My Fair Laddy

Instagram followers know that last week we went to our county fair.  It.  Was.  Delicious. 

Gwinnett County Fairgrounds have been a favorite place for me since we moved here from New Jersey.  I remember coming here in middle school to ride the rides and secretly wished I was allowed to own 14 hole Doc Martens or could throw a back handspring like the cheerleaders who showed up in their track suits with skirts on.  I had an identity issue…what can I say. 

And then in highschool, we actually had our homeschool fine arts program perform here.  I was the airhead in the play held at the Fairgrounds Ampitheatre and my little brother Timmy threw up on the Northwest side of the grounds from eating too many Big Macs.  Aww memories.  

This post isn’t about anything in particular.  Just a recap of our time for our moms. 

I am not the most active mother with Will…we spend lots of time just hanging out at home.  The kid knows how to do independent play time.  So on this particular day, I was really excited to tell him about coming to the fair with Daddy.  It was a  needed break from the kitchen chaos.  I think I may have said to Jeremy that if he even thinks about the paint sprayer that night I would cut him.

The first thing we did was hit up the cattle and 4H buildings.  Will was mooing up a storm. 

I learned that I wasn’t allowed to ride anything due to the occupied uterus.  Not even the kiddie rides.  Apparently threatening the swing operator doesn’t make much difference.  Trust me.  I tried.  I also may have claimed that I wasn’t pregnant.  For some reason it was a relief he didn’t believe me.  I think the waddle was a give-away.

Will is over 36″ now (my leggy boy is actually a little over 38″!!!) so he got to ride pretty much everything.  He acted as chaffeur for the truck.  He picked GREEN vehicles at every opportunity…his current favorite color :)

Also, he rode his first real roller coaster.  Jer taught him to put his hands up in the air on the fast downhill parts. 



Can I just say that I love how colorful all the rides are?  So freaking cute.

I was getting hungry…nothing new…so I told Jer it was time to hit up the food alley.

I ordered the chicken on a stick and Jer ordered the chili nachos with ranch dressing.  The chicken was amazing.  We all fought over it.  I really wanted a turkey leg but I overheard someone say that theirs wasn’t that good.  And my stomach was screaming for a roasted corn on the cob but the line was too long…so my tired dogs won over the taste buds. 


Then we headed back to Kiddieland for more rides.  It was a huge section of the fair…probably half of the rides were in this section…so it was perfect for us.

He already hit up the trucks, the planes, the fourwheelers and the coaster…so next we did boats, motorcycles, tugboats, trains, swings, and 4×4’s.  He’s officially a motorhead.  All he needs now is a Nascar shirt and a hover round.


I think Jer was over the rides midway through.  Monkey Mayhem was probably the last straw…err…peel.


Since we rode pretty much everything in Kiddieland, we decided to walk around the rest of the fair and see the sites. 


and get liquid-gold-covered-in-powdered-sugar.   

 There is something really beautiful about neon lights especially in mass.  It’s like dust bunnies.  Just one is like yeahwhatever.  A ton?  Pure unadulterated magic.   


Who knew bubbles with fair lights are like the most beautiful thing ever?!  They are like Jennifer Lopez…you just want more. 


Jeremy was tuckered out at this point.  It may have had something to do with the spinning monkey.  So as we walked outta the fair, I just kept snapping pictures of all the color. 

Apparently the snake girl is really just the offspring of Megan Fox and the devil.  The fact they named her Angel is irony at it’s finest.

This was the only family fair pic we got.  In the crazy mirror…I love how Jeremy’s face looks likes he’s having an allergic reaction of some sort.


Loved this.  loved every second.  Fairs really are some of the most fun things ever….even if you have to take out a small loan to pay for them.  The funnel cakes make it all better.  That should be a poster.

p.s.  I added some fair shots to my print shop…so if you are interested in adding a little swing into your life (or gallery wall), check em out!



  1. Whitney Dupuis says

    What were your settings for the night shots? I had such a hard time balancing people and getting the colors of the lights so perfectly last year and I want to try again this year!

  2. Jen says

    Ok, I know you have said that you normally gain a crap-load of weight during pregnancy but you look freaking fabulous!!! Now I, on the other hand, gain a crap-load of weight during pregnancy and look the part. You look so great and I love how you style your outfits!

    • says

      I’m trying really hard (aka always hungry) but so far I’ve only gained 43ish pounds….just as long as I stay below 60 I will be thrilled!
      xo – kb

  3. says

    Oh wow! I used to live in Lawrenceville! My parents used to take me and my sisters to the fair every year and we loved it. The fair grounds were close to our house. I didn’t realize you lived so close to where I used to live – pretty cool! :)

  4. April says

    Love all the pics! I was wondering where the funnel cake was… can’t leave without one of those. :) My son would have loved to ride all the vehicle rides too. So cute!

  5. says

    Katie, I sometime have such envy over your little town/county and the cute fairs/events! We are in Southern California. No small town feeling here! Great photos! What lens were you using?

  6. Jenn says

    The colors are gorgeous! I’m in live with your swings picture. Looks so fun. You’ll treasure these last weeks with Will as the only boy. I’m so excited for your family.

  7. robyn says

    ha ha, the snake lady. we suckered into paying to see her last year (at my daughters request, she couldn’t handle hearing “the one, the only snake lady. with the head of a woman and the body of a snake…”) it was a joke!!

  8. says

    We actually thought about going to that fair when we were up there for the weekend. But, after hanging out at Suwanee Day all day Saturday, we were “faired-out” and decided to take it easy instead. Thanks for sharing about the Gwinnett County fair – I hope we’ll be living in that area by this time next year! (Speaking of, do you say GWINNett? or gwiNNETT? Seems like I’ve heard both.)

  9. Ashlee says

    I took the exact same picture as your first one at the fair here two weeks ago! I did a double take at what blog I was on, because I didn’t remember posting it! We paid the $2 dollars to see the snake lady and if she is related to Megan Fox it’s only as her meth addicted cousin, the whole set up was so ridiculous it was funny! It made me want to pay to see the world’s smallest horse and the world’s tiniest woman.

    As always your pictures are gorgeous!

  10. says

    Great pics! I’m a bit jealous you got to stay until it was dark, our little can’t go on any rides yet so she gets a bit bored and we didn’t make it that long. I actually made the mistake of going on the kiddie swing with our older daughter… it did NOT go well with 1st trimester pregnancy. Thankfully I didn’t lose it!

    • says

      They are files – so you can print out to the size of your liking. They are formatted for 4×6 but you can crop for other sizes.
      xo – kb

  11. says

    Wow! As always, your pictures are stunningly beautiful!! I love the one of you holding sweet Will at the beginning. I love the one of Will on the 4×4 with his tongue out. I love the one of Jeremy holding Will in front of the ferris wheel. I love them all! I’m glad y’all had fun and you and baby got to eat a ton!

  12. Cassondra says

    So sad that summer is over, but it’s nice to look at photos like this and feel sentimental, especially since yesterday we got our first snow.

    • Jeanie says

      First snow? Are you from northern Minnesota, Cassondra? :o)

      I’m from Minnesota (but further down)…so I hear you about summer is OVER. Oh, heck yeah….it is gone, and I also agree: nice to see photos like Katie’s and feel sentimental about it.

  13. valerie shea says

    The State Fair if Virginia is in town and we’re headed there tonight. Heard they have a… wait for it… pork parfet. Bbq pork, mashed potatoes, bbq sauce and bacon. Thought you’d get a kick out of that, and maybe a craving too.
    (: your pics are adorable! Looks like yall had a blast!

  14. says

    Totally random, but I noticed the cute ‘lil white leather phone case on your sidebar and I wanted to tell you I got one almost exactly like that on ebay for, like, $3.99 for my Samsung. I was totally scared it was gonna fall apart in a day but I just love it and it has lastest fine so far! :)

    I would post the store name, but it looks like he they don’t carry that particular one for iphones. But I just did a search for leather cell phone case and found a bunch of similar ones.

  15. Erika says

    I love the fair, too! Sadly, I missed the one in my “neck of the woods” this year.
    I loooove the kiddie rides, but am always embarrassed to ride them as I have no child ;)

  16. Lara says

    Fairs seem the same everywhere! I laughed when I saw the huge stuffed dog (wolf?) hanging up – my daughter had one of those stupid things and it took YEARS for me to get her to toss it out! Now I’m craving chicken gyros and that awesome lemonade! Our fair (SC) starts next week and we’ll have to go eat!

  17. Misty says

    We were going to go to the Gwinnett fair but never got around to it. Your pictures are great and now I wish that we would have made the time to go.


  18. Kara says

    I think that Will and my son would get along perfect, Luke loves anything motorized as well. Such boys!! I also wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog, and totally adore your humor. Thanks so much for helping to lighten my days!!

  19. Jeanette Peters says

    I.Love.Funnelcake. I think I drooled over that picture for at least 10 minutes. Not-so-Fun fact: did you know you can’t get them in Canada (or at least not in NS). You tease. (lol)

  20. Tami DeLong says

    We live in Gwinnett County too and ALWAYS hit up the fair in September. Funny you should mention the snake lady. My husband took my son in to see it and about 5 seconds later I see him running out screaming LOL To this day, he still tells me “I no like that snake lady momma” =))

  21. Sara says

    Hi Katie
    I live in Atlanta too & envy to read all the fairs you go to, except that I read everything after the fact. Where do you collect all these information?. My son is Will’s age too & would love events like this.

  22. Summer says

    Your fair pics are gorgeous!! I love our fair here in NC! It actually starts this coming Thursday. We have some crazy deep fried treats out here and the last year’s treat was chocolate covered bacon. It was actually pretty stinkin’ good! This year I heard we are supposed to have bacon cinnamon buns! Of course, when I heard of bacon, I thought of you! Hope you are doing well with this pregnancy. :o)

  23. says

    Jeez, does this EVER make me want to go back in time and re-do the fair. We had a so-so time this year, so I’d love a re-do! Also, love that Will’s favorite color is green. In our house it’s John Deere green and the only other color that will be remotely considered is blue, because it’s his mama’s favorite. :)

    • says

      haha…I read how your little guy gets embarrassed if he’s not wearing his favorite color…so cute. I love the quirks at this age…it makes me feel normal :)
      xo – kb

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