Pregnancy #2 Wishlist

Being pregnant with a second boy is kinda funny.

I have this sense of ‘I have everything I need’ which of course translates into “there is nothing I need to do to get ready” which of course is completely false. There are still plans to be made, bags to be packed, guest rooms to be made up and oh-yeah, a toddler to care for, transition into big-brother-hood, and keep alive till the day of delivery (and after!).  Oh and did I mention, it would be nice to have a fully finished kitchen?  Details. 

So even though we haven’t touched the nursery (we were mostly finished with Will’s old nursery at this same point in my pregnancy with him), or cleaned the house (I had Jer shampoo the carpet in our old house for Will…this time around, I’m lucky if all three of us are in clean underwear & diapers) or wrote out a birth plan (last time – four handwritten pages that went right out the window), I do dream of things that we could get that would be nice for our second trip around the parenting moon. 

Oh and as a disclaimer…I started this post a long time ago so I do apologize if any of this stuff is outdated or if a new/fancier/more robotic version is available…

Moodboards I have missed you.

I am not a video monitor kinda girl. I know myself and myself shouldn’t do video monitors. Let’s put that out there. We have the Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor from our days of monitoring Will and it works ok. I would wake up in the middle of my rare and precious hour of sleep to put my nose as close as humanly possible to Will’s side to see if he was still breathing. Longest two seconds of my life. So when I heard about the Angelcare Monitor Deluxe that monitors movement and does sound…well, it’s like a breath of fresh air for me. I want it.

Aww Sophie. Will didn’t know your love. Hopefully baby numero dos will….or should I say le numero deux.  I hope you enjoy necking with my baby…you know, once I pay for you.  That sounded bad.

I didn’t even know about the aden + anais swaddling cloths until we all discussed our favorite baby items in the comment section of this giveaway post. Well, this is me pulling up my maternity spanx and jumping on that bandwagon. I’m a swaddler and I want a pack please.  or four.

Unpacking the 0-3 month bin of Will’s old clothes was literally one of the highlights of my week.  I pretended I was at a baby shower…thanking the imaginary folks in my bedroom.  I gushed.  I cried.  I blamed the hormones.  Outloud.  And then I realized that there is always more room for cute tiny clothing.  I’m loving the footed pants and comfy pieces from H&M and Gap

Jeremy and I were joking that the number one thing on a baby wishlist should be sound-silencing earwear for when you aren’t on baby duty and just need to clear your head.  I wasn’t joking.  I think these would do just fine.  And one day they can be Will’s earmuffs for when he goes full-monty-redneck at his first Daytona 500.

Something I regret not getting with Will was a wrap.  I really REALLY want one.  The Solly Baby Wrap and the Moby Wrap
seem very similar…and I like the looks of both.  Decisions.  Decisions.  My only hesitation….will it be like sunglasses on top of your head?  You forget where they are at times?  Because I can totally see myself strapped to the baby wondering where I put him down. 

We have been doing some ‘activities’ with Will trying to help prep him for life with a new baby.  I have no idea if any of them are working or are going to work.  We pretend every day with our own stuffed animals that they are babies and that we need to care for them…including feeding them, holding them, changing them, and putting them to sleep.  We talk about the day when the baby comes out of my belly and how we will have to be gentle touchers and what we say when the baby cries.  We showed him all the little clothes and went through his toys and decided what would belong to the little guy.  And we talk about sharing everything from bath towels to carseats to cousins with the Little Baby.  Will helped pick out a present for the new baby.  We also pray for him every day.  One of the other things Jer and I wanted to do was get Will a present that the baby ‘brought’ for him.  I think Will would be ecstatic to get this train set.  

Like I said, Will helped pick out a present for the Little Baby.  It’s only natural that we get our second boy an Angel Dear Blankie
…especially since Will has been inseparable from his since birth.  Will has the brown owl version.  Our next little guy should have one equally cute….I’m loving the racoon especially with his proper little collar :)

Speaking of presents….why not me too?!   I like to commemorate big events with jewelry….not ridiculously priced out of budget jewelry…just really pretty simple things I can wear and remember a special place or a thing or an event.  I told Jer a long time ago that he could get me a push present and it could be these Stella & Dot earrings

Seriously how adorable are mini moccasins?!  Can they possibly get any cuter?  Um the correct answer is no.  they can not.

I’ve been wanting that long tailed bonnet hat for a long time.  I can imagine all my babies in it.  All three thousand of them.  And then I saw the little red & white striped bit from Gap and was like – MUST BE MINE.  I don’t have either.  I did order this one just recently:

with the cacoon.  Consider me very excited about the Little Babys first photoshoot. 

My friend has one of these Joovy Hook On Highchairs and every time I see it, I lust.  It’s a sin.  A sin to be that stinking genius.  I could keep it in the car and whenever I need a bacon fix, I just give it to Will to lug into the restaurant.  No more grody diner highchairs for me.  So so smart.

So what have you guys been looking at getting?  Anything not the norm?  Anything you missed with your first bambino?  Do tell. 

p.s.  We started an online baby pool for our little guy!  You can click here to guess his arrival date, time, hair color, eye color (Jer’s are blue and mine are brown), length and weight.  Also – we have some awesome prizes coming for the winner…so you wanna get in on this.  More info to come :)



  1. ali says

    Love love love my moby…as in couldn’t live without it. My little guy has been colicky and it’s the only place he sleeps! And he is a big’un – 10 lb 14oz when he was born, 19 lbs at 3.5 mos! My husband loves it too – really nice that we can both wear it. And maybe it’s because I put it on everyday but it’s really not hard to use!

  2. says

    Nathan had a Sophie when he was little. He loved it and even still plays with it at 2 years old! I also had a Moby Wrap for him too even though we didnt get it until he was 3 months. It was a lifesavor and my husband would wear Nathan sometimes too. I know they have now said that some of the carries aren’t safe anymore so heads up on that. I know when we have this next baby I’m going to get a ring sling that I think will be MUCH easier! Good luck! I love reading you blog and facebook!

  3. Mama says

    I tried the Moby wrap and HATED it (said with passion!).

    It’s a super-long piece of fabric that you have to wrap all around your body while holding the baby. I ended up dragging it all over the floor while trying to do it…and I’m average height at 5’6″! If I was leaving the house, I’d have to wrap it at home beforehand, because I couldn’t do that in the car or in the store entryway with a toddler to watch too.

    I got myself an Infantino carrier instead (I forget the name…maybe “Swing”?), that the baby can sit both facing you and away in. It was amazing. Easy in, easy out…a couple snaps and you’re done! Plus, it’s fully adjustable while it’s still on you. And you can wear it while you’re going to the bathroom (don’t judge me). Since it’s not an extra piece of the fabric, like the Moby, you and the baby don’t get as hot/sweaty.

  4. Erin says

    I had a moby for my first, it was great…a lot of material and took a while to get the hang of but once you do it was great. However there is a similar product baby k’tan
    it is the same idea with less material, seems easier to put on and carry around. I am now preggo with #2 (attempting vbac too) and considering getting this but finding it hard to justify since I already have the moby. Let us know what you get!!

    • Lauren says

      Love the Baby K’tan! It soooo easy to put on and my 1 month old loves it. Now I can have both hands free and hold her :). While I haven’t tried the Moby wrap, I’ve heard that is is quite hard to put on on the fly (i.e. public place, screaming baby, lot of fabric). The K’tan takes literally seconds to put on. I highly recommend it!

  5. Caro says

    Don’t get a hook-on high chair! They are the worst–heavy, cumbersome, ridiculously difficult to clean (seriously, after 5 minutes of using that thing, your baby will be sitting in much more filth than in a restaurant’s chair and wrestling that cover on and off to throw it in the wash is a serious undertaking). If it still doesn’t sound like a big deal, just remember that you will be lugging around a diaper bag again and will still have to make sure #1 doesn’t dash into traffic.

    If you really need something for when you’re away from your house, may I suggest something like this? I always wanted one, but couldn’t justify it since I had that darn hook-on one :-)

  6. JennyB says

    LOVE my Angel Care monitor. It works great! I sleep easier knowing it will detect if my little one isn’t breathing. I’ve used it for both of my nuggetts. The oldest is now three and the little guy is 4 months.

    I also love the Aden and Anais blankets. I got one as a shower gift for my first (now 3 years). I loved it so much, I wanted more. But they were a little pricey and available only online. Now, Aden & Anais is at Target!! They have a 4 pack of the blankets for about $40. It still seems a bit pricey but it’s SOOO WORTH IT! They also have burp cloths and sleep sacks.

    Off topic: Do you know about Archie McPhee’s complete line of bacon products??

  7. Stacy says

    The baby cacoon & hat are crocheted. Super simple to make!!! I’m sure there are tons of free patterns online. Think about it. :)

  8. says

    Get the solly baby wrap!
    Super comfy and easy once you get the hang of it. aaaand you’ll be helping out another momma (the maker of them) when you buy it, instead of a big company.

  9. says

    We have both the Angel monitor and little Sophie and love them both. While waiting for our little baby to arrive we have been using the monitors as walkie-talkies :)

  10. Alana M. says

    If you wants some DIY goodness, you can make your own Moby. I made mine from a 5 1/2 yard piece of Jersey knit fabric…I cut it down the middle. There were a bunch of tutorials out there about fancier ways to cut it or to make it a certain length but I actually prefer the extra 8 inches of width. It’s much cheaper and it works great. I think I paid somwhere around $20 for two. Plus, you can always give the extra away for a gift.

  11. Michelle says

    I’m a first time mom and have found myself to be so neurotic about making sure my baby is breathing! I was going to buy the Angel Care mat until a friend told me about the Snuza. Let me tell u I love it and could not live without it!! It’s a small device you clip onto the baby’s diaper or pants and it monitors their breathing, if they stop breathing after 15 seconds it sets an alarm. The great thing is that you can use it anywhere, instead of the mat which is usually set in the crib. So it doesn’t matter where my baby sleeps/naps, I can take the Snuza with us, even if we are traveling. Check it out: (you just have to make sure it’s clipped on correctly, it fell off 2x and the alarm sounded, giving us a heart attack!)

    My baby also LOVES the Moby and hates the Baby Bjorn. The only problem with the Moby is that it is so long that I put it on at home so it doesn’t touch the dirty floor outside when I’m trying to put it on. We love the Aden & Anais blankets, we use them all the time! Sophie is also a hit around here.

    We also purchased the Homedics Soundspa Lullaby sounds and projection. It’s been a lifesaver, no more having to rock my baby to sleep for ever, only to wake up the minute we put her down. Now we kiss her goodnight, set her in the bassinet, turn on the lullaby’s and projector, and she smiles watching the images on the wall…and like magic falls asleep.

  12. Anna says

    Your wish list is fabulous! I would like to add my two cents tho- the fabric baby carriers. Wearing your baby is amazing! I wear my little guy (3 months old this Friday- how he heck did that happen??!!) everyday!! It’s amazing how much you can actually get done while being snuggelly close to your baby! Plus, they sleep forEVER on the wraps! I started wearing my LO when he was about two weeks and I’m so thankful that I did and still do! Oh yeah, I had a point (new mom brain)- the knit fabric carriers are stretchy and with this- they start to sag over wearing. You will have to adjust, retie, my LO hate the “downward creep”. I have switched to a woven carrier (the same style as the two listed in your wish list- solid, long piece of fabric). With the woven fabric it doesn’t stretch or sag down. I bought the girasol 4.5m (is the size). And absolutely love it!! I also have the baby k’tan (knit, stretch soft carrier- like the moby but without all the tying). But only use that for quick carries- ie running into post office. Good luck!! Can’t wait to see you new little baby!! Oh ps I just adore you and have been reading your blog for two plus years- just because we don’t comment doesn’t mean we aren’t here :) xoxo

  13. Allison says

    Please go to amazon and read the reviews for Sophie the giraffe before you get one. It is eye opening to see the choking risk of such a popular toy. I was set on buying her for my second child until I read those. And though I was a hawk w my first child it is much easier to get distracted with two kids to keep my eyes on.

  14. Lina says

    I have the angelcare monitor….love it! Just make sure to remove it when baby starts to move around a lot. False alarms suck! Lol. I didn’t have the Aden and anais swaddlers either, but I’d love some for the next baby. My daughter has the H&M sweater you’ve shown above…I love it. It’s so soft and comfy and washes really well! Love H&M baby stuff!

  15. Ambierre says

    I just had my 3rd baby and had never heard of the aiden&anais blankets before either. They’re awesome. I still use our old swaddler with the Velcro at night but I take the a&a blankets everywhere. I tie two corners and pop it over my head to nurse under. It’s awesome to have the 2-in-1 going on and not worry about bringing my nursing cover everywhere. They are also really absorbent-goodbye spit up! Oh and btw I’m wearing those earrings right now : ) you have great taste Mrs. Bower! Congrats on EVERYTHING!!’

  16. says

    When our #2 came along, we actually got LESS stuff. We even downsized the diaper bag (even though we had 2 in diapers and used cloth!). I guess two kids was enough to deal with – I didn’t want more “stuff”. :)

    We used a hook-on high chair with #2 – the Phil & Ted’s model – it’s excellent. Plus, it folds flat for travel. We actually got rid of our high chair all together and just used this at home. (Like I said – less stuff was our mantra.)

    Best advice anyone could have given me for #2: It’s HARD. You now have twice as many people who need your time. I don’t know why no one told me. I cried and wondered what I was doing wrong until one day I just decided it really is hard and I shouldn’t feel like a bad mom for having to learn to adjust.

    So excited for your new addition!!!

    • Sarah says

      I agree about it being hard to have a second and needing to give yourself grace. Two kids isn’t twice as hard, it’s four times as hard, for some reason! But it is nice to have “do-overs” and a chance to be more chill about some things with the second one than you were the first time. And if you get your VBAC, it brings a lot of physical and emotional healing.

  17. melissa says

    Thank you for linking mainly to amazon! Just created a wish list for the future :)! Can’t wait to “meet” the little guy!

  18. vanessa L says

    Did you know aden + anais make bamboo blankets? They feel like silk they are so unbelievably soft. Absolutely worth the extra moola. They’re burpy bibs are awesome too. I’ml ike you and I just had my 2nd boy so nothing to buy really, but I treated myself to soe a+a stuff just cause :) Good luck on your VBAC too! I went for one, but once again, found out in labor that my little guy was breach. Blerg. I really hope you get yours cause recovery sucked, esp not being able to cuddle and pick up my 2 yr old.

  19. Eryn says

    I highly recommend the ikea high chair! super easy to clean (no fabric to worry about) and it fits in with any decor! Great with the tray on for babies and then once they are 2+ you can use it right at the table without the tray!

  20. Beth says

    I loved three of your thing for your list that I had 2 of 3 for my first and blessed to have for my second and then also…..the things my second hated. Here it is:
    1. Loved the AngelCare for both kids. Still use it and my young one is 17 months. I am way paranoid.
    2. Love Sophie the giraffe. 17 bucks for a squeaker? I bought a second with Madi when the first was lost….and then reappeared shortly after. Oh well. She still squeaks them. Non. Stop. Squeaking. Cuteness.
    3. Didn’t have a Moby wrap, but a Baby K’Tan. Oh. my. gawsh. Loved it. both kids, two free hands. It is a beautiful thing.

    Happy for you guys. My kids are 3 years to the day apart—May 2nd babies—– 2008 and 2011. Let’s just say Nate ( my son who has to share his birthday with his little sis) is going to have to deal with Madi/Mads (who was LATE by 4 days to hold out for her bros 3rd bday) for a VERY long time (so it felt) for the rest of his life. Bless his heart. And mine. They are best friends. Oh, and don’t worry, WIll will adjust to new baby. I cried thinking I had ruined Nate’s life because things felt so complicated suddenly. Just RELAX. Baby is easier, but balancing emotions (yours and both kids and hubs) can be overwhelming. Be the Little Engine That Could. You can. You will.

    Inspired by your blog. I have 2— one for my classroom and one for my fam.

  21. Sarah says

    To help my first son deal with having a baby around, we actually bought him a doll. That’s what people do with little girls, so why not with a boy? I let him pick it out and then whenever he wanted to have control over the baby (since he wants control of everything) I would tell him that he could take care of his baby and I would take care of mine. That way he had something indestructible to manhandle, feed, change, put to sleep, tell off (if he was frustrated), etc. It worked really well for my little control freak.

    Also, I really wanted a wrap with my second but never got it. I think it would have helped me, so I say get one!

    • says

      haha…you know what’s funny – Will’s little ‘baby’ is a stuffed lamb and he thinks he gets to feed him and bathe him and put him in time-out. I was surprised to hear him one day tell Baby that he shouldn’t be eating candy because it will give him booboos in his teeth :) I love when kids translate what we do :)
      xo – kb

  22. Kristen says

    After losing my first baby at stillbirth – (you edited that beautiful pic of her …still cherish it Katie) my hubby and I were understandably paranoid when we welcomed our son. We got the Angel Care and thought we were loving it. We found the ticking indicating his breathing to be soothing and helped us not to get out of bed a hundred times a night to make sure he was okay. But one night, at a feeding, we lifted him out of the crib and forgot to turn off the monitor. It continued to make breathing ticking noises. I felt I had been duped into the false sense of security. We determined the fan – a SIDS preventive technique – was causing the super sensitive monitor to think he was breathing. We tried everything to adjust the sensitivity and nothing worked. Eventually we got the Snuza diaper band to use. And I loved it!!! It isn’t a monitor but I can use it anywhere to make sure he is breathing (we use with wen we travel, in the bassinet or PNP, etc.). Then we just use a regular audio monitor. Also – although I like the mobywrap – I also found it difficult to use if not at home and got the Ergo Organic carrier – spendy but amazing! Both the hubby and I use it and baby still loving it at 10 months.

    • says

      I second the Snuza monitor. We used the Baby Sense V bed monitor with our first. It worked well to provide peace of mind but there were moments of false alarms when she got big enough to move some at night, plus we couldn’t travel with it. The Snuza is great (we have the Go! version). Can be used anywhere anytime. Love the peace of mind!

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