Shortest Post Ever

We miss the Olympics. 

Why can’t they be an annual thing?

Or every other year?

I betcha that if we sent David Beckham & Oprah Winfrey to talk to the people in charge, we could change things.   Who’s with me?!

p.s.  yes, these are old photos…but too cute to not share (Will LOVES the torch and the gold medal…ahem…jar lid…).  I love the fact he’s got his little number one finger up while simultaneously trying to blow out the fire in the last pic :)



  1. Morgan says

    I am with you!!! I would just be happy if they showed World’s for the individual sports, that would at least keep me entertained every year!

  2. Ashley Auger says

    I love this and couldn’t agree more! I miss the Olympics! There is just something about it all that drags you in and you pay for it by staying up until the last televised event is over! lol :) I bet not only if you talked with Oprah or David, but if you included a picture of Will they wouldn’t be able to say no! <3

  3. says

    But my darling Katie, the Olympics are every other year. Summer Olympics on the 4th year with Winter two years prior or after, depends on how you look at it.

    • says

      I was surprised that he liked the track & field events…especially the sprints. And he loved the swimming. We had to DVR the diving stuff because he kept on trying to dive off the ottomans :)
      xo – kb

      • Ang says

        Good call on the DVR! I was a mini diving fan too, once upon a time (mid-80s)… I decided to play Olympic Diver in the bathtub. Somehow I managed to survive multiple jumps from the edge of the tub into the water without injury… but then while I was “swimming” around in there afterward, I crashed into the wall and needed stitches in my chin. Go figure.

        • says

          Yowza. My sister once did that in our pool. She wasn’t doing diving…just racing me (and kicking my butt) in a very complicated feat that involved rocks and a fence and some spinning. Ouch.
          xo – kb

  4. Christina says

    I miss the Olympics too! I was just thinking this morning I’d much rather watch more Olympics than the upcoming presidential debates.

    As a side note, when I was about Will’s age I started calling the Olympics, the bolympics. And I still call them that to this day and have even influenced my husband to start calling them that. So this summer we were going to eat dinner at a restaurant and me being the obsessed person I said told my hubby I wanted to sit where I could watch the events. And he, being the good hubby he is, asked the host for a table where we could watch the bolympics. Haha, cracked me up!

  5. Whitney Dupuis says

    These photos are great! I love that you made a torch and medal for him. We didn’t see a single event this year. :( Scheduling never seemed to work in our favor.

  6. Becky says

    I love this Katie! And I agree. The Olympics are so much fun. By the way, when Will wins a gold medal in the 400 meter butterfly you can give these photos to the media. He’ll be the darling of the games.

  7. ErinY says

    So now for the fun questions-if you had to guess what sport you think Will would go to the olympics for, what would it be? What about you and Jeremy?

    • says

      hmm…this is fantasy land right?! Will – long jump. The kid just loves to run and jump and fall :) Jer – probably a sprint of some sort…the guy is speedy…he’s no Bolt but I like to think that if he was younger and trained for it, he would be a great track & field guy. And me? Well…is there an event for not moving? Because I would imagine that I could sit in one position for longer than the average athlete. It’s called endurance :)
      xo – kb

  8. says

    Seriously! So with you. Seems like they would have enough footage that they didn’t show on prime time that they could just show that slowly over the course of a couple of years! I mean, how come I didn’t get to see canoe slalom?! Or trampoline?! Come on!

  9. Kayt says

    LOL, they are every other year! But yeah, I miss gymnastics the most. At least we get to watch hockey and figure skating on the other years.

  10. Christl says

    Hello Katie! I love peeking in on you and your beautiful family! Congrats on the bun in the oven. Love you girl!
    Your long lost friend from RICS.

  11. Renee says

    ADORABLE!!! My little 2 and 4 year old “gymnasts” would LOVE to dress up as medalists for Halloween! You used a jar lid for the medal, but what did you use for the strap? GREAT idea!! :)

    • says

      It was red and white striped fabric that I had some scraps of…I just cut it thinner along the lines but I imagine ribbon would work just as well.
      xo – kb

  12. says

    You got this one right Katie! I love the summer Olympics and wish they were more often too :( And Will to die for! Too darned cute!!! And this short post thing…like the longer ones better. You are always a riot and the long ones just keep me entertained so much longer :)

  13. Meghan says

    Adorbs! Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff? It’s made of gold I tell ya ;)
    Interesting fact… today I was trying to convince my husband to do themed family photos ( and I felt that showing him your redneck photo would somehow make him want to do it more? :)) and so I searched your archives for “redneck” and would you believe redneck is used 64 times on your blog?
    and because I couldn’t get yesterday’s taco joke out of my head…”taco” is referenced 14 times :)

  14. Lucy says

    I’m in the UK and only 3 days from the close of the Paralympic ceremony I am missing the sport action (although did watch Andy win the US Open!).
    We lived and breathed it, with lots of whooping action and hugging of random strangers when Team GB won!
    Although at least we now get back husband and daddy as he is a police officer and has been working the entire event for such long hours that we have rarely seen him over the last 8 weeks.

  15. Bridget says

    The Olympics continued on for my family this year- the Paralympics and they took place 2 weeks after the Olympics. Super athletes who just happen to have a disability. My sister competed in wheelchair tennis so our family was glued to live online streaming for two whole weeks of wonderfulness. :)

  16. says

    We did an Olympic theme b-day party one year- lots of running and jumping :)
    They loved it, everyone got medals( oops jar lids) and made a torch.

    Does Will do swimming lessons yet?

    • says

      I taught swimming lessons all through highschool and college and I recently started survival swimming training with him at my mom’s new pool. But we do not take a class from a gym or a local pool.
      xo – kb

    • says

      I am doing survival swimming with him (just started at my mom’s pool) since I used to teach it…but formally, no. No paid lessons yet for the little guy :)
      xo – kb

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