Grid and Grin

Come into our guest bedroom. 

That could be a really creepy opening line if you say it right.   

But seriously…get your butt in there and tell me what kinda weirdo puts hoops on their walls and then just leaves them for a year. 

Oh right.

So it was time to woman-up and get some real frames on the wall.  The empty hoops weren’t cutting it. 

Seriously y’all, I’m gonna call myself out right here and now.  That ‘abstract hoop art’?  Yeah.  As is?  Not really blog worthy.  Just saying.  I do think it could be the start of something cool…but not empty like that.  It was seriously lacking in the sophistication department. (not that I have a whole lot of that in general).  So I decided to bite the bullet and start actually nailing stuff up on the wall.  What am I so afraid of?  tiny holes?   

My plan of attack – a grid of botanicals in frames.  I bought a dozen of these frames at Walmart for $3 each. 

I found this Herbs book at Goodwill…$2.50…and yes, I like to pronounce herbs all breathy with the H notsosilent.  Makes it fancy.

I picked out some of my favorites and slapped them in the frames (I had to forego on the mats because the pictures of the herbs were so big) and then I laid out a grid of them on the guest room bed.

Okay…so here’s my special technique on hanging a grid.  It’s very complicated.  It’s very technical.  It’s called…drawing lines on the wall.  Actually I draw lines on the Frog Tape on the wall because then I can remove the pencil marks without a gigantic eraser. 

I start off marking the first hole for the center frame and then put a levelish piece of Frog Tape across the wall.  I just eyeball it.  Then with a level, I draw a very straight line on top of the tape. 

In order to get the right distance between marks, I simply measure the distance between the centers of both frames with my desired space in between.

Then mark them all on the tape on the straight line.


Then I repeat that a couple more times.

On all my marks, I nail in the hole and then remove the nails and the tape and put in the hooks.

My lovely grid of hooks.  Does that make the opening line creepier?  Come into my guest bedroom that is full of hooks.

And hang. 

Sorry about the crazy lighting.  I did this at night.  It’s the only time I get anything done.

Here she blows during the daylight…

I love it.  So so so much better than abstract 10% done art.

Plus, I learned more about herbs.  Always a plus.

The rest of the room still needs some work.  I did find a giant mirror for $10 at a thrift store that matched the dresser almost perfectly.  The scale of it was good too.  But I still need to hang it and put some more stuff on the walls.


I also need to make some window treatments.  Right now all our guests have only a thin blackout shade blocking their scantily clad bodies from exposure.  I was thinking a fixed shade…like a roman shade that can be removed and laundered.  I even bought a clearance curtain at Pottery Barn ages ago that I think I can cut up and make work for all three windows.

Oh and then there is the abyss of nothingness.  I’m a little stuck on this wall.  I need something REALLY narrow…maybe a console table?…and then put some stuff on this wall too.  We shall see.  It’s a work in progress.

So that’s the state of affairs in the guest bedroom.  And how I hang a grid of frames.  Well worth the money for large impact framed prints…I spent about $40 for the whole shabang.   Have you guys been hanging frames lately?  Or maybe that’s what you asked for for Christmas – framed art?  or perhaps you just wanna say how late at night is the only time you get anything done around the house too? 

p.s.  This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape for Bower Power’s Frog Tape Fridays. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



  1. Ryan says

    Good job on the herb art! It looks great. I am also adverse to tiny holes in the walls too… for no reason : )

    For the wall that you’re stuck on and need something narrow: how about a bench? A backless one could work. Good luck!

  2. says

    I actually like it just how you have it… I like that it doesn’t seem too over done. I wouldn’t put much more on the walls. It looks great

  3. Brittany says

    This looks awesome Katie. Honestly I think your guest bedroom is my fave room in the house because it looks so hotel-esque. I want to try this frame grid in my living room behind the couch and add more frames to it – do you think that would look too busy?

  4. says

    LOVE this idea!!! It’s so quick and easy and beautiful. A little pop of green always looks good too. That mirror was a fantastic find, and I agree, I think a roman shade would look wonderful in that beautiful large window. You other large wall is so full of potential! Maybe two huge framed prints? I have a similar large space to fill and I’m thinking two blown up pages from a favorite book. Thanks for the decor inspiration!

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