Corn Dawgs 2012

Before we swan dive into Christmas, I wanted to share our last big family fall adventure as a family of three.  Our last hurrah was at our favorite local fun park – Corn Dawgs.   

Oh and since our little town is less than an hour away from the University of Georgia (mascot is bulldogs)…everytime you see the word ‘dog’ it is spelled with an A and a W…which is fine by us because those are the only two letters that Will knows.  I’m sure he’ll grow up thinking that “dog” is mispelled. 

Regardless of our redneck spelling, we’ve visited this farm for the past few years and loved it so much that we put it on our fall family fun to-do list for this year.  Since Weston arrived a little later than we had anticipated, we were able to squeeze in the 2012 visit on the last day Corn Dawgs was open.  Talk about down to the wire!

Oh and yes, we make it a point to take a family photo every year….so here is 2010’s, 2011’s and this years pic.   Apparently Jer’s olive green shirt was dirty this year :)


We didn’t meet up with any family and since it was the last day of the year, the park was pretty empty.

Will didn’t care…and we didn’t have to wait in any lines which was great for my swollen ankles.


Will on the flying pig…aka a painted barrel with a snort glued on front…and yes, it also had a tail.  oh the things a redneck can make outta a barrel! 


This was the first time that Will was able to climb the big pile of hay.  He now refers to everything large as a ‘tall mountain’.  So when he’s thirsty – he asks for a tall mountain of apple juice.  When he flexes, he refers to his arms as tall mountains of muscles (as do most guys I’m sure).  And when he has a dirty diaper, it’s a tall mountain of poop….and then he asks what color it is.  TMI and I wish I were kidding.   

Just like in years past, we did the petting zoo.  There was one older boy in there who was chasing the goats and trying to ride them – I got upset because I was certain an injury (to either a kid or a kid…haha) would happen, so we didn’t spend as much time in there as I would have liked.   

Will isn’t quite as timid about petting critters as he has been in the past…but he’s still really shy…so I don’t think he minded when we cut the petting zoo time short.

The best part about Corn Dawgs is the fact that we can do a bazillion fall activities in one place.  The corn field maze…

…the tractor hay ride…

…the hand painted signs…


…the spider web rope thingie…

and one of my favorite things there is the giant cornbox.  It’ll put a smile on anyone’s chapped lipped face…


Most of the parents sit at the picnic tables that surround the giant pit…but Jer and I take turns getting in with Will.  We can’t help it…we want to bury our kid alive :)

We also got suckered in by the mini pony ride.  Will rode alone (his first solo ride) and did awesome – he held the horn REALLY tightly the entire time and was so focused on concentrating that he wouldn’t look at us or smile.

After we decided that we would make a killing if only we had a pony…we headed over to Jeremy’s favorite area…the quad bikes.

Jeremy is such a fan of anything with wheels.  And of course, he is actively trying to pass that love down to Will.

There were a few girls doing it and struggling and I wanted to see if it was really that hard or if they were just weak in the lower half.  Apparently they are not as blessed with a muscular bottom as I am.  And when I say muscular, I mean, average muscles wrapped in cellulite.  Hey – they might look awesome in a bathing suit but I can rock a John Deere quad bike :)

One of the things I noticed this year that we haven’t seen before was the pumpkin house…

I get weirdly excited about things like this.  I have no idea why.

We also ran around the pumpkin patch.

Some of the pumpkins were HUGE….

I have no clue what Jer is doing.  Pushing a hay bale?  Putting out the vibe? 

Will got excited about the broken down race car.  Apparently junk cars are very exciting – all you have to do is call it The King and reference Dinoco blue and bam!  instant awesomeness.

This photo cracks me up. 

 oh my guord, the Yawner is going for gold :)


Overall, it was a great day…

and Will got to do so many things this year that were brand new big boy activities.  I think it probably helped me realize that he is really much bigger and more capable than I realize.  I can’t help wanting him to stay a baby…but I also get really excited and proud when his face glows when he nails something new. 

Like when he says he wants to go down the slide by himself…breaking away from the safety of the arms of daddy…


and he flies.  It makes for one amazing day :)

Did you guys have one last fall hurrah?  Maybe a family tradition as small as taking a photo at the same festival each year?  Or that dogs should always be spelled with an A and W?



  1. April says

    Love all the pictures. We have gone to our local pumpkin farm/fall festival place for the last two years too and I was like you with being amazed at what all they can do in a years time. My little guy went down the slide too by himself and it’s so fun to see them start getting out of their comfort zones.

  2. Alyssa says

    This is making me really miss fall since I just came in from snow blowing:( WI finally got hit last night with the snow and I could have done without a bit longer! Anyway, super cute, fun family time. We hit up four different pumpkin patches/apple farms/fall fun spot and each one was great in its own way:) one of them reminded me of corn dawgs and we were also the only ones there so no waiting either! Yahoo!

    Unrelated question, which photoshop program do you recommend? And where is the best place to get it? I saw some online for $700!! Could that even be?! Crazy town!

    • says

      I use CS4 and I have no idea where the best place is…but I know that Elements is cheaper and can do the same thing for general photoshopping :)
      xo – kb

  3. Joanna S. says

    I had the same problem with my son, I wanted him to stay my baby and I held those reigns tight… then I got pregnant when he was three and realized I needed him to grow-up and do big boy things. It was so rough at first because I babied him and essentially made him scared of everything (not saying you did that, just me) but now he’s such a different kid, outspoken and fun and not as shy as he once was. And I realized that although he isn’t my baby, he’s still my boy and he’s a lot of fun (and he still loves me as much as he did when I babied him).
    You look like you had a great time… really pregnant and all.

  4. says

    Looks like fun! I love how to rides are so simple but can make the little one’s faces glow! I have to say though, now that little Weston is born, you and Will should switch places in the hand painted cow and farmer head picture (I don’t know its appropriate name). I was due a week before you but my girl came a week early… and I feel like a cow! Milk all day and night :P

  5. Michelle says

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the family photo in the beginning – “Oh my gosh! Will is becoming a little man!” And then you mentioned it at the end. They grow up too fast! *sniffle sniffle

  6. Rachel S says

    Um… what keeps the pumpkins in the pumpkin house from crashing down on people’s heads? Looks like a recipe for “death by pumpkin” to me.

  7. says

    Will is so big! And I can’t wait to hear more about how he is with little Weston.

    And excuse me for saying, but your boyfriend is a handsome guy! :)

  8. Nancy50 says

    That Will is such a cutie – I look forward to next year’s pics of a family of 4! BTW, how do you get your pics to have such vibrant colors?

  9. Natasha says

    I love reading your blog! I also have 2 sons. My youngest is the same age as Will and they are so much alike. He also asks what color his poop is everytime that you change his diaper. I’m glad to see he’s not the only one lol! Congrats on your precious baby Weston! I’m sure you will have a lot of excitement in your future with the boys. There has not been a dull moment in our household since baby boy #2 came along.

  10. Jeanie says

    I kept looking at these thinking next year you will have 2 boys in that picture with you and Jeremy. So happy for you. The brothers will have so much fun there…even more in a couple years when Weston is a little bigger.

    And it’s a darn good thing I wasn’t drinking anything or I would’ve done a spit take on “Apparently Jer’s olive green shirt was dirty this year”. Haha! But really, though, not a bad idea to keep him in the green shirt because it looks nice on him.

    Oh, and my youngest sister had her baby, too. Nov. 27th. Their third girl: this one is Emma. She is adorable, too, like your newbie.

  11. Jen says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I don’t know what’s making me comment on this particular post but I just have to say you are so blessed! Your family is just beautiful. That looks like a great family place. Thanks for giving all of us a glimpse into your life, I LOVE your decorating and home improvement tips. One day I might even put some of them to use :)

  12. Cassie says

    We always go to a place just like this called Pigeon Roost!! We LOVE it and it’s HUGE. I was so sad when my daughter decided that she was big enough to go down the slides herself, too. :(

  13. Whitney says


    1. These photos are amazing. Period.

    2. How much fun was that?! You guys are just the cutest family and I love to see when you are all having so much fun together.

    3. Thank you for reminding me that I have photos from a place just like that that we took my son to in October. I am way behind in editing, but I am going to get on those tonight!

  14. katrina says

    that looks fun! I wish we had one of those around here. I want to try the corn pit! Also, your men are gorgeous. All 3 of them. congrats :P

  15. Olivia says

    Maybe it’s the country girl in me but my favorite picture is the one of you and Will on the Quad bike!! Pure awesomeness!!

  16. says

    This looks like such a fun place! So many of your pics cracked me up. Good for you for being so active all the way to the end! I’m sure you’re so happy for these memories with Will

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