suggestion on the cleaning a glass top stove thing, there is a company called NORWEX, and they sell this amazing cleaning paste, my stovetop in our new house was NASTY (and I have a tendancy to boil over stuff), but after a couple of rounds of spreading paste and gently scrubbing it looks like brand new!
    Another great thing about the NORWEX is that they are all natural so you could clean the stove and not have to worry if little Will accidentaly comes in contact with it, no nasty chemicals involved.
    Worth a try….. :)

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