A Huge Thank You

At the risk of sounding like a broken record….I just wanted to drop in and tell you all that I really am so very grateful for your encouragement.  It was priceless to me.  No joke.  I couldn’t buy friends like you.  Really.  I tried.

Also, I just wanted to fill you in on how things might be affected with the arrival of little Weston.  First, things might be slower and posts may be shorter or more irratic….oh right…things are already irratic.  This blog is still gonna be like a Ponderosa all-you-can-eat-buffet of imperfectness…so there will be house posts, personal stuff mixed in with 10K photos of Will and Weston and a little craft-related, or photography-centric posts.  Like the header says….a blog about nothing and everything.  that’s us. 

Oh and I want to write out Weston’s birth story like I did with Will…for posterity sake because heaven knows my brain is mushier than week-old-diaper.   So even though it probably won’t happen right away, it will happen.   

(Jeremy, Katie, Dr. Tate, Weston – hour after birth)

In the mean time, I do have a ton of project photos and some ‘last-days-before-family-o-four’ posts to bring to you.  So please don’t email me saying that I’m ignoring Weston’s arrival…I’m fully aware he’s here.  especially at 2 and 4 and 6 am.  Oh and since delivering a 10 lb baby is no joke, you can keep me in your thoughts and prayers for some healing.  I expected it would be “body-altering” in a lot of ways but I am also experiencing some additional ailments…so mega-ouch. 

(Weston – 12 hours old)

And just so the grandparents know….Will is adjusting.  He went from spending 100% of his time with either me or Jeremy to spending four solid days away from us…which is quite the shocker for any two year old.  He had a great time while he was getting spoiled rotten. 

He’s definitely interested in the little brother, showering him with affection (when Will says “don’t cry baby Weston Knox” my heart pretty much spontaneously combusts)…but he also came back with a full blown sinus infection (we thought he worked through it weeks earlier but apparently not) and is making some sad behavior decisions.  So we are working on establishing some normalcy back in his life, giving him a little structure, and enforcing the boundaries and manners and still encouraging him with quality time and trying to heal his little body so he can spend more time kissing Weston and me.  and me.  and me.  I have four days to make up for.

(First family photo of four)

So all that to say…thank you guys.  Thank you for being so supportive.  so encouraging.  so everything. 

and congratulations. 

You are officially aunts and uncles :)



  1. Tinkster says

    Take your time, makes me feel more normal. Enjoy those baby snuggles, mine is 11 weeks and getting bigger every day!

  2. Rebecca says

    You are in my prayers for a fast recovery. It is TOUGH! I took me weeks to feel better… I sat on that boppy for a good 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to what you think about a vaginal vs a c-section delivery… I imagine not many women have done both! Congratulations and enjoy your sweet little family.

  3. Barbara says

    Congratulations! I also gave birth to a big baby (although not quite as big as Weston), so I completely understand the “healing” needed. Here’s an amazing hint a pharmascist gave me: line up 3 Tucks medicated pads (so they form a 5/6 inch pad almost) and put them in a ziplock bag. Put them in the freezer for a few hours. Then every time you use the rest room, grab a bag, take the pads out and lay them so they will be against you. The medicated + cold is fantastic!! I used them for 3-4 weeks and was so thankful for the advice every time!

  4. says

    Just so you know, I didn’t post either of my boys’ birth stories on my blog until their first birthdays! It actually wound up being a great way to reflect – but I just tell you that so that you know can’t possibly take as long as I did. :) Weston is so precious – I hope you heal up quickly!! I had a 4th degree tear with my first delivery, and some unfortunate consequences from that after my second delivery, so I can identify! You will get through it!

  5. says

    Oh Katie…I understand about the ailments and “ouch”. My first son was 10lbs and second son was 9lbs. I think it was over two months before I could sit down without a “doughnut” seat! Not fun…but those little men are so worth it!

    Congratulations are your family of four. I promise you will heal and someday, like me, you will get plenty of sleep every night because they are grown. Enjoy these moments because time flies when we are so busy with life.

    I don’t think I have ever commented before and just wanted to tell you that I followed his birth and think you and your family are amazing. I was proud and I don’t even know you! Take care!

  6. Rae says

    Congrats Katie!!! You have such a beautiful and sweet family! Love your blog, photography and everything. All the very best xxx

  7. says

    What a beautiful family. I can’t wait to hear your birth experience because it sounds similar to mine, minus three pounds on the baby. But I might have you for hours in labor. Not sure. Love and zen to everyone.

  8. Carla Mahony says

    Pushing out a ten pounder? No wonder you have some ‘extra’ healing issues going on Katie. I hope everything heals quick smart and it will…vaginas are pretty freaking amazing when it comes down to it ;)
    When we brought home our darling baby boyt twelve weeks ago, his older brother (2 y.o ) coped just fine but his older sister (4 y.o) was a MONSTER. She adored her new little brother but she struggled with the fact that life had changed and was no longer all about her. The good news? It got better, quickly. With a little bit of special attention for her, firm boundaries and fast consequences for bad decisions, we had a lovely, well-adjusted, grown up girl by about the four week mark. Life has been so sweet since then. It won’t be long until you are feeling the same way xxx

  9. Nicole says

    Oh Katie – I rarely comment but have just had to say that they way Weston is enthralled by Will is priceless. Watching your kids love each other is one of the most precious gifts that motherhood provides. Good luck with baby, your healing and getting everyone settled in.

  10. Laura says

    Oh, I have to recommend a book for you to read in your copius amounts of free time. :) But really, I thought this book was great at guiding me with regards to helping my daughter become a big sister. She’s a spirited kid – quite a handful – and yet she’s been awesome with her baby brother.

    Siblings without Rivalry


    Good luck!! Stay strong! And I hope you heal quickly and completely… down there! Eek!


  11. Holly P. says

    You are awesome; just like your babies, husband and entire family! We, your slightly offbeat delivery cheerleaders and blog followers, embrace our virtual and spiritual aunt and uncle roles wholeheartedly and wish you, & Will too, speedy recoveries and more than 2 hrs of sleep very soon! And for anyone who may be confused how this works, it’s your blog to do whatever you want to do whenever you choose. No expectations. :)

  12. says

    Congrats you guys! You sure make a cute family of four!!! Keep bringing those erratic posts of randomness because thats how you keep it real and thats why we love you!!!

  13. Liesal says

    I love how Weston is already looking up to his big brother in that last photo! I love birth stories, so I can’t wait to hear how your’s went. But you heal up first! My little guy was tiny compared to your’s, but I still thought that healing was the worst part.

  14. says

    I must say, the thought of having to have pushed out my 9 lb 6 oz daughter made me feel better about having a C-section after 27 hours of labor. You get major kudos for doing it with a 10-pounder. Gotta love those almost-2-week-late babies!

    Speaking of Quinland, she says that in the “family of four” picture, Weston is looking at Will and thinking, “Who the heck are YOU? I’ve known these other two for two whole days already!”

  15. Melissa M. says

    Hi Katie,

    I’m typing this while nursing my own 10 pounder son in the middle of the night – I’m sure you may be up too so I’m thinking of you. I must admit I was a tad jealous when I heard you got to deliver vaginally. . This is my 2nd (delivered my 7.1 pound peanut vaginally) as well but ended up with a csection which is also no joke to recover from as you know from your first. I know all circumstances are different and are happy you got the vbac you wanted. I was very interested to see when you would give birth bc my due date was about 10 ish days after yours but you gave birth 2 days after me. I do look forward to reading the birth story and knowing about the extra healing needed. It would also be interesting to know if you knew approximately how much he would weigh bc of ultrasound or something. I started measuring 3 weeks ahead at 34 weeks and dr was very concerned about baby getting stuck coming out. At 40 wks I had u/s that estimated 11.3 and baby was born 10.1. Anyways I’m rambling from lack of sleep. All this to say I’m thinking of you and your family and look forward to reading about the birth. Enjoy the pie- you most definitely deserve some!!!

  16. Tara (Downunder) says

    I’ve already said congratulations…but it does warm the cockles of my heart seeing a 12 hour bambino…I hit 12 weeks today – yippee for me! One day the nausea will disappear & before I know it, my Lewis will become a big brother like Will.
    Aunty Tara xx

  17. elizabeth says

    Congrats and you know we all (hopefully) understand and cant wait to hear more about him whenever you have time. Just enjoy him for now. P.S. holy wowzers does he look just like your boyfriend in that 12 hour pic?!

  18. says

    What a BEAUTIFUL family!! I love that last picture…it looks as though Weston is looking up at Will. So sweet. The adjustment from one to two kids isn’t an easy one. The more Weston grows and can start doing things, the more interested Will will get. And just wait till Weston is running around with him laughing. It’s the best thing in the world.

  19. Alice H says

    That last picture is my favorite. It looks like Weston is looking at Will and that they already have a special bond!!

    Way to stick to structure, and for still giving him boundaries, even with a newborn to care for. My older 2 kids are only 18 months and 3 days apart. And I was always so tired BUT I knew that structure was the best for Emilee!!

    So happy for your family!!!

  20. Whitney Dupuis says

    Katie, your family is beautiful. Praying for healing for you and for Will’s adjustment period to move quickly. I can imagine it being difficult for him but I know you two are such good parents that it will end well for all. Good luck and we will see you when we see you (on the blog). No stress!

  21. cathe says

    babies big and small… grown and brand new are just a wonderful!!! just enjoy every moment! be well . i wish you and your family all the love and happiness! CONGRATULATIONS thanks for always making the rest of us laugh with your blog.

  22. amanda says

    my sister used Dr. Tate today too, she wanted a VBAC as well, she loved him so much she drove the 3 hours from home to atlanta. good choice!

  23. says

    Oh, the memories your “body altering” comment brought back. Our girl was just eight pounds, but oh my goodness the pain! I had a third degree tear, and I wished afterwards for a C-section! I never found anything but time that helped ease the pain, so I hope you have! And if you have, I hope you share! The chilled tucks comment above sounded promising. Thanks for sharing pics of your new little guy. He’s absolutely beautiful!

  24. Maryana says

    Oh, Katie!!!!
    I love so much my new status!!! I’m loving to be Weston’s. aunt!!!! I’ll be Tia Mary, as we say here in Brasil!!!!:)
    Can I get to be Will’s also????
    Big kisses and lots of love coming all the way from Brasil,
    Tia Mary

  25. Emily says

    I love the family photo! Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and hope everyone is adjusting well…it does take time, doesn’t it? Don’t worry about updating the blog all the time–we’ll still be here! :)

  26. says

    Loved all your updates on instagram. Thanks to your hubby for that. You look amazing for someone who had a 10lb baby. I feel for you on the body altering….my little miss is 5 weeks old now and I still have the odd twinge.

    Hope you are starting to get some rest now. and that Will is getting better- no fun for him :(

  27. Jessica says

    Congratulations! Hope your are getting some rest and healing fast. We just brought our 3-day home yesterday and between her & our 2-year-old I think we’re going to have our hands full:)

  28. says

    We had our second boy when our first, Sawyer, was almost 2, and it was a crazy adjustment. He hit the terrible twos (cue surprise tantrums from a beforehand totally non-tantrum-y kid) like three weeks before Lincoln, so having a c-section and not being able to pick up my almost-tw0-year-old who was throwing himself on the floor kicking and screaming while I was also holding a baby…yeah. Adjustment. :) Sawyer and Linc now get along (mostly) really well, and the tantrum thing went away quickly with firmness and consistency. Saw was just learning to talk and would ask to hold Lincoln by saying, “Have it?” Adorable. I predict that before you know it, you will have two boys who simultaneously love and try to kill each other with play swords. :) Hope the transition continues to move you toward that place! About six months later, I finally thought with real belief, I can DO THIS! So if it takes a while to fully adjust, I think it’s normal.

  29. says

    Hey Katie! Congrats on baby Weston. i have been thinking about you ever since I saw that he was a 10lb-er! My son was also big, 9lbs 9.5 oz with a huge head and I had quite a mess of healing to do. In retrospect, I did not advocate for myself enough, because I was tired and overwhelmed and thought that was just what a vaginal birth was like, and now I know better! So I just wanted to tell you that if you are in pain or not healed beyond a few weeks you should DEF speak to your doctor about pain meds and things to help. Because i waited to seek help I spent my first 7 months with my son barely able to sit down :(

  30. Gali says

    He’s beautiful Katie, congratulations.
    Wishing you an easy recovery, good blocks of sleep and an easy adjustment to becoming a family of 4.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


  31. Candice says

    So much I could say from one mama to another who has also achieved her birthing dream. Such an intense and amazing way to welcome your new little one into the world! I only had a 9 pounder (no meds at all) and I agree the recovery is difficult- I had flippin’ SPD worse after the birth. I can’t wait to hear his birth story! (And would be happy to share mine privately if you’re interested, from one powerful mama to another). And yay for Dr. Tate! I live in the Midwest but he’s well known and respected around here. And I consider him my boyfriend. Along with Dr. Marsden Wagner… and Dr. Michael Odent. Anywho…

    Congrats on your achievement and healthy Mr. Weston! Welcome to the world, little (big) man.

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