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Operation Heart of the Home…Cleaning out the Cabinets Edition

This post doesn’t require a lot of words.  Basically it can be described with a few words…we cleared out the kitchen.   After we removed the cabinet doors, we were left with a very cluttered kitchen…

So Will & I spent the next day moving everything.  He was a great helper.  We were the same speed…actually he would have been faster but he had to wait on a certain pregnant lady :)

The upper cabinets were hard so I had to wait on Jeremy to get home till he could climb on the ladder.  I had gotten stuck one time on the step ladder (yes, complete with my sciatica robot moves) and couldn’t get down for a solid fifteen minutes.  Let’s just say that I am still finding the goldfish crackers under furniture. 

So where did everything go?  Well, we have the space so we spread it out….the most used stuff found it’s way into the foyer…

small appliances and cookbooks are near the stairway…(Will insisted that this is also the appropriate location for the trash bags). 

 The dining room is a big dumping ground….(same happened when we were renovating the office)…

Jeremy told me that I have too many glass jars.  I can’t help it…they are FREE once you eat the spaghetti sauce or salsa or pickles.  FREE!!!  (cackles like a witch)

And everyone always makes comments on how many glasses we have.  A lot of them are leftovers from when I used to do events at my church.  I was like a pretend caterer….and had to provide the dishware…so we have a bazillion glasses.  It works out because inevitably we break them constantly…klutzy I guess.

My collection of accent plates are in the reading room…Will also decided to put the blue wooden box on them.  He’s very opinionated about the location of where stuff goes.

And on the other side of that room lives the pots and pans. 

All of our drawers (the ones that we removed the fronts from) are in the office.  We put them in there because Will has a tendency to be interested in the contents…which is fine when it’s a sticker book….not so much when it’s a couple containers of sprinkles.  very messy sprinkles.  And the office has a door…that we can lock….enough said.

Jeremy ended up moving the kitchen table out too….just so we had a place to sit down.  Note the crime scene with the plastic…

After the thousands of trips back and forth, the cabinets were finally emptier than a candy wrapper in a pregnant girls pocket.  Not that I would know what that is like…

Next up…sanding and hood building….hours upon hours of sanding.  also known as 56 doors of Agony.  Sounds like a movie title….except the movie would be torture to watch.  In slow motion, it’s like what they do to prisoners of war to get them to break.  It’s borderline inhumane.  

(pregnant, barefoot, makeupless, covered in sawdust….yup sounds like a horror flick!)

Oh and we also shopped for the new faucets….you know, cause gold isn’t our jam.  Can’t wait for you to see them!



  1. Kathryn says

    You go Girl! Just wanted to pass on a helpful tip, while the cabinet below the sink is empty, tile it. If ever there is a leak etc, you are covered. ;)

  2. says

    Thank you for the picture of your glass jar collection. Mine is almost as awesome as yours, but I don’t keep the lids.
    My pregnancy/ kitchen project was to remove only 2 cabinet doors and paint the bare shelves white. Country French? And I retiled my shower and bathtub.

  3. Re says

    I can’t wait to see how your kitchen turns out. I painted my cabinets last year using a so-called “professional” painter. Ugh. If I had to do it over I would do it myself. In some places they look worse than before with bumps, streaks and rough spots. But, it was only $500 and was supposed to take 4 days, nine days later……they were finally finished. Wait…what am I saying….there was no ‘they’ it was just him. Before he started he kept saying “We do this.” and “We’ll do that.” There was no “we” he was just a one man operation!

    I think a hood will be a huge improvement. All of the different heights of those cabinets seem to make it look more cluttered versus a straight line of cabinets….I’m I making sense? There just seems to be a lot going on with the backsplash, countertop, cabinets, etc. Can’t wait to see the results!

  4. Dawn says

    Okay, now I’m really dreading my kitchen remodel. Our latest idea is to have new doors made, retrofit the deep cabinets with drawers (including that never to be seen corner cupboard) and new countertop. I hate the idea of cleaning the inside of the cabinets and trying to remove 40 year old shelf liner. I’m sure your kitchen is going to look great!

  5. Susie from Texas says

    Hi Katie, I’m right behind you! Emptying out cabinets as we speak. Have you decided on the exact white you’re painting the cabinets? I haven’t seen it mentioned in the blog. That is my hold up, have it narrowed, but still looking!

    Don’t know which is worse, 8/9 months pregnant, painting cabinets, (I did that YEARS ago) or being 54 painting cabinets with 5 grandkids wanting to help!
    In any case, GOOD LUCK!

    • says

      haha…Susie, it looks like we are the two ends of the spectrum! I can’t imagine painting cabinets with 5 grandkids running around! I have not yet decided what white…it is coming down to the tile backsplash and the trim color…so the cabinet white has to meet somewhere in the middle. So far the swatches I like best are both Benjamin Moore – Steam & Gardenia :)
      xo – kb

      • Paula from canada says

        Hi katie – your house is beautiful, my hubby and I did a gut job on our kitchen and ended up painting the new white ones we got becaue the colour wasn’t right – we loved Floral white by Benjamin Moore, and definetely check out the “Advance” paint line by B Moore – it makes sure no brush strokes or rollers marks are visible = awesome when you are doing as much work as you guys are doing! Good for you by the way being pregnant and in pain – your still smiling :) I read yours and Young house Love’s blog faithfully – your lives are very relatable, keep on painting!

        Paula – Ontario canada

  6. Sylvia says

    Loving the progress on your kitchen reno! You have probably answered this question hundreds of times…. but can you tell me what color your kitchen is painted? It is such a beautiful shade of blue. :) Thanks!!

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