my boys

This comparison kills me…I love these cutie booties…

Will at 3 weeks

Weston at 2 weeks

I figure I’ll try to get a similar picture of all my kids (naked tush, belly pose, neutral background) to hang all together.  I have a more proper post for you guys later…but for now, let’s just pretend the world revolves around my babies.  rewrite the science books people…the planet goes around my little balls of gas :)  



  1. Sara says

    Wow, such cuties!! I was reading some of the previous comments & it’s funny how some people think your boys look alike… I think they look so different, especially when I saw that very first photo of Weston that you put up in another post. Do you think he looks more like Jeremy than Will did?

    • says

      We both think that Weston looks SOOO much like Jeremy. The main thing Weston gets from me is the shape of the head in the back…Jer’s head is smaller and is flatter in back while mine is huge…Weston’s got his mama’s big ole head.
      xo – kb

      • says

        Haha! Isn’t it awesome seeing different parts of you and your partner in a baby? I have a tiny (let’s face it…pea-sized…head) and my little bird looks exactly like me in everything except her dad’s giganto head size. While tugging a t-shirt over that dome can be a bit difficult, we love it! Hubby says ‘she’s lucky to have such a big brain box’.

        Your boys are beautiful! Happy Holidays!

  2. Tara says

    My ovaries are aching just looking at their cuteness!
    I can’t wait for more posts!

    PS I follow another photographer as well, Kerianne Brown ( and she has two boys, almost the same age, named Will & Wes… what are the chances? Great minds think alike I guess! :-)

  3. grey says

    i can only wonder if will is jealous of weston’s already full sideburns? i totally forgot about his friar tuck days! :)

  4. Carla Mahony says

    They look so different!
    I was convinced my new son (13 weeks) was a clone of my first son (two years) until I put pics of them at the same age next to each other. Then I realised my boys look nothing alike, nothing!!

    So sweet to have little individuals :)

  5. Kathryn Woodfin says

    It’s amazing to look at Will’s face in the photo above and again in recent photos you’ve taken. The same sweet face in miniature but many of the features are very much the same. It will be fun to look at Weston’s photos in a few years and compare them with the one you just took. And yes, of course right now the world does revolve around you and those sweet boys – enjoy. And thanks for letting us enjoy a bit with you!

  6. Alice H says

    They are some handsome babies! I hope you are healing as well as can be expected. And that Will is behaving better!

  7. says

    They are so precious! Earlier today I was working on the computer when my 2 1/2 year old came over and asked to see “Katie’s baby that came out of her tummy”. It took me a minute to remember that I had told her about Weston last week when she saw me reading your first post about him. :)

  8. Eileen says

    Oh my gosh! I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while now, but just had to check back to see if you’d had your baby – and he is beautiful!! Congratulations!! And don’t judge me, but I’m going to throw it out there that every time I’m out in Loganville I hope to run into the Bowers so that I can idolize you guys. ;) I promise I’m not a crazy stalker, I just live nearby and think you are awesome! Haha.

  9. Toni says

    Many congratulations! We have two, too, and it’s amazing how your heart expands with love. Weston has a cool name– and I thought you were tricking us on Instagram with that monogram craft because the W could be for Jeremy and the K could be for you. ;)

    Where was Weston’s two-week photo taken? I recognize the wall in Will’s photo from his nursery, and I’m curious where you photographed his brother. It’s a similar-looking background. We’ve also enjoyed staging similar shots of each of our children (poses and outfits).

    • says

      We actually saved the ‘stage’ that my sister and Boots built for their wedding…they made it out of pallets I had in my stash from Will’s first birthday party…and now have it in our basement waiting conversion into a headboard. It looks very similar though, right?!
      xo – kb

  10. Kate says

    Oh my Gosh Katie!! Those photos totally made me tear up! My husband and I are going to start trying for our first this spring and…well, wow. Your boys are so beautiful! I’m jealous!

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