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Operation Heart of the Home: The little faucet redo

Why the heck do we have two sinks directly across from one another? 

Weirdo kitchen.  The design of this sucker is stranger than blood red eyeliner.  Unless you are a vampire and crimson eyes are your thing.  Excluding those vegetarian vampires of course.  They are on my side.  Of course Edward is on my side.  Same applies to both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar, Chuck Norris and every single one of the Autobots.  

Where was I?  Oh right…red eyeliner…    

We’ve been up to our blood-red-eyeballs in painting, tearing out backsplashes, putting up drywall and living literally around the clock in the living room that we were PUMPED to do a little project like replacing one of the gold faucets in the kitchen.

The old faucet was a leaky wobbly thing.  It probably could have been easily fixed by removing it and a good cleaning and a proper reinstallation…but the color was not my jam, so it really would have been pointless.   

There were some things that I liked about it…like the fact that it was smaller in stature…making it more proportional to the mini sized sink.  And the fact that it swiveled was nice because I could put a pot on the countertop and just pivot (PIVOT PIVOT!  Love that Friends episode and can’t say that word without screaming it like Ross)…I could PIVOT! it to fill er up to boil some eggs or my placenta.  #instagraminsidejoke

 We actually removed the entire thing (took zero point two seconds for Jer to do) prior to the painting phase…

and we had stored this Moen faucet from Lowe’s for ages waiting for the new sweetness to be installed.

We actually installed it without the sprayer (it’s attached because the faucet won’t work unless it’s hooked up but it’s stored underneath the sink since we only have one hole) and the base plate (see above for reference). 

I like it a whole whole lot.  The shape of the neck isn’t my favorite but the color, the base details, the swivel-feature – all very my style.  Plus, it was on the smaller side of things.  Most of the faucets on the Lowe’s faucet aisle were larger…so finding one that was on the petite side was tough.  We really didn’t want it to compete size-wise with our biggie faucet that will be (say it with me) directly across from it. (!!)  So…win-win.

And after living in the living room and washing all our dishes in the bathroom sink, we definitely appreciated the fact that 1.  we had a bigger sink and a working faucet and b.  more counter space than 36 square inches directly across from our toilet.  Yeah.  Splash zone.  eeewww. 

Have you guys been updating any faucets lately?  It’s amazing how living without one for so long made me appreciate it soo much more.  And how my eyes have completely adjusted to the nickel finish….it was painful to look at before…and apparently Clear Eyes does NOT take the gold out.  just saying.



  1. says

    It looks so good! I know bigger items can have a lot of impact on a room, but I’m convinced it’s the smaller details that really bring it all together! And bonus points for the Friends reference! LOVE it!

  2. MichelleR says

    I am so happy that there is another person in this world who also cannot say PIVOT unless screaming it like Ross. Faucet looks great! I dig it.

  3. says

    Cute! I agree with you about the neck of the faucet but I think it’s a great fix nonetheless. I actually really like the sprayer piece too even though you can’t use it–I’ve always thought of those as automatically ugly, but that design is cute in the brushed nickel.

    P. S. What did you end up doing about Will’s Lovie?

  4. says

    Hi, Katie! Guess who I spent the morning with? Your brother Brad! :) I live in Birmingham and needed a plumber today, so I looked him up on your blog and gave him a call. Such a nice guy (and so thankful to have hot water again).

    He was quite enamored with our English bulldog, so if he ends up bringing one to Christmas, blame Mr. Pickles. :)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. says

    Hi Katie!

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I’ve been reading (lurking) for a while and I am a HUGE fan of your blog, your artistic work, and Will’s adorableness (said in the least creepy way possible).

    Possible solution to The Mystery of the Second Sink: Jewish families often have two sinks if they keep kosher–one sink for dairy and one for meat. Your kitchen setup looks a lot like many I have seen in kosher homes.

    Food for thought.


  6. says

    When we remodeled our old kitchen, we added an island and because I REALLY wanted a second sink, hubby put it in the easiest spot for him to install … right across from our main sink. I thought it was weird at first, but ended up LOVING it.

    Oh, and? PIVOT! Is one of my fave things to say ;)

  7. chris says

    i love friends!

    we replaced our kitchen faucet when we bought our house. we found one we liked on ebay for $100 vs. the original price tag of almost $400. Not to mention the kitchen drawer pulls we got off ebay for a ridiculously cheap amount. love ebay and the internet! the details in the kitchen make it all the more enjoyable to work in :)

  8. says

    Definitely super strange about the 2 faucets right across from each other…what would one use it for?

    It kind of reminds me of a pot filler…it’s sort of cool in my head but then the functionality doesn’t make that much sense. If the pot is so heavy that you have to fill it at the stove…how will you carry it over to the sink after to drain it after it’s full of water? Those with a pot filler should also have a pot drainer right next to it. Yes this was off topic…but it was sort of faucet relatedish and I’ve needed to get that rant out of my system!

  9. Kim A says

    I sometimes wish I had another separate sink in my kitchen. I have a habit of filling up my sink with hot soapy water (dish drainer is other sink of double sink) and wash dishes as I am cooking to cut down on clean up time at end. Then I go and boil something (pasta, potatoes, eggs, etc.) that need to be drained and I have to drain the water from my sink, rinse and clean it before I can put my colander in it to drain whatever I had on the stove. So the second sink sound useful to me. That being said, I have been trying to get my husband to change the faucet in my sink for some years now as it is kinda wobbly and also leaks (luckily drains into the sink). Guess I will just have to buy one and try to do myself.

  10. karen says

    PIVOT!!! i think thats the first time i really laughed out loud harrrd …while watching a tv show!!! loooooooove ross! and the one where he was wearing the leather pants!!
    that small sink is a prep sink…wash all veg and stuff. it really should be larger though…and on the fridge side. when you have parties, you can fill it up with ice and keep cold drinks in there.

  11. Lisa says

    Oh how I needed a laugh this morning!!!! That has to be one of my favorite episodes of Friends and no matter how many times I see it I burst out laughing!!! (I work at Target and prep the sales ad so I work in our main area where employees punch in and supervisors work on their computers….right next to it is our break room, every time I work I put on Nickelodeon and blast Friends so I can hear it where I am and that episode was just on. Everyone thought I was crazy because I could not stop laughing and they had no idea why!!)
    BTW…LOVE the new faucet!!

  12. Elizabeth says

    I always thought the 2nd sink was a vegetable washing sink!! But I could see it being used in kosher kitchens too!

  13. Kimberly says

    When I read “Little Spitter” I totally expected this post to be about spit up :) haha I have a baby too so that is just where my mind goes.

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