My Daddy

Two days before I was due, my dad celebrated his 60th birthday.  I thought it would be fun to have the baby on his birthday but apparently Weston didn’t want to steal his thunder.  Or maybe he was just saving all that thunder for when he came out…because dude…the thunder from down under is 

My grandparents were in town for the occasion…down from Pittsburgh…and looking just as good as always.  I love that my Pappap is wearing a shirt that has my dad’s company’s logo on it.  He is so supportive of us all.  He always does little things to make everyone feel special and loved.  One time I asked my siblings who they thought was Pappap’s favorite and we all said ourselves.  That says a lot.

So my mom planned a big 60th birthday party with friends and my dad’s golfing buddies.  For some reason or another, I was the one that was supposed to get my dad to show up at the country club and to stall him till 7pm.  My mother can’t lie.  She just can’t.  It would be like asking her to speak with an accent.  One time she tried to do a ‘reggae’ accent and she sounded like Fat Albert.  We thought she was gonna pull out the bagpipe accordian.  (Any Fat Albert fans in the house?!)

Anyhoo…since apparently I was the official ‘package-deliverer’, I called my dad and pitched him an idea that I had.  A photoshoot.  One with him and Will…doing one of their favorite things….playing golf. 

Remember how I told y’all that I am going through an around-the-editing-world-trip?  And that each image feels different and looks different because of how I edited it?  Yeah.  That hasn’t ended.  I’m still trippin. 

I decided that this one would count as Will’s November photoshoot. 

I love this one.  like a lot.  My dad is always cheering us on.  He was a math teacher for 16 years and coached everything from basketball to football to golf…so seeing him raise his hands in celebration of my little guy brings tears to my eyes.  I raise my hands for you Daddy!  Full circle baby.   


Yes, those are marshmellows…not golf balls they are toasting.  Don’t judge me.  Will needed a blood sugar boost and mommy needed a happy toddler at the country club.


The most ridiculous part of the entire thing was the fact that the sun was down way before 7pm.  So I had to stall them…and keep pretending that I was certain I could shoot in the dark. 

I had them sit.  walk.  walk back.  do it again.  point at stuff.  drink a special “Pop” soda pop. 

Apparently sugar cane root beer is not very good.  Thanks a lot World Market.

Thankfully, 7pm came and I convinced him Dad that we needed to go pick up Jeremy at the reception room.  My dad was so confused but I think he generally is very confused by me and my wackiness so it worked out this time. 

Overall it was a really fun night.  My mom had it catered and then of course she brought food…like 7 key lime pies….and a four tiered cupcake stand.  Have I mentioned that she’s Italian and can not for the life of her cook for less than eighteen times what’s needed? 

My dad with his golfing buddies…sorry for the fuzzy photo Dad….I was on a sugar high…let’s blame Mom’s mountain of snowball cookies…

Also, I was in charge of making the slideshow video thing of my Dad.  It’s nothing fancy…but Mummum & Pappap – this is for you!  I thought you would like to see it since you couldn’t be there for the party.  Everyone else….if you choose to sit through the almost ten minutes of someone-elses-Dad pics, please ignore any evidence of my awkward tween years.  or ugly kid years.  or the length of any shorts in the video…it was the 80’s and my dad rocked daisy dukes like Jessica Simpson. I think he gets extra man-points in heaven for that. 

dad tribute from Katie Bower on Vimeo.

To my Daddy – I love you.  I love you for a million and a half reasons.  And I will take care of you when mom dies in the kitchen from a coronary due to the stress of cooking too many side dishes simultaneously.  And I won’t even remind you that I have photographic evidence of your best George Costanza pose in the sand.  But seriously…Daddy…I love you so so much.  you taught me what to look for in a man.  you showed me how to really love my spouse and how to lay down my pride for someone else.  you taught me how to really say I love you and I’m sorry and I’m scared.  You taught me to work hard, ask for help, go all out and trust God.  And because of you, I still have great follow through on my jump shot.  You are the best.  Happy 60th.



  1. Jessica Gourley says

    So many things.
    #1- this is beautiful…almost tears-in-my-eyes-at-work- beautiful. You and your dad clearly have an uber-special relationship and the tribute was awesome!
    #2- the golf shoot?! aahhhhhhh so cute.
    #3- Will with no sideburns. So cute. Maybe Weston will repeat? :)
    #4- Your glasses. Amazing. I feel your pain and feel as though we are all some secret sisterhood of frames that were too big for our faces.
    #5- UNBELIEVABLE how much you look like your dad AND your mom. Also- so cool that Will resembles your family, too. I often think he resembles Jeremy from your pictures. Looking at this family history, if you will, was really sweet because it showed all of you guys at kids and now us readers see where your kids get it from, too. :)
    #6- HOW IS YOUR MOM SO BEAUTIFUL IN ALL TIME PERIODS?! I seriously can’t handle how gorgeous she has stayed FOREVER. I hope that I age as gracefully as she has because she is a stunner!

    Hope your family of 4 is fabulous! :)

  2. Kelly says

    Those pictures are so great! My dad and husband love golf, so I can’t wait to get our future kids into golf and do a photoshoot like this!

  3. Kristi says

    Aren’t dads just the best? Your dad seems like a stand up guy. :) Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad and many more!

    P.S. You look so much like your dad!

  4. Olivia says

    So many times I think Will looks like Jeremy- but these pictures of your dad show otherwise!! So many of his expressions come from him! Such a sweet photoshoot and video! and…those were some SERIOUS daisy dukes!! ;-)

  5. says

    I love the black and white pic of Will putting! I would hang that on my wall (not in a creepy way, but in a cute kid art kind of way). Watching the video it’s so clear that your dad has lead a life full of fun and love. He and your mom look so happy! And I LOVE that you included that hillbilly pic!

  6. Holly P. says

    Beautiful post, beautiful pictures and the most beautiful video slideshow! Couldn’t help but cry a little it was so moving. Music can do that to ya! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  7. chris says

    I am not a photographer, I mean that literally. I have an 18 month old granddaughter and the only pictures I have taken of her have been on my phone. But let me tell ya sister, I know some beautiful shots when I see them. You are extremely gifted…carry on the good work. As for your Dad, what beautiful words. I lost my own father 10 months ago, and it hurt, as well as warmed, my heart to read what you wrote to him. Again, carry on the good work.

  8. Kym V. says

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I lost my dad when I was 4 y.o. and reading this brought tears to my eye. When I got married 6 months ago my brother-in-law walked me down the aisle and shared during the toasts what I imagine my dad would have said. Those pictures of Will are priceless. Thank you for the heartfeltness but also the humor :-)

  9. says

    1. is it weird i got teary eyed during this? #strangerdanger

    2. your befores and afters totally make up for your in-between stage. but i still really enjoyed those photos :) seems kids these days skip that stage. im going to make sure mine dont. middle stages humble those who need humbling. now im rambling.

    3. your dad can rock a stache. all out.

    4. my dad wore daisy dukes too! oh wait. he still does. awkward.

    5. your dad seems freakishly tall but maybe thats because im freakishly short. i seriously wondered if those bell bottoms were custom made.

    6. great collage! wanting to do this for my dads 70th- minus the surprise aspect since hes such a stick in the bush. mud. i mean. sheesh.

  10. Care says

    Such an awesome video! Don’t know you all, but I love your dad! Lol!
    Totally made me tear up – I think any time I see a dad looking so happy with his kids it just pulls at my heart strings. Happy birthday to your dad!

  11. Tammie says

    I found your blog & watched your tribute to your was awesome & I had tears streaming down my face even though I don’t even know you. I could just feel the love. Thanks so much for sharing. Tammie

  12. says

    Love the golfing photos you took of your dad with Will. So cute. And the video (Yes, I watched the whole thing!) is such a lovely tribute to your dad. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      My folks are both born and bred from a small town along the Mon called Charleroi. It’s about thirty minutes outside the Burgh and although I never lived there, it is home to our family :)
      xo – kb

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