Sexy Rexy

When we were kitchenless, one of the things that helped me survive was doing random small projects.  Rexy was one of them.  And yes, I realize that it’s not a tyrannosaurus rex.  I just called it that because saying “Sexy Rexy” makes me laugh.  Hollah Empire Records fans!

As you can see in this old photo, I started this dino project a long time ago (check out the plastic dinos on the table)… 

Yes…the project has been spinned on Pinterest (spinterested?) a million and a half ways…and this is my cheapo version. 

I took a plastic triceratops dinosaur from the Dollar Store and a scrap piece of 4×4 from the basement workroom and decided to make a bookend.

Technically speaking, I was making two bookends. 

I glued those bad boys together with some pretty super stuff…

And got to painting.  First I used a spray primer on the whole thing…nothing too perfect. 

Then I used a stiff bristle craft brush and some acrylic craft paint to paint the whole thing white.

The bases were sanded but there was still a lot of natural texture so that is why you want to use a stiff bristle brush…there might be cracks or nooks or crannys to push paint into.

Now I could have left it like this.  It’s very ‘ceramic-animal-esque’…Sherry, you like?

But it was intended to be bookends for Will’s room and I wanted them to have a splash of something more.  I whipped out my Frog Tape (high five up top for FT!) and some more paint…this time it was Flag Red…

My first step was to tape off the tops.  I wanted this to look dipped…so a bit of tape made it look perfectly straight.  I take an old library card and rub the edges to get it to seal up nice and tight.  I’ve heard rubbing a wet paper towel over the edges makes it perfect too!

Apparently Flag Red was really code for Neon Red.  Looks like a color option for Katy Perry’s hair.

I couldn’t take the glare…literally I could hear my eyes sizzling.    So that’s when I decided to go for the gold.  Since Will’s room has some gold frames in it and some neutral browns in the globes and the wall color, I knew that gold metallic paint would blend nicely.

Three coats later it was complete…  

Oh sexy rexy. 

And here they are holding up some of Will’s books…

They look modern, right?  Subtle and boyish :)

I still might steal them.  I just love those screaming Triceratops and the gold bottoms.  I never dreamed I would write that sentence :)

p.s.  This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape for Bower Power’s Frog Tape Fridays. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience and yes, I still love a gilded bottom :)



  1. Sarah says

    Um… I haven’t even read this post yet but I had to give you an Empire Records high five. One of my many favorite teen movies. And music movies. Love it!

  2. says

    LOVE these… what a great idea! My 1 year old {in t-minus 6 days} has SO MANY BOOKS and I’ve been on the look out for a great bookends. Sexy Rexy is all too inspiring! :)

  3. Laura says

    I think the gold is great, especially in that last picture, where you can really see the wood texture. It’s like an organic, natural wood tone, but all fancy. :)

  4. says

    Hi Katie; my name is Beverly, I live in the SF Bay Area. I found your Dec 22 2010 Tree Trio after 25 plus google searches. I saw a brief TV ad for the Today show, and something similar was in Al Roker’s office! Where could I see it again to copy it- on your blog of all places!
    Happy Holidays & Thanks from a random fan!
    P.S. My daughter in law is a new Mom, and does her journaling in a blog. I don’t think she even opened the Baby book she received at her shower… I love new technologies, but some of the traditional events, like first haircut can easily get overlooked.

  5. mribaro says

    Goregeous! If they were mine, I’d turn them so they both face the books, like mirror reflection pose in your photo with blue background.

  6. Holley says

    I love your blog already, but you just got about a million bonus points for an Empire Records reference. That movie is forever in my top 5! One of my friends just started a music blog, which she named “Stop calling me Warren”. The movie makes me love people more. :)

  7. Christine says

    Ah! I knew exactly what movie you were referencing when I read the title!!!

    So many quotable lines, pretty sure my sister and use them in everyday life.

  8. Regina says

    Haven’t read the post, but I have to give you props for your Empire Records reference! LOVE that movie!!

    I’m going to watch it now- after I finish reading your post :)

  9. Lara says

    Love the Empire Records ref!! I love these bookends. We have a “Niece” bedroom at our place (for when any of the girls want to spend the night and get SPOILED). The girls are all girly girls, but they LOVE lizards, bugs and snakes. They wear their summer sun dresses and hair ribbons and come in with a ton of lizards. I just picked up a pack of lizards at the $$store and I am SOOOO going to do this for their room … and they are so going to love them. For Christmas we’ve gotten them a praying mantis, a tadpole, a venus flytrap, ants & lady bugs. I think I WILL however use some pink in the dipping of the bookends!! TY

  10. says

    I love love love this! What a creative idea, I haven’t seen it on Pinterest! My almost 3 year old’s room is rustic + orange + owls, but he has recently gotten into dinosaurs and robots. Hmm, I bet I could find a cool way to spin this for his room. Thanks so much for the idea!!

  11. says

    “Say it again, Lucas!”


    Love the bookends. Love the Sexy Rexy’s. Love that you quoted Empire Records!

    Good work, Katie Bower. Good work!

  12. Kerrie says

    I think those shelves would look great with the project from YHL’s book on wallpapering your bookshelves without actually wallpapering them. It would make the the dinos stick out even more, and you could change them whenever you like for a different feel. :)

    PS – your boys are too cute!

  13. says

    OMG I love these.. literally 5 min ago I was re-arranging my book shelves and thought to my self “i need to make some funky bookends” then I see these! soo cool!! and my little guy would love them too!!

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