Instadump time! 

Here’s what’s up for the newbies – Every so often I squish all my Instagram pics together into a grouping to give like an instant snapshot of recent Bower life.  Then I pick my favorite three and give them very valuable and desirable awards.  Actually they mean nothing.  But the point is to share little snippets…and maybe the story behind them…so that I don’t forget (heaven knows pregnancy brain is a real thing and I caught a real bad case of it!).  

Oh and just in case anyone is wondering…at year’s end, I plan on putting them all together in a photo book.  It’ll be our InstaYear :)

Bronze medal goes to the snapshot of Will at the beach with his Grammy.  Last Instadump, I shared how Will & I headed down to Destin with Jer’s Dad and Stepmom…and I was missing Jeremy like a Survivor contestant misses calories.  Will was especially needy and clingy…and it took a couple days for him to warm up.  The moment he started playing with his Grammy without me present, it was like a breathe of fresh air.  fresh ocean and sunscreeny air.   

It was a close call but second place goes to the bridge back to reality.  We left Destin and it was bittersweet.  I loved being there after Jer arrived…and let’s just be honest…I was happy to get back to life.  Oh and this is beautiful.  even if it is a road.

Gold Medal goes to the freckles!  Hands down…no questions asked.  Those little cheek dots get gold every single time :)

Round two!

Quite obviously our life revolves around trucks, cars, motorcycles and any other type of motorized vehicle.  When we are in the car, the only thing that can rip his eyes off the Barney video is the rumble of a Harley or the blur of yellow.  The day we got stuck at the light while the school buses pulled out of the parking lot with their students in tow was like the most exciting trip to the supermarket ever.  We yelled and clapped and celebrated each one….all twenty three of them.  Neighboring cars probably thought we just won the lottery.

Second place goes to the bump…this baby is crazy active.  like I’m kinda afraid of his hand or foot punching through my skin kinda active.  and apparently he likes my belly button.  maybe he thinks that’s the way out.  Go south honey. 

Oh and this was probably the last time I could paint my toenails…now the bump is so big that putting on socks is a thirty minute chore.   

Gold rocks!  No literally – the rocks get the grand prize…just simply for giving Will so much joy.  He throws himself down as a joke #Idon’tgetit 

I’d love for you to join in on the fun….I’m ‘bowerpowerblog’ and I’d love to see you all over there :)

For past Iphone pics, check out these oldies:

p.s.  I just figured out how to do multiple filters on a single instagram photo!  Super easy!  Just switch your phone to airplane mode before starting…then apply the first filter, hit done like you are gonna post it and it will fail (airplane mode=no wifi) but will save the filtered image to your gallery.  Then just repeat with as many filters until you like the final result!  When you want to post it – switch airplane mode back to OFF and do the norm.  Instant multi-filters!



  1. says

    how do you get all your iphone pictures on here like that!! It’s probably super simple and something I should so if it is, pretend I didn’t ask. But tell me anyways :)

  2. Casie says

    Your insta photos always look awesome!! Plus, thank you for letting us in on how to use multiple filters. I’ve been wondering how to do that forever and now I know, thanks!!

  3. says

    So basically any picture with your baby bump is my favorite! I love the blueberries finding their place on your tummy.

    I also am a BIG fan of your funny face in the car! You are good at funny faces….A for the day :)

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first prize gold rock photo. Will’s smile is so cute!!!!

  4. Amanda says

    I don’t know if you had a plan for your instagram photo album, but I use for all out family photos. My husband and I love the customization and the super high print quality. And they won’t totally drain his wallet. They recently sent out an email showcasing new book styles just for instagram and facebook photos. I haven’t used it but I’m sure its fabulous! Love your pictures!

  5. says

    Is that a whale soap dish? Is it weird that I have a huge fear of whales but in a sick sick way I love whale decor? Maybe it’s the irony that I love so much! :)

    Either way….it’s adorbs.

  6. says

    WHOOPSIE! Posted under the wrong post! HAHA!

    Hey Girlie! I LOVE your blog and all of your humor. There are days tears well up in my eyes because I’m laughing so hard at how you phrase things! Anywho…I just turned my instagram photos into refrigerator magnets using sticky gram. Not sure if you have heard of it but I love that I get to see all those cute pics of my kids every time I open the fridge. Keep up the awesome blog. This Wisconsin girl loves it!!

  7. Becky says

    Beautiful Pictures! Best thing I’ve used lately is an app called Postagram which turns your Instagram photos into a REAL postcard and then mails them for just $.99. Grandmothers love getting pictures of their grandbabies in the mail :)

  8. says

    Love seeing your instadump… even though I also follow you on IG. We made a book with blurb books from our instagram photos of the summer (i.e. my maternity leave) and I cannot tell you how precious that book is to me… it’s so so awesome. I’m glad to hear you plan to make one at the end of the year, but i would recommend making one quarterly? lol…. you take lots of photos…

  9. Carla says

    Love all your pics :)
    I found another way to do multiple filters. When you are in the Instagram filter part, hide the filters and take a screen shot. Then you can cancel the pic and find the one with the new filter and keep doing the filters until you like what you get! Just another thought :)
    What site do you plan on using to do your year book? I know they have small books that are Instagram size and are only 20 pages – does blurb do these books???

    • says

      Cool – I’ll have to try that!
      And I probably will use MyPublisher…I get our family year books through them and wouldn’t mind them all being the same size. I’m sure you could save all the collages and do them as a manual setup through Blurb or MyPublisher.
      xo – kb

  10. Elena says

    In the picture of Will holding the tape up to his eyes, he’s making the “Kayla Moroney is not impressed” face. Love it! :)

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