Monthly Report – October 2012

I’m really late updating my monthly reports.  I might have to do two this month just to make up for it.  My excuse?  I was being earthy….ya know…growing a person and all.  That counts, right?!

So while I blame everything on the tiny human, here is what we tackled in the month of October…








I need that elephant.  and that frog.  and I don’t plan on sharing.  I don’t care who you are, 31 is not too old for stuffed animals….especially when they smell awesomer than a freshly bathed baby.  And these do.  They would make amazing gifts for parents of any kid with sweat glands or diapers.  Scentsy also has their Christmas stuff out….click here to check em out.




The Tile Shop made me fall in love. I’m not kidding. You saw my first visit to the Tile Shop showroom and yes, I pretended to move in. Why yes, I do need fifteen bathrooms all done in luxurious tiles and beautiful finishes. It wooed me. And then they put a ring on it. We wed.  There was some inappropriate public touching. The faux wood tile, the marble, the grout lines…oh my!


Maybe you don’t have time to scour the internet looking for the perfect combo of rugs, seating and lighting.  Maybe you would love to hire an interior designer to help you decorate but you are afraid that it’ll cost thirteen thousand dollars.  Or maybe you could just use some updating to a current look you have going on but the energy to redecorate is g.o.n.e.  Help is here with Teal & Lime.  Jackie creates custom mood boards to give you an easy solution to any room at your budget and based on your style.  Click here to contact her today.


Erie Drive carries those items you only wished you got for Christmas instead of that odd bouncing fruit tray slash dog bowl.  They have stuff for kids, adults and everyone in between.  I can guarantee that this folding bike would be something Jeremy would love to give a whirl.  I would give him this iphone case just to be cheeky.  And then I would whip out this radio and wow the knickers right off him :) A girl can dream, right?!


There isn’t a whole lot I can say about Sweet Zoe.  That’s because my mouth is so filled with drool after looking at their stuff, well, I need to stop talking and start swallowing.  It’s cute, preppy and fresh.  And they have TONS of stuff.  I am contemplating getting this black & linen ipad cover and I don’t even own an ipad.  And if Jeremy’s ESP is working properly, he should know that I need this moroccan pattern laptop sleeve for my birthday.


You know what a good idea is? Knesting slipcovers. So everyone and their brother has Ikea furniture…but makes slipcovers that turn your inexpensive&lookingit furniture into inexpensive&lookscustom pieces. So go scour craigslist and then throw a slipcover on it….


Evgie sells wall decals. Plain and simple. Except they aren’t plain. And they are very simple to use. They are like art for your walls that you can remove…which comes in handy if you are a renter or live in a dorm or plan on switching up a room anytime in the near future (coughnurserycough). It’s a perfect way to be an artist or infuse personality without actually having any skill.


Eye charts are no longer just for the optometrists office. Now they are the cute way to say what’s on your mind. But in a sly, you-gotta-be-smart-to-read-this, kinda way. The crazy-love poster makes me smile.

My dear older brother has a plumbing business and I would be remiss to not at least tell ya about him. He’s honest to a fault…and hates the fact that plumbers have a bad rap for being scam artists that charge too much to snake a toilet. So as the faithful sister that I am…here is his facebook info and if you are in the Birmingham area…hopefully you can ask him to give you an honest assessment of your plumbing issue…




  1. says

    I do not know how you do all this bloggy stuff with 2 kids! I have zero (and therefore no excuse for bad blogging), but when I do have kids, I plan on disappearing completely from the world for a few months. However, since you are blogging, can I selfishly request more pictures of your sons? :)

  2. Barbara says

    Hi Katie,

    I don’t know if anyone else is having trouble accessing your blog. Each time I click on your site I get a database error sign the only way I can access your blog is though YHL, & even then it doesn’t always work any idea what the problem could be?



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