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Operation Heart of the Home – Paint that kitchen!

True story – Jeremy and I picked out two paint colors.  I looked at photos of the colors online.  I compared day time to night time on the swatches.  I taped the swatches up on every wall to see how it would change in different light.  Jer liked one.  I preferred the other.  We decided to get sample cans and paint them on each wall to see how they dried and compared.  I went to the store.  I walked up to the counter with full intentions of buying two sample cans….and then bought one gallon of my color…brought it home and painted the kitchen. 

Thankfully – Jer didn’t kill me for being on the ladder.  Thankfully – I also didn’t die from fear from being on the ladder or go into labor.  Thankfully – I was right about the color.  It.  was.  perfect.  Predictable?  Absolutely.  But perfect.  And Jeremy wholeheartedly agreed.  #pregnantgirlsarealwaysright

The previous color (the one you see above right next to the trimwork was a grayish turquoise) is an enigma.  I still don’t know the name because I never got it colormatched (I WILL ONE DAY I SWEAR ON BACON I WILL!).   

Jer got home with one half of a wall to go…so he snapped some pictures of my painting.

I use a short handle Purdy brush to cut in a few feet at a time and then used a mini roller.  Usually I just whip out the trusty old regular roller but I had such small surface area (A TON of cutting in but relatively little wall space)…that it worked for me to use a mini.

See those white knuckles?!   Yeah.  I smile when I am uncomfortable.  I laugh in awkward situations.  I’m that girl…and believe me, standing on the counter was the last place I wanted my nine month pregnant body to be.  And yes, I got an hour long lecture about getting up on a ladder while carrying his child from Jeremy.  And yes, I may have thrown in an eyeroll just to prove I still got a New Jersey ‘tude with a ‘whatev G’ for good measure.    

This is after one coat….beautiful, no?!

Will missed something under the table.  He’s never gonna bring home the moolah if he doesn’t start paying attention to details…geesh.

And because I am a sucker for before and afters – here is the paint color before… 

and during (a whole lotta overspray going on)…

and after!  (ok ok, there is a lot more after to do…but the paint is up and looks fabulous to me so that’s what counts)

And the before & after of the eat-in kitchen area…


Oh and by the way – the color is Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan.  I color matched it to Lowe’s Valspar eggshell paint and love the color.  Sometimes it looks a little more blue, sometimes a little more green, sometimes just a pure and simple gray….it’s exactly what I wanted.

p.s.  Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has been praying for us.  I need your prayers.  I’m such an emotional rollercoaster right now and am so glad to have you well-wishers and prayer warriors behind us.  I do plan on posting pics on Instagram for labor/birth updates….be warned – I’ll save the first newborn photo for the blog just simply so my inlaws can see him…so if you want to hear all about that little event in my life called ‘removal of a human from my abdomen’ then you can follow me at @bowerpowerblog – and until then, a very tight virtual hug…



  1. Pinja says

    Ooh, love the color, soooo pretty (I have a thing for the color gray :D)! Hoping for you guys to meet the little one soon!

  2. Jenna says

    Your kitchen looks so beautiful!!!!! I know it was a lot of hard work and painstaking! I bet it is a big relief to have this project completed before your baby arrives. Best wishes and praying for you to have a relaxing rest of your pregnancy.

  3. Karyn says

    I am desperately wanting to paint my cabinets white, but my husband is so afraid i’m going to ruin them or that they’ll chip and look horrible in a few months. Can you do a “how the cabinets have held up” post down the road? I’m itching to do mine and I want to prove to my husband that it will withstand the normal wear and tear of daily kitchen activities :)

  4. says

    Looks beautiful. Just so bright and fresh. I have been meaning to ask you what you use ronpaint wills high chair as we have the same one from IKEA. Thanks so much! Hope you are feeling well!!

  5. says

    Just discovered your blog and nearly fell off my chair with how gorgeous your kitchen looks. Just a beautiful, beautiful space. Love the red dining chairs too!

  6. says

    Gray and white are totally my new paint colors, this looks great!
    Two days without a new post upon due date – must be busy serving that eviction notice?! I expected you’d have a few scheduled posts to cover up any labor and delivery lapses. Hope it’s going well for you!!

    • says

      It’s just a break – I took it to get some perspective and get out of my funk with a couple days just me and Will :) And no…no eviction notice yet. I am actually with a doctor that will let me go two weeks over…so it’s gonna be a while for that.
      xo – kb

    • says

      Actually our office is Palladian Blue and we love it. The kitchen was way more muted…and dirty looking…but they do look similar in the photos.
      xo – kb

    • says

      Not reconditioned. We did buy a floor model television (and won’t do that again!) but it’s hardly a similar thing. I think it really comes down to the coverage of warranty or if they even offer one!
      xo – kb

    • Traci says

      You might have good luck finding a refrigerator on craigslist by owner. Often times home sellers do not sell the appliances (especially refrigerators) with the house. We bought a slightly used fridge on craigslist from a seller who sold her home in a short sale. We paid about 1/4 of the retail price and it is in perfect condition. Might be better than “reconditioned” which implies it has already had problems. Just a thought. : )

  7. Denise says


    Kitchen looks great; you look great. Take whatever time you need to be good to yourself. We’ll wait patiently for BBB (in this case Baby Boy Bower, not Bed Bath & Beyond). That renovation will be one of your best!!


  8. says

    I really like the colors and I think natural colors work so much better in a kitchen. Natural tones are always more soothing and really make a home look warm.

    Really enjoyed reading your blog.

  9. Lynn says

    Hey lovely KB blog readers…I dont instagram so I dont know it Katies been posting any pics of her bringing new baby Bower into the world…Anyone have any updates?

  10. says

    I love all shades of gray… all fifty.. (ha ha just kidding, I didn’t read that book). Seriously though, the kitchen looks fab! Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery of your new little one! (Also, i will pray for painless, and fast too :))

  11. Allison says

    I love love love it!! Good call on the paint color and I’m glad Jeremy likes it too. And I have to say my heart melts looking at the photo of Will vacuuming. A little guy after my own heart.

  12. Jill says

    Wow, that color loosk fantastic. It’s amazing how much your kitchen has changed already and how great it looks. It really makes me want to renovate…

  13. says

    Good luck with all that is coming soon! I was in your shoes 9 short months ago, 19 month old toddler…5 days overdue…lol miserable! Having two this close together is pretty wild, but also so much fun! They sure love eachother to pieces and I bet Will will be such a good big brother! Sending you some good labor vibes, girl!!

  14. Connie Grimes says

    We used Benjamin Moore Metropolitan in our Master Bedroom and I love the color. I’m enjoying your blog. I’ve got 5 kids, age 4-18. 4 boys, and 1 girl right in the middle. Enjoy your little ones.

  15. Karen says

    I think that color up there is Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray. It looks green in some light and grey in others. Really beautiful color. But I’m pretty sure. Unless it never looks grey then, well, my bower power friend, you are on your own! Ha. Love you guys

  16. Chrissy says

    Can I ask what height are your ceilings? We are building a home with 9′ ceilings and am trying to envision what it will look like with kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. Thanks!!

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