Do the Due

Alternate post titles included:

“Get the Freak Outta My Body”

“Baby It’s not Cold Outside”

“Eviction Notice Served”


Seriously.  It’s my due date.  Right now.  Today.  I am in a terrible terrible mood.  And I think I speak for majority of gals who have reached their due date when I say “let’s get this show on the road!”.  I am so over being pregnant and just want to meet him already.  I thought it would happen by now.  I seriously did.  And now that it hasn’t, that feeling of anxiety, frustration, mixed with a dash of failure and a pinch of annoyed-at-everything-and-everyone-to-degrees-beyond-belief is cookin’ in my heart.

I know I should be milking these last days of just having Will alone…these are few and precious and will never happen again.  And the other side of me says – what if something goes wrong?!  What if I am that rare 1 in a hundred thousand that dies during childbirth or afterward from complications?  Shouldn’t I be thankful for these extra days with my Will and my Jeremy and this growing healthy baby in my belly?  And shouldn’t I just be grateful that I even got pregnant and carried this guy with me for so long?  I mean, we should have gotten pregnant right after Will…and didn’t….and then should have gotten pregnant that first year of ‘trying’….and didn’t…and the fact is – God gave us this amazing wonderful gift of getting pregnant again…no matter how long the wait, it is a huge huge blessing.  So why am I so fickle?  And selfish?  And crazy? 

Oh and snarky?!  Every single time someone says something to me, I have this internal reply.  Something rude to say back.  Basically it goes a little something like this:

Them: I know you are ready to pop!

Me:  Really?  Do you also know when?  Because those are two things that sometimes doctors have to decide for you.  Oh and thanks for knowing the status of my cervix.  That doesn’t creep me out at all.

Them:  Any news yet? 

Me:  Why yes.  I just had the baby on the floor of the shower.  Will cut the cord right after he boiled some water and got me a stack of towels.  And now I’m taking the time to reply to your text instead of calling 911.  Seriously!  Don’t you think I would discuss news if there was any?  I mean, this is kinda the biggest thing in my life right now. 

Them: Any contractions yet?

Me:  Yup…for the last four months my uterus has had contractions…they are called Braxton Hicks.  Is there any other uterus activity you would like to discuss?

Them:  The baby will come when it’s ready.

Me:  What about inductions then?  Does that mean you are a terrible mother for getting him out before he’s ready? 

Them:  He just likes it in there.

Me:  Since you know what my unborn child likes, could you bribe him out?  Because all the other methods have failed. 

Them:  So when do you think the baby is gonna come?

Me: Don’t you think I wouldn’t be this snarky if I knew that?

Them:  Wanna know what worked for us?  I actually…

Me: No.   


Yeah.  I’m just a barrel of fun today.  This sucks.  I hate today.  Off to drown my sorrows in carbs.  And again with the futile attempts at getting labor started.  Much happier kitchen post later today. 

p.s.  let’s face it…I can’t do a post without photos…here are some self-portrait-maternity pics just to put a little romance into this cruddy day…



  1. Robyn says

    Oh girl do I hear you! I was here this time last year, and it sucks!! My sister came to stay the day before my induction was scheduled, and I swear if she suggested ‘one more lap around the block, I just know something will happen!’ she was totally going to get throat punched!! Big virtual hugs, hope things get moving soon!

  2. Katie says

    I’m praying that you have a healthy, wonderful delivery. Good luck to you in the next few days as you prepare to meet your new little guy. Keep us updated!

  3. Tara says

    I remember my due date being somewhat anti-climatic. I wasn’t expecting my son to arrive before that (he wasn’t due then so why would he come early), but then once THE day arrived my hubby stayed home from work and we kinda looked at each other all day waiting… You will look back and read this post in a few weeks (or months) and laugh.
    Good luck – lots of hugs to you!!!

  4. Kat says

    I know you’re uncomfortable, but that snarky bit was hilarious. I especially like the comment about induction because we wound up inducing and people gave me crap about it like I had a choice. Thanks for the smile and good luck! We’re gonna go follow you on instagram :) also, those pics are gorgeous. Hope you frame some.

  5. Andrea says

    My first child was one week overdue when I begged for an induction in order to be sure to make my sister’s wedding one week later. God knew what he was doing, I didn’t. His lungs weren’t quite ready and the result of my induction was a c-section and a baby who spent a week in the NICU with pneumonia. We got out of the hospital one day before the wedding.

    I know it’s hard, but hang in there!

  6. says

    Oh man, I’ve been there. Six. Days. Late. You know what finally got my labor going? The plumber. Haha, but not in the way that you think! I had the misfortune of clogging our kitchen sink with oatmeal (note to everyone: never, ever put oatmeal down the sink) and water started coming out of every orifice in the kitchen. The next day was Sunday, and I don’t care how many days past my due date I was, we did not want to pay a plumber to come out on a Sunday. So Monday morning, the plumber comes first think and clears the pipes. The second he left, my water broke. It was another 36 hours before I met my sweet girl, but she was worth the wait.

  7. Brandy says

    If you get desperate, I did the nipple stimulation with both my babies and it worked! I had pre-eclamsia with both of them so the were going to induce at 37 weeks but I was able to go into labor on my own with each by doing it. With my second son I was actually hooked up to a monitor so I was able to see each contraction registering when I did it.

  8. Jennifer says

    I love this post because it describes EXACTLY how I felt on my due date last February. I was so angry at the world, so tired of the questions, the jokes, the comments. I cried, and cried, and cried. And you are right, one of my primary feelings was failure. I felt like i was a huge disappointment for not going into labor early. Finally, I was able to readjust my thinking and realize its a huge accomplishment (a blessing!) that I was able to carry my baby to term. Four days later, she decided to come out and see the world. Funny how short that seems in retrospect, but how excruciatingly long it felt at the time. It won’t be long Katie…hang in there!

  9. KC says

    Love your decorating posts, fun, creative and witty. I know it’s your blog, a blog about nothing and everything… But I am just blown away by your complaints about this child you carry. Be grateful you can carry to term, be thankful you have conceived again (you’ve stated you are but your words don’t match the griping)…

    Today was your due date, today, I received news my son has autism. I prayed fervently that i could carry my little guy to term, he came 7 weeks early. I pray you start putting things into perspective. Read Ecclesiastes 3

    • says

      Oh don’t get me wrong…I know how very very blessed I am. I am thankful. But sometimes you have a bad day…and that’s me…I just want to hold my little guy after waiting so long. Yes – I’m absolutely certain I am being whiney. No – I’m not perfect. Yes – I’m extremely impatient. And I definitely emersed myself in some self-reflection and scripture last night to get a grip through the emotional rollercoaster.
      xo – kb

  10. says

    After putting me on bedrest with pre-term labor at 25 weeks, Miss Quinland was induced TEN DAYS after my due date… and arrived 24 hours later… by C-section. (And after 14 years, I still remember feeling just like you do now!)

    This is just a long way of saying a) you’re not alone; b) ANYTHING can happen; and c) just remember that God’s timing is not our timing. We’re all rooting for you (and praying for you!) and hoping that you’ll be cuddling the Little Baby soon.

  11. Cindy says

    Hey Katie,
    I know how you feel. We are expecting a our first baby girl on November 2nd…..she still has not arrived. They are schedualing an induction for this weekend if she doesn’t make an appearance by them. I am hopeful. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy delivery!

  12. Alice H says

    Love the pic of you reading both books.

    I have been induced twice. I was 11 days late with my oldest daughter, 2 days early with my son Zack. And I chose to be induced on my actual due date with my son Colton. I hope you get this baby out soon! And I hope that your delivery is what you want.

  13. A says

    Get a grip! I had a very complicated pregnancy with my last baby and almost lost her at 22 weeks. I wound up having her at 32 weeks after 10 weeks of bedrest, the Dr.’s stitching my cervix shut to keep her in, 3 hospital stays, weekly Dr. appts., missing precious time with my son before baby #2 came, an emergency c-section after I lost all of my amniotic fluid, and a preemie in the NICU for 4 weeks after she was born 8 weeks early. I cried for months and begged God for more time for her to stay inside and grow. You have a lot of nerve to complain about this. Count yourself F-ing lucky to have a FULL-TERM pregnancy with a healthy baby and count your damn blessings you whiney brat!!! You just lost a reader.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that A. I am so so lucky….and I know that…I have friends and family with situations where they lost their little ones or had close calls…and believe me, I would not wish that on anyone or try to take away from their heart-ache. I am definitely a whiney brat at times…and yesterday was just a bad day for me. Hope you can understand that.
      xo – kb

    • Allison says

      A, I’m praying for you. To become that offended by somebody sharing their feelings is very, very sad. I’m so thankful we live in a world where we’re able to tell it like it is–just like Katie did!

      And Katie, of course you’re allowed to have bad days! I love reading ALL of your posts, and so many of them have lifted me out of my own bad days. Bless you, and I’m praying for you!! :)

    • Anna says

      The internet has allowed users to say what they want before thinking first and let go of all social etiquette. I cannot imagine someone would have the audacity to say something like this to someone’s face in person.

      While I find it a bit odd to share such personal (and negative) feelings on a blog, I understand it is it your blog and you can do what you will with it and I am guessing you’re just turning to people for some comfort.

  14. says

    Awww. I’ve never had a baby so I cant even begin to imagine. God’s blessings to you and your family.

    I love, love, love these photos!!! Oh wait…add at least one more love to that.

  15. says

    I love the pictures!
    I’m due on November 22nd, and since we’ve entered November I’ve been thinking every little physical change could mean the start of labor! I’m welcoming distractions for my busy mind, and your posts always bring a smile to my face.

  16. Laura says

    I feel your pain, frustration, grumpiness… All of mine were overdue, while everyone else was having tiny babies born two weeks early. If this is any encouragement (and you should know, since you already have one), it’s SO much easier having the baby on the inside rather than the outside…ie. sleepless nights and sore nipples. :) Take my word for it…I am a mother of five. Can’t wait to hear the delivery news though!!

  17. Ally says

    I remember your video of how happy you were when you announced when you were pregnant. People just want to share in your joy – they aren’t trying to be annoying. I understand the snark might be hormones or just a bad mood, but realize that being pregnant is an invitation for questions, comments, etc. If you don’t want the comments, stay home!

    • says

      No I totally love that people care…because that is what they are trying to show. But at the same time, everyone has a bad day, right? I just want to hold my little bundle of joy…and I think most folks understand that sometimes waiting is hard. And believe me, the comments come to my house :)
      xo – kb

  18. Kara says

    Girl, both my kidlets were late (3 weeks overdue with my first, 9 days with the second. Yes, my doctors were sadists.) so I totally feel your pain. Hang in there and try to refrain from punching out every person who has the nerve to look at you!!

  19. says

    When I was pregnant with my first, I went 9 days past my due date.
    N.I.N.E. D.A.Y.S.
    I’ll let that sink in for a second.
    I was desperate.


    There’s a pressure point on your ankle that hurts like h-e-double-toothpicks, but helped me get things going. They don’t recommend doing it until you’re past your due date, and you’re there, girlfriend. Just google “pressure points to induce labor” or something along those lines. You can thank me tomorrow from your delivery suite with your bundle in your arms. Hope it works for you!

  20. says

    oh girl i hear you. been there…it’s so hard!! i was always so fragile at the end of my pregnancies. i didn’t want anybody saying anything to me. for some reason people feel like a pregnant belly is an open invitation for comments and suggestions. ;) people would say, “you’re STILL pregnant?!!!” that was always helpful. like i wanted to continue to look like a whale. all that to say…i sympathize! i’m praying you get your sweet boy SOON!!

  21. Jacey says

    Pulling for you and your VBAC, Katie! I’m pregnant with #2 as well after a C-section with the first and I’m desperate for a VBAC this time around. Just remember – induction will increase your chances of a repeat C. Compare a few more days of sucky uncomfortable-ness to getting to skip that 6-8 weeks of torturous recovery and not being able to pick up Will. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to hear your news very soon.

    • says

      I think that is definitely one of the reasons that pushed me into my bad mood. I worry. And I have a history of growing them big…so between the fear of extensive tearing and the fear of induction and the fear of a section repeat (therefore limiting the number of future kiddos), it just was a lot of worrying. Hopefully all of it will be needless worrying.
      xo – kb

      • Shella says

        Katie, the number of C’s doesn’t always limit the number of kids you can have. Last time I gave birth, there was a woman down the hall who was on her *9th* C-section…no complications. Apparently it’s much safer nowadays and less invasive…or so the nurse told me :)

        • says

          That’s definitely true in some cases…but here there are a lot of doctors who do not recommend more than three. And no matter what – vaginal births are definitely less invasive than c-sections. Also since I have issues with scar tissue buildup (we found that out with a knee surgery) I worry that it could happen in other areas of my body too limiting my chances of conceiving or having a safe pregnancy and delivery. It’s obviously all based on ‘if’s’ but we have always wanted a lot of kids so it’s hard to not fear the unknown.
          xo – kb

  22. Kait says

    They really need to stop giving women due dates since 37-42 weeks is full term… it just gives us unmet expectations. I’m due in 2 weeks… I think all people should be allowed to say to us is “you look great!” And you are a beautiful pregnant person :)

  23. ren says

    hi katie! I’ve haven’t been pregnant (yet!) so I can’t fully understand what you’re going through but I just want to say you are hilarious and beautiful and I hope you, your [boyfriendhusband], and Will get to snuggle with your little guy soon! wish you all the best!

  24. says

    That “he’ll come when he’s ready” line IS THE WORST! I mean, would someone tell that to the mom who suffered premature rupture of the membranes? or who had a post-date placental demise? NO! So we need to stop saying it to women who fall somewhere in between. Because it is just as untrue. Ugh. I went past due and induced with both my girls and nothing made me want to punch someone in the face more than that line. My oldest (induced at 41wks) was over 9lbs and had meconium in the fluid and if we let her fester in it “until she was ready” she could have died. There are real mathematical risks to “trusting birth” that are real/there whether people want to romantically overlook them or not. //end rant.

    Anyway, I know (sort of) how you feel. hugs. And you’ll do great.

  25. says

    This post gave me the giggles. Love the self portrait pictures…wish I had looked that good when I was ready to pop. Hope your little one arrives soon and everything goes well!

  26. Meghan, UK says

    Wow, as a long time reader I was really surprised to see some responses to this post. This post was clearly written from a bad day perspective, and with full admission of that. How people can take this to mean you are ungrateful for either your pregnancy or anything that comes with that I find hard.

    I’m not a religious person, but I’m sending big, positive thoughts your way for a healthy labour and son. xxx

  27. Valerie J. says

    Call me horrible, but I’ve learned to lie about my due date by at least a week…then people don’t bug the crude out of you. And yes, the end of pregnancy is awful…truly torture if you ask me.

  28. Steph says

    My baby boy was 9 days late. 9 days. Since it was just after Christmas no one from my work thought I was going to be back after the holiday so I must of gotten 100 “O my goodness your still pregnant!” I finally decided to start saying “no, i left the baby in the bathtub and here I am, I’m very dedicated.” I had to beg to keep him in because I wanted a non medicated birth. With less then 36 hours to my induction that my midwife put off as long as she was medically allowed I did what I never thought I would… drank castor oil. Definitely not the start of labor I was hoping for but 6 hours later I was holding my baby boy. If you want to commiserate, or hear my experience with castor oil, just email me!

  29. Tiffany says

    Love your post! Don’t love that you’re feeling that way, but I totally understand! With my pregnancy I wanted to kill my in laws. Constantly asked things just like you wrote. I ended up: deactivating Facebook, deleting emails and texts before reading them and unplugged the home phone.

    Now I’m pregnant with babe #2. And I’m not telling anyone the due date. Trying to throw them off by at least a month. Hope it works.

    Praying all goes well with your delivery!

  30. says

    At least you are REALLY pretty when you are crabby! That’s a bonus.

    I know those feeling of failure well, we had our baby early, as is 14 week early. And for 14 weeks I visited her the NICU praying for her to breath, eat, and live. The whole time enduring the stupid questions of those around us, ‘what wrong with her?’, ‘why did you have her early?’, and the worst ‘Isn’t she home yet?’. As well meaning as everyone was is only highlighted the fact that I had failed I my first motherly duty, hold on to her tight for 40 weeks.

    Your wee one will be in your arms before you know it, until then hide from those well meaning friends.

    • says

      I never even thought of how hard it would be to answer all those questions as a mommy of a NICU newbie. And you definitely didn’t fail…even though I am sure that feeling was there…thats like me…it’s our expectations and insecurities getting the best of us.
      xo – kb

  31. Allison says

    I’m praying for you and the baby! I’m sorry you had a rough day, but if it makes you feel better I think you’re a very talented photographer. I love those pics of you and your boyfriend and sweet little Will.

  32. says

    I appreciate your honesty, Katie! I am sure that the people telling you not to complain have complained about things that other people would only hope for as well. How many of us have said “I’m hungry” without ever knowing what true real hunger feels like… Please keep sharing posts like this because they bring people together! People can share their experiences in a (mostly) non-judgemental way. So, I appreciate that.

    Oh, and the last photo of the 3 of you made my heart jump a little. So cute.

  33. Sarah W. says

    I absolutely ADORE your preggo self portraits and family portraits. They are beautiful and funny and precious. (Your kitchen’s not too shabby, either!) Wishing you a safe and happy birth – Sarah (neonatal ICU nurse in ATL).

  34. Stacey says

    Nothing but LOVE to you Katie! Pregnancy is rough! Being uncomfortable, the fears, the HORMONES. Ugh… I am thankful for your honesty and totally get having a bad day and the need to vent. :) Sorry that others don’t get that! Can’t wait to visit the site and see the exciting words that He’s Here! Sending prayers for a safe and perfect delivery!

  35. Sam says

    I had my 2nd in August and felt that same frustration but honestly baby WILL come when baby is ready. You are not a bad parent for inducing but it’s usually not necessary. Due dates are just estimates anyway, you know? Despite feeling like it now, you won’t be pregnant forever! :)

  36. Megan says

    I’m due with my first in February, and I totally feel you on the snarky responses to people. What is it about pregnancy that makes EVERYONE want to give you their unsolicited opinions and comments? I understand people care about you and want to know how you’re doing, but it gets old.

    BTW, your pictures are adorable! For being grumpy, you sure are a beautiful lady!

  37. Chantelle says

    Oh Katie, you have the best readers! I’m busting a gut reading some of the comments (and your post too)!

    The helpful Canadian in me keeps wanting to say things like “have you tried…” or “I bet _____ would get things started” but I will bite my tongue and refrain…

    Gah, I just can’t! Down dogs – try them! Seriously, I tried to keep my mouth shut and keep my unsolicited advice to myself. Really, I promise. Fail. Sorry…

    With any luck, my advice was unneeded and you are pushing baby out as I type this. Sending birthy vibes your way.

  38. Tiina says

    I remember reading recently about a study here in Finland, that babies who are born past their due date (even a week or two) are usually much calmer and more ready to face the world. I think they mentioned higher intelligence as well. So carrying him a bit longer just might give you a Nobel price winning son. ;)

  39. says

    I am a few days late because I have a 10-month-old little boy and only gets read blogs and I have free time. :-) Just wanted you to know if you been in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for this new that one. My boy came at 41 weeks and I remember those last few weeks but awful. I was a crab, a pain to be around, and set a lot of really snarky things. It’s amazing the more pregnant you are the dumber people are around you! :-)

    I have no nice cliches or thoughtful words just prayers for safe delivery and sweet baby pictures soon.

  40. says

    Hi Katie. I am approaching my due date (Tuesday) and getting anxious… and I remembered you had written about being anxious and so ready for Weston to arrive and so I went back to find this post. Thank you for always being so funny and relatable… and for letting the rest of us know that we’re not alone!

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