Nana Camp Part 2

Where were we?  Oh right.  Right in the midst of our Nana Camp recap…a full week of grandma-grandkid fun…(and one pregnant daughter crashing in on the crazy) and we already went to the laser show & bowling

I had the kids come over to go swimming and we were waiting out the rain with a little movie fun but FINALLY the thunder and rain clouds passed and we were able to head next door.  I have an awesome neighbor that let’s us use their pool whenever we want.  They are the same folks that have a bazillion toys in their garage.  Basically they are the best kind of neighbors.   

The kids dove right in.  Literally and figuratively.  They had unloaded the floats into the pool before I had even dropped my towel.

Clara is such a riot.  She has so much spunk.  I should call her Spunky-Brewster. 

Obviously these two are kin….


And the kiddos also had fun on the diving board. 

Maybe it’s just our area but you don’t see diving boards or slides or the good ole fashioned zip-line into the pool anymore.  I am sad about that.  It’s like if Ellen DeGeneres had no sense of humor anymore…or killer dance moves.   


I’m sure my mom will throw a fit that I posted a photo of her online. 

Mom….feel free to do it to me on your blog.  when you get one.  and I’m your age. 

A couple days later my mom arranged a rollerskating day.  Most of NanaCamp activities she sets up using Groupons.  She starts months in advance looking at fun things for the kids to do.  This new rollerskating rink opened in our town and we arrived at open time…so of course, we were the only ones there :)

They had the smallest rollerskates…TINY….and they fit Will perfectly. 

At first, he thought it was funny…

But soon enough, it lost it’s appeal.  He kept saying “All done!” and “Sippery!  Sippery!”


He had more fun just chasing Cole skating.  He’s obsessed with that kid.  I don’t know how Cole puts up with it sometimes….

In the end, it was a super fun week…ignore Will’s face right now, his tears are because he’s sad it’s over…and we are really looking forward to next year.   I told my mom that next year she’ll have to do two weeks…one for the big kids and one for the littles….then again, the Nana Camp recap could include her funeral in that case.

So this is totally off topic…but I have a couple things to discuss…

1.  everyone is asking about the Little Baby’s name…we think we have it nailed down…no idea if he’ll go by his first name or middle name or if it’ll stick or we might see the little bugger and decide to scrap it all and name him after the hospital janitor.  We’ll let you know after the kid is born :)

2.  I only have two more photoshoots till my season is over.  I’m glad.  I’m tired.

3.  The kitchen progress is taking forever.  We are living dependent on a bucket, fast food and it’s evolving into a huge project.  News to follow.

4.  What the heck happened to Miley Cyrus?!  I saw a picture of the Party in the USA girl and was shocked.  What rock have I been living under?!  I wonder what Billy Ray thinks of his little Hannah Montana’s new look…



  1. Christy says

    I have to say that I want to be adopted by your family. From the funny christmas family photos, your hillarious sence of humour and Nanna Week, my added sassy sarcasim would fit right in! I wish we could be friends. Our boys are very close in age, I started reading your blog back when he was nursing all night. I love how real you are in your posts. I want to send baby gifts and be pen palls.

    Well that my crazy lady factor is up ten points I’ll end my comment!

    Christy aka crazy SAHM that loves your blog.

  2. LYnn says

    Oh KB…as usual you made me snort some Lucky Charms from my nose. The ‘then we can recap Nanas funeral’ made me LITERALLY laugh out loud :) I am glad your photo season is winding down…mama needs to put her dogs up for a bit before she gets another Wolf Boy.

  3. Becky says

    Hey! Saw your last question (of all the things to comment on that post and I choose Miley). I’m recovering from some surgery and watching all manner of trashy tv. Saw an interview with Billy Ray yesterday in which he says he LOVES her new do. ME? Not so much. Our little girl is growing up and I prefer the innocent look. I guess she can laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. says

    Katie – I don’t think I tell you this often enough, but you’re my favorite! :) I mean it. You’re hilarious.

    And what on earth happened to all of your glowing pregnant week by week updates? Are you doing that somewhere else? I want to live vicariously through you and enjoy your pregnancy haha.

    AND I am dying to see your new kitchen and see the step by step… I have been trying to talk my husband into doing the same thing for 2 years :) Maybe your blog will be what convinces him finally!

  5. says

    1) I must say, your mom has the most wonderful smile. Like you can feel the love coming right out of her face. :)

    2) I had no idea about Miley, so I went to look it up. Yowza. I don’t dig it – what a change!

  6. Louise in NE OK says

    So cute……all of you!

    My advice on the name…..always call your child by his first name. I have always gone by my middle name but all legal things are now done by first name. Years ago (yes, I said years) I could stick my first initial in front of my middle name….that doesn’t work so well anymore. I am not a fan of my first name and I am seriously considering legally reversing my name, awkward though it will sound, because I want to be called by the name I have always been called by. Just throwin’ that out there from experience!

    Louise (my middle name) ha

    • Whitney Dupuis says

      I am the oldest of five and we all go by our middle names. It has been a hassle for all of us all of our lives. I wouldn’t necessarily want to change my name, but when I had my first child I was insistent that he go by his first name. Just my two cents.

      Oh and your mother is beautiful!!!

  7. Nelle says

    Nana week looks like so much fun!!! Ilove the idea of collecting groupons a couple of months prior! I think I will start doing that as my kids get older. (they are 2 & 1) a free visit to the park still floats there boat ;)
    Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!!! :)

  8. Rose says

    Just curious, the kids are dressed in non-traditional wear for swimming. Are you encouraging modesty or was it just a little chilly?


    • says

      Um…really? Because down here those suits are kinda normal. Most of the kids here wear some kind of top because the sun burns ya like a devil with a blowtorch. And Clara forgot her bathing suit bottoms that day (totally normal kid behaviour) so she was wearing Coles shorts. In general, we don’t let them swim naked :)
      xo – kb

      • Bethany says

        I always have my little guy in swim trunks and a swim shirt. He’s really fair so I just feel better about him having it on for sun protection and there’s less to cover with sunscreen, since he won’t sit still for very long to apply it! (We’re in Iowa, by the way.)

  9. says

    Eeekkk!!! Love your Nana Camp. All of it! What a great Nana she is. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Can’t wait to hear the name of baby boy (when he’s born)! Oh and the Miley thing…..she must be having a mid-20 life crisis. Kinda sad. :)


  10. says

    umm..yeah, miley cyrus=hot mess. did you hear she said that she wants to have kids as soon as she’s married? isn’t she like 12?

    scared to hear about your kitchen progress….is this going to make me not want to paint my cabinets? granted i think i have 12 cabinets as opposed to your 1342 gazillion ;)

  11. says

    Haha, I love the off topic Miley comment. Your mom is so smart to plan way ahead like that. Then again, your mom seems to be pretty awesome at just about everything, so I suppose it’s not really surprising. :)

  12. says

    Friends reference! Hopefully no one will be stuck in the janitor’s closet, though…

    I can’t believe how big the kids look. Love the pool shots – they reminded me of the trampoline shots from way back when.

    Oh, and I need a neighbor with a pool like that!

  13. says

    I have been reading your blog and stealing your ideas and talking about you forever. But. I have never commented. Until today. Why? The name thing. I don’t have children of my own, but I love them and I am a terrific auntie. Lately my friends have been naming their boys and not calling them by their given names, why? I just don’t get it, so if you give your boy a name, call him by that. A name is a gift, the second one after life that your parents give you. It is your brand, it is one of the first things you will own. My girlfriend named her son August, they call him Gus, that is okay because it is shortened, but then they had Cafferty James, a beautiful family name, Cafferty, and they call him CJ.

    Just my two cents, but I had to weigh in. I think about this a lot, names and what they mean, and when you said you weren’t sure what you would call him, you will know, you will know when you meet him.

    • says

      haha…I totally think this is a family thing…because Jeremy is not my boyfriends first name…and his dad doesn’t go by his first name…or his grandfather and so on and so forth. And my dad is William…goes by Billy or Bill or Bird. Same with Braden – goes by Bubba with the family…we call my sister Lori, Nornie….my grandmother is Sarah…goes by Sally…it’s like this weird tradition that everyone in our family goes by something different so I kinda feel the importance of giving him a solid name (with meaning like you said) but waiting to meet him to see what would ‘fit’ him on an everyday basis. If he chooses to go by his more formal name…well, that’s cool too. I think the whole name thing is kinda interesting though…
      xo – kb

  14. says

    I want my daughter to have a Nana Camp! I’m going to have to poke my mom to start her own… also I think I like your quick points at the end of the post the best of all. Yay janitor names and yay Miley Cyrus crazy. :)

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