Oh Brother!

The number one question that people ask me post-Weston is “How is Will adjusting?” or “How does Will like him?” or some form of that.  I think that this photo explains it all…

Will is completely in love.  I can not explain how this happened or if it was something I did during our ‘baby-prep’ or if it comes from somewhere inside Will or if it has to do with how chill and happy Weston is, but the big brother is happily enjoying his little brother.  I’ll totally take the credit though :) 

So baby-prep?  yup.  sounds weird but it happened.  We had talked daily about how Weston would come out of my belly and when he did I would have to give him ‘Mommy’s milk’ and we would have to change his diaper and be very very gentle.  We explained that babies couldn’t drink juice or play cars right away or hide under blankets.  And that they get booboos very easily and need lots of sweet words especially when they cry.  We practiced with stuffed animals…everything from how to hold them to how to burp them to how to rub their bellies.    

Will is a very normal two year old – one that likes to wrestle and is still learning boundaries…so to see him tone down that agressiveness and adopt a gentle tenderness with Weston, well, it makes my heart fill up. 

Weston is a very very different baby too…so easy to nurse and sleeps like a champ at night (for the past week, I have gotten a five hour stretch at night followed by a three hour one…which any mom of a newborn knows is awesome!) so I think having a well-rested mommy helps keep Will happy too. 

Will asks constantly if Weston can do certain things with him…like take a bath or play cars or go to the playground. We keep explaining that one day Weston will grow bigger and play with him but not today. I think it’s still adorable that he keeps asking though.

Also, for the past few weeks we have arranged for ‘specials’…grandparents coming to visit and play, a cookie making day, a new christmas movie, new twinkle lights in his teepee…any little thing that we could think of that could make him feel like Weston isn’t getting all the attention.

We also did the gift from Weston to Will…but to be perfectly honest, he really didn’t care that much. I think Will responds really well to words of affection…so when he kisses Weston, we make sure to praise him…and when he drags my old guitar out of the closet and plays and sings to Weston in the pack n play, we tell him that he has a beautiful voice and we are proud of him and Weston loved the songs.

In the end, I know it really doesn’t come down to anything that any of us did…Will has a tender love in his heart toward Weston not because of a stuffed animal or because he got cookies or because we love on him….I truly believe that God allowed for this adjustment to happen quickly and easily and that if it didn’t happen so seamlessly, then it would be just a challenge that we would face that would add to our parenting journey.  And there is no guarantee that it won’t change with time.  I’m just thankful….extremely thankful….I’m oozing thankfulness from every pore in my body, because I know that this is the best of the best…watching your two littles love one another is the best Christmas gift ever.



  1. Kristi says

    I love this. That Will is just amazing for being such a good big brother to Weston. So glad things are going good for ALL of you!

  2. says

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    I LOVE this. I have two little girls – now 1 & 5 and I feel/felt exactly the same way. I kept hearing all kinds of stories, how our oldest would rebel. How she wouldn’t be gentle. She could say “bring her back.” Whatever it was, I always feared they wouldn’t love each other in a way … that they do. That the other shoe would drop. 1 and a half years – no shoe to be found. And I don’t know what did it either, was there anything we did to prepare her better, or just the kindness & love in her soul. The beauty of it all? Just gets better. That’s what “they all say” for “everything” – but you’ll see.

  3. says

    This is so lovely. My first, our daughter, is not a touchy feely type of person and never really wanted to cuddle with us right from when she was a baby but, when her little brother was born, all of her affection came out for him. She kissed and cuddled and touched him until it was almost a problem actually! I love that he brought that out in her. Still to this day they hug and love on each other (they are 10 and 7 now) a lot – well, when they aren’t fighting anyway! ha ha.

  4. Jo says

    Oh Katie, in tears here looking through your photos and reading the article… That might be due to the fact that I’m 6 weeks pregnant and have a 14 month old baby girl and I’ve got some hope it’ll all go fine now!! Big hugs to all of you…

  5. Melissa M. says

    Hi Katie,

    Just curious on how the day goes when it’s just you and kids during the day? What things do you have Will do when say you are nursing? Though I guess I should ask how long baby nurses for? My own 10 pounder was born 2 days before Weston and maybe it’s the age difference but distracting my 4 year old daughter while nursing/burping for 50 min is sometimes a challenge. So I like to ask for suggestions if you have time to share them. Thanks so much! P.s. how is nursing going for you?

    • says

      It is a little tricky but we are surviving :) I usually do a ‘set up’ before nursing…so like I put out water color paints and some paper and get Will going and then he doesn’t feel like I’m supposed to be doing something with him. And Weston can be fast or slow…just depending on his mood. Sometimes it’s ten minutes…sometimes closer to forty minutes. Burping is the worst…he takes forever…but in general, nursing is going great.
      xo – kb

  6. says

    those pictures!! OMG. What a sweetheart Will is!!!

    I wish my son had been as sweet when my daughter came home. he was not a fan of her crying and would ask if we could put her away when she started. (sometimes i asked the same thing. LOL) luckily, as she got bigger and could do more he started to like her more. Now they are 4 and almost 2, seeing them chase each other around and laugh and play is the greatest gift ever.

  7. Laura says

    oh goodness, katie. I just read this on my break at work and I’m tearing up at my desk. Hopefully no one sees me….

    Praising God with you!

  8. Kelly says

    So sweet! One of the first things my then 21 month old son did when meeting his newborn sister was give her an unprompted kiss. Eight months later he still gives her kisses and hugs all the time (even when she is trying to crawl away)! I hope Will continues on his path of sweetness and Weston takes the kisses and hugs well.

  9. says

    Yes, you have the most precious Christmas gifts of all! I think your prepping probably really helped more than you realize. Your photos are just precious!

  10. Michelle says

    Bless your Heart! I see a lot of your hubby in the newest little Bower. The pic with you and your boys is just so precious. Happy Holidays to you and yours :)

  11. says

    Haha, at our house we call this phenomenon “Sistren” because my sister and I are very close. For your boys, we would call it “Brethren” because it’s closer/better than just siblings.

  12. says

    Oh, Katie! This post just warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. You did such a beautiful job at capturing the tenderness between the two brothers. Blessings to you all!

  13. says

    Aw how sweet!

    How are you feeling? My baby is now 8 weeks old and he also was a 10 pounder (10.4) and he wasn’t too nice on my bod! After about 2 weeks, things started to feel better though.

    Hope you’re recuperating nicely!


    • says

      Oh yeah – the first week was hard. Like makemewishihadacsection kinda hard. Now it’s more like a nuisance…can’t really sit down…bathroom time still stinks (punny!) and the boobs have adjusted so all in all – not too shabby. The hormonal adjustment is weird too. I don’t remember that with Will but that’s probably because I was on some good drugs :)
      xo -kb

  14. says

    This post is so heart-warming! And that first photo is so precious. I don’t even have kids and I couldn’t help tearing up :) I’m so glad things are going so well for your family! Merry Christmas!

  15. Joy says

    I am so happy that you have a good nurser and sleeper! What a blessing that is! It makes it go so much smoother and you feel better all around! My second was a great sleeper and nurser too. Life just looks better when your getting sleep;)

  16. Stephanie M. says

    You are truly blessed! You have 2 beautiful little dudes. I can only hope my transition from 1 to 2 kids is that painless when the time comes. Merry Christmas to the Bower family!!!

  17. says

    So adorable! The photos are priceless. My son was head-over-heels in love with his sister as soon as he saw her (she’s 2mo now, he’s almost 2.5) and he still adores her and always wants to include her and help. She loves to look at him, and now that she’s smiling he gets SO excited when she smiles at him (“She’s smilin’ at me, Mommy!”). Although I’m sure they’ll fight later on once she’s able to get into his stuff, I know without a doubt that he’ll be a super-protective big brother. I’m so glad that your boys are already showing signs of being great friends!

  18. Jane says

    Hi Katie! Your boys are precious–you are so very blessed :) I remember a while back you mentioned something about taking Musinex and something else when trying to get pregnant. My husband and I are TTC, and I would love to know what these things are again. I looked around your blog, but couldn’t find the post.
    Thanks :)

    • erika m says

      I don’t think Katie ever referenced Mucinex in any of her posts but a commenter named “jen” did mention that she would be trying it to TTC along with PreSeed and ovulation strips. The post was 10/11/11 and it was called “Yet Another Letter To Myself”. hope that helps

  19. Antonette says

    So so so beautiful. I am wondering how YOU are adjusting to have 2 babies. I hope you do a post about it. I only have one baby and am wondering if I will be able to handle 2. You seem like such a good mother- like it comes so naturally for you.

  20. Begen says

    So beautiful! We did the gift thing too, with our first when the second came, she kept it with her whenever she was with her grandparents but now she doesn’t really care much for it. I ensured lots of praises too and some alone time whenever bubba was sleeping.

    Now he’s 6 months (no more newborn =( ) and uhh, sturdier and I still need to remind our daughter he’s not yet big enough to play (though he’s REAL EAGER to!).

    I’m looking forward to when they can both play together, but I’m savouring all the baby-ness for now! (we don’t plan on having any more *tear* )

    So glad it’s all going so well and the photos are A M A Z I N G. Will have to revisit photoshop, thanks for the tutorial!

  21. Judy says

    What a beautiful post! Your words and pictures are both amazing. Enjoy your little ones because they grow so quickly. God bless you and your family!!

  22. Sara B. says

    Could you have cuter boys? Will with Weston on the bopper…heartstopper!

    Seriously, I’m glad it seems a lot of your worries have been for naught. God is good.

  23. Whitney Dupuis says

    So beautiful. The pictures. The words. The love. I mean, maybe it is because my son is Will’s age and my husband and I are ready for another baby. I can totally see Canon acting just like Will. He is so tender with babies and is so loving. I can’t wait for that day! Congratulations momma!

  24. says

    That first picture is so sweet!! I have an almost 3 year old {boy}, and a 9 month old {girl} and they love on each other endlessly! They play peek-a-boo, he pretends to read her books, they snuggle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies, he shares his food with her without me asking… It’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world <3

  25. Carla says

    beautiful… i’m so happy for you and how easy the transition was. it gives me hope (come june)! our daughter is so loving and caring already – my fear is the feeling of neglect! thanks for posting how you avoided that with Will. i figured lots of one-on-one time with dada (the fave) and grandparents will help tremendously the first week. you have a lovely family, katie. enjoy every moment :)

    also, where in the world did you get that adorable crocheted outfit Weston’s wearing? love it.

  26. Stacy fromWV says

    How cute! I’m amazed at how much little Weston already looks like Jeremy, I think usually it takes a couple months to determine features but he is like a mini Jeremy. Congrats!

  27. Robin says

    When our second daughter was born last year, I worried too about how our oldest would feel….the jealousy, the acting out, all that……I knew I would love them both, but what I was not prepared for was how much MORE I loved my older daughter when I saw what a wonderful big sister she turn out to be. My heart just swelled with this new chapter in her life….and I never thought I could love her more, but I just did! My heart would just burst when I would see her nuzzle or be sweet to her sister. Completely unexpected!!!!

  28. says

    I have my second on the way and they will be 14-15 months apart… I’m actually kind of terrified thinking about how I’ll do baths for two under two, and nurse. I had originally planned to tandem, but my milk sort of dried up during my pregnancy- so sad. Anyway, this post is super cute, and I’m so glad they have a connection already- it’s a mother’s dream!
    I was wondering where you got the adorable towel for Will? We’ve grown out of the infant towels and I’m looking for durable toddler hooded towels. Hope you’re still getting some great sleep- I’m impressed!

  29. says

    Katie, it says a lot about yours, and Jeremy’s parenting skills that Wills has adjusted as well as he has to Weston’s presence. It speaks volumes about Wills himself. Hats off to the two of you for guiding him to kindness, gentleness and sharing. He’s a terrific boy!

    I wonder if other have notice how much Wills is a mini-me of his mommy, while Weston is a dead ringer for his dad! It’s gotta be those incredible eyes! :) Wills’ has yours, and Weston’s got his dad’s. Two gorgeous kiddios.

    mwah, heather x

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