Today is my induction date.  It is planned for 7:30 pm.

I would be completely lying if I didn’t say that there was a side of me that is terrified.  A part of me that worries and is full of self-doubt and oozing pure FEAR.  This experience is the unknown for me.  the great obyss of what-ifs.  the unlit road of anxiety over possibilities.

I also find it completely ironic that I am attempting to bring this baby into the world on the week of Thanksgiving.  This is the week where we celebrate those brave strong people….probably in a similar mindset as mine….who came to a foreign land and learned how to do something new…something different…something completely out of their comfort zone.  Was it hard?  Absolutely.  Were they scared?  Yes.  Did they have moments of weakness and fear and self-doubt?  Probably.  But the thing is…they prevailed.  They pushed on.  They worked hard and surrounded themselves with the best people who knew the territory.  And then at their harvest….after they looked back at their blessings….they realized that expressing their gratitude should be their first and foremost task.

So that is where I am.

I have realized that I too need to pour out my heart…praising my God.  Thanking Him is my way of being content and satisfied in this harvest.

I am thankful that I have an amazing doctor who supports VBACs and is someone I can trust.

I am thankful that I am carrying a baby that is healthy and strong.

I am thankful that Will was given 12 ‘bonus’ days of extra one-ness attention and special moments that make my heart soar.

I am thankful that Jeremy can be home this coming week.

I am thankful that my family and friends get to meet my new son on such a special week.

I am thankful that technology and medicine and science are available to me to help keep me and the baby safe.

I am thankful that inductions and caesareans exist.

I am thankful that my body is feeling really really good even overdue.

I am thankful that you, my friends, have been patiently supporting, praying and encouraging me as I wait on my little guy to arrive.

I am thankful.  through and through.


p.s.  Jeremy will be posting regular Instagram updates on the baby progress if you want to follow along!  We are really so thrilled that we have such a cool tool to keep in touch with you, friends, and family.  You can find us on Instagram @bowerpowerblog….and if you don’t have IG, you can see the updates on Facebook too.   



  1. Mary says

    Prayers to all of you that this will be another healthy, beautiful boy to add to your family. Enjoy all the firsts with your second.

  2. Amanda says

    Good luck Katie! Sending prayers your way for a safe and joyous day! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your sweet little new one!

  3. Kristen says

    Good luck! Don’t be nervous, doctors/hospitals are great now a days and will keep you and your baby super safe. I was induced this year and it was great actually. Good Luck Katie!

  4. Carolyn W says

    Although you probably won’t see this until your little one has arrived, I just wanted to add my reassurance to the comments! I have had 2 kids, one induced and one arrived on his own, and the induction labor was actually MUCH easier than the other. Praying it goes the same for you!

    Also, my birthday is tomorrow, so perhaps I’ll get to share a birthday with your little man. And my daughter was born on Nov. 22nd, which was 2 days before Thanksgiving that year. We got to bring her home on the holiday and it was the best thing I have ever had to be thankful for!

    Prayers and blessings!

  5. Sherri says

    What a beautiful post, Katie. I am sending prayers to you and your family. We will look forward to the updates. A close friend of mine was born on Nov. 17th, and she is the best God has to offer. God bless all of you. We love you.

  6. Kate says

    Best of luck! Don’t be nervous! I just had a second successful induction on Monday and am holding a beautiful 9lb baby boy from it while watching my 20 mo old little girl run around :)

  7. Barbara says

    Sending good thoughts & prayers to you Katie. You will soon have your new baby boy to hold & I hope you will soon be home with your family. What a great Thanksgiving gift.

    Best wishes from Canada.


  8. SJ says

    Thanks for sharing this! I will be praying for you and successful and safe delivery! My mother can relate with your “waiting’ for a November baby. My due date was October 26 and I didn’t enter the world until November 20! Back then they didn’t induce and she said it was almost unbearable waiting that long! Funny thing is, I’m still a “late person” to this day…no matter how hard I try, can’t make it anywhere on time. Hope your little guys doesn’t have the same tardy problems that I do! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the post announcing his arrival.

  9. Amanda says

    I was overdue & induced with my daughter who was born on Nov. 20th. It was a great time to have her and to introduce her to the family. I also had a really easy labor & delivery…I figured I deserved it after carrying her for an extra week ;). Good luck!!! Praying that your experience is as positive as mine was!

  10. Aussie Deb says

    Such a wave of good feeling for you Katie. All the very best wishes for you and your family as it reshapes to include a new little man.

  11. Tracy says

    Good luck Katie! Praying for you and hoping that you get your vbac. You can do this, regardless of where that baby comes out! Above all, praying for a healthy mom and baby to celebrate this coming week.

  12. Heather says

    You and your new little blessing are in my prayers tonight! I had a successful VBAC this last July and it was a wonderful experience. Praying the same for you. God bless you and yours!

  13. Kim M says

    Sending warm wishes, prayers and loving thoughts to you and your family. Can’t wait for the news of your new little man’s arrival. We are all cheering you on. xoxoxo

  14. Susan says

    Prayers from Brazil! I also waited 13 months for my miracle, and here I am, 19 weeks to go, waiting for my first baby boy, Bernardo! All the best, you deserve!

  15. Sarah says

    Good Luck! I’m following on instagram. Thank you for this post. I am single, definitely not pregant yet also facing a scary, new, overwhelming situation. Your words brought comfort to me and reminded me to keep my eyes on God when I’m overwhelmed. Gratitude is better than wallowing in fear. God is good. God always shows up and provides us strength to make it through. I’m thankful for your wise words and how encouraging you were to me.

  16. angelia says

    I’ve followed your blog for a few years now and love love love it! I envy your talent, laugh every week at your choice of adjectives, and bawled over you’re pregnancy announcement! You are so sweet and incredible to be so open with your life and your faith! Thank you! I’m SO excited for you guys! I can hardly wait to see little W! I know he’ll be a cutie like his big bro! Praying for you and baby!

    • lisa says

      she had a baby boy last night after 11 pm…it was a safe vbac delivery and everyone is doing well…oops–maybe katie didn’t want anyone to know yet on here?
      well, if she doesn’t mind if they know–she did well!

  17. Diana says

    Congratulations on your new baby boy Bower! Cannot wait to read about the details and see pictures!

    P.S. I wore the same striped t-shirt 4 months ago on the day I delivered my twins. My last bump pic is with that shirt. Oh, the memories! :)

  18. Robyn says

    Thinking of you and wishing you luck! I had an induction last year, and it was actually really great! Long, but it was smooth and easy and better than Id ever imagined! You’ll do great!

  19. says

    Blessings to you! Both my babies were 17 days late. The first one had to be induced in the hospital.

    BTW I just found your blog and I love it. I also love that you love God. We are in the process of buying our first house, and I can’t wait to apply all your tips!

  20. Jetpack says

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby.

    I did want to say, though, that your description of thanksgiving and the colonizing of this country is incredibly deluded and inaccurate.

    • Martha says

      Thank you, Jetpack!!!!!!! I was wondering if anyone else was going to mention that. Katie, congratulations on the birth of your little boy. When you have some time, read up on colonisation and try to move beyond your version of the events. That is a total fabrication and a slap in the face to Native Americans.

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