Front Lights Makeover

Ever have a project that just camps out on the ole to-do list?  Something not necessarily hard or that overly time consuming…just a squatter?  This is mine.  The front porch lights. 

About a year ago, I decided that I would tackle these…they even made it onto the official Bower 2011 to-do list…only to sit there…untouched…no attention…no action…like the fabulous stilettos in a pregnant girls closet.

I painted the front doors and that seemed to distract me just enough. 

It’s like that movie Up.  When Dug the talking dog is distracted with a rodent shoutout.  That’s me.  I’m a dog.  talking.  talking. talking.  SQUIRREL!  and not painting my ugly front lights.

What’s up with all the sponge painted finishes in this house?! 

The worst part about having a squatter is when you actually have all the supplies on hand.  I was ready.  Prepared.  And that never happens.  And then just didn’t do it.  I’m sure my ancestors are hanging their heads in DIY shame. 

You guys know I have a partnership with Frog Tape.  I love this green stuff.  I would have a pretend partnership in my head if I didn’t have a blog…that’s true love people.  Soooo little announcement…I’m trying to get organized and will be attempting to post a Frog Tape project each Friday.  I’ll need a schedule since my brain will be eaten by a very small newborn.  Not literally of course. 

Since today is Friday – today is gonna be the first official one.  Obviously if you are anti-sponsored-post-people (totally understand!), just feel free to skip it but in general, I’m thrilled that I get to work with such a fine company and since half my projects require painters tape…it works to make it a regular thing.  Not only to keep me accountable but to keep me moving when I’m sure the future days will involve a whole lotta wanting to do absolutely nothing except stare into the eyes of my new little guy.  Welcome to a very Froggy Friday :)

Basically how I tackled the lights is that I first taped the inside of the panes of glass and then used an X-acto knife to trim the edges X-actly.  (nice katie)  After the inside was all taped, I moved on to the outside of the glass and then around the stones. 

Once both were taped I made sure to wipe down the entire exposed surface.  See how dark the one on the right is compared to the left?  Yeah.  dirt.  and dust.  and bird poo.  It’s never a good idea to paint over droppings…that should be a general spraypainting rule of thumb. 

We really didn’t want to remove the lights (we have experienced removing lights before and reattaching them can cause stability problems especially with uneven surfaces like stone)…so instead we used some cardboard to block the surroundings from any overspray. 

The bottom was left open since this was a two man (err….one man…one girl with one little man in utero) job.  Jer held another piece of cardboard below the light so that’s how we blocked the overspray there…

It took half a can of Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze to do each light.

One down, one to go…

Yay!  Both done!

All I had to do was rip off the tape after they dried and then waited about 2 days for them to fully cure before cleaning up the panes with some window spray. (I waited the two days because I wanted to make sure the paint had time to harden up before I potentially man-handled them with a papertowel).

Now these beauties no longer sport the 1980’s sponge painted look…

Slap bracelets maybe…but not sponge painted finish :)

I also like how they now match the front door hardware and tie in the urns.

Not bad for one can of spraypaint and maybe a quarter roll of Frog Tape, right?!   

Of course, we have two more of these to do – one is above our garage and one is next to the back door…but having the most prominent ones done feels oh-so-good.   Like a footrub.  Hint hint Jeremy.


So have you guys been tackling any squatters on your own to-do list lately?  Anybody finally picking up that spraypaint can?  Or have as much disdane for spongepainting as I do?  In sponges defense…they do marvelous things for coral reefs.  And for making Seinfield episodes very funny.   

This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



  1. says

    There is definitely something to be said for a gathering of mini pumpkins on a front porch. It just screams, “come on in, there’s a toasty little fire burning inside. Pull on a chunky knit sweater and a cup of hot cocoa and make yourself at home!” Or is it just me?

  2. says

    Frogger tape rocks! I used it for the first time to make super straight (no jagged-painting-seeping-through) painted lines. The outdoor lighting looks BRAND new and gorgeous!!! Just like your beautiful new bundle of joy! Congrats!

  3. says

    I love this! Would you say your stone has a peachy or fleshy tone to it? Ours does a tiny bit (but mostly gray) and I have always wanted a gorgeous red door. I am just not sure if I can pull it off. I painted it black last year. Our previous Napoleon owners painted it a crazy purple (as well as the shutters and garage door, ugh). So I temporarily painted it all but I don’t love it like I should. But I am terrified to go ahead and paint the door red! help!!!

  4. Nicole says

    Is there a reason you didn’t remove the outside lights from the wall to make painting easier? We just did this at our house and they are usually really easy to pop on / off and re connect the wires. And to prevent overspray we used a large empty cardboard box as a makeshift “spray booth”

    • says

      Because we have a stone façade and honestly, there are times when you remove things and can’t get them to sit level or flush like they were before and I didn’t want these front lights to be one of those times. I am planning on disconnecting the garage and back door light (they are the exact ones as this) but since they sit on flat brick and siding, it should be a lot easier to reattach.
      xo – kb

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