Suess Tree

This year has been a bundle of chaos. 

It’s been fun. 

It’s been filled with dreaming and imagination and fantasy. 

For us, this year has been like a Dr. Seuss book.  So why not make our tree like one too?!  This Christmas season, I just wanted our ‘house tree’ (as Will calls it) to be whimsical and kid-friendly…and the MANY Dr. Seuss books that we read every day struck my fancy as a perfect jumping off point. 

Warning: your husbands swagger-factor will take a hit when he tells overtly masculine friends he has a Cat in the Hat christmas tree.  just sayin.  

I scavanged my scrap fabrics till I found red or turquoise quarter yards that all looked fun together. 

Last year I used my plethora of hoops to make kid friendly ornaments.  This year I took it one step farther and wrapped the hoops to make the outsides look like candy canes.  It’s a really easy process.

My little assistant fell asleep on the job…

This year I didn’t buy a single ornament.   I didn’t buy anything new for the tree.  I just walked around the house throwing stuff into a plastic Kroger bag that I could use as decoration and then threw it up on the branches.  I didn’t ‘throw up’…just to clarify…because that sentence sounded weirdly.  Saying weirdly also sounded weirdly.  you catch my drift though.

The tree topper was also out of recycled Christmas stuff.  I love the crazy dotted poofy-hair-do.  It’s a total Who-ville move.  I figured the decoupaged B was still appropriate…since we had another Bower Boy join our family this year.

The overall look is what Jeremy described as ‘busy’.  I told him that it was ‘crazy and full’…just like my life…he didn’t disagree. 

At least Will liked it.  He helped me decorate it so he better approve :) 

Yup.  All of the ornaments are plastic or fabric so he was my helper for all the pom-pom trim and he actually put on all the ornaments on the lower third of the tree.  It was so fun to tell him all about the paper pom-poms too…since those were actually decorations from his first birthday party (yes I threw them in a closet and forgot about them…SEE JER, there is a reason to save everything including what you and most of the population deem trash!)

The tree with the lights on…

My crafty hoops getting it’s close up…

And since this year was already so chaotic, I didn’t pull out even half of the Christmas stuff…but I did want our tree to have some sentimental ornaments….like our white ceramic ‘W’ ornament (which now represents both my darling littles)…

Will also has his first ornament…the white snowflake (which is fitting because it snowed on his first christmas!)…

And his second ornament from last year…

We still don’t have the photos for this years ornaments (mommyfail!)…so you don’t get to see those.  Sorry.

I do have the old photos of our trees-gone-past.  Let’s call it the parade of trees, shall we?!  Starting in 2007…

The following years we went from red and silver to gold and silver…

In 2010, we had another silver & gold tree…this time with WAY more ribbon….followed by the blue & green tree of last year…


And the parade is rounded out with this years tree.  Overall, I dig it.  It puts a gigantic smile on my face everytime I look at it.  And every time I look at it, it reminds me of my favorite Grinch quote…. 

“I’m all toasty inside. And I’m leaking.” 

Haha!  No but seriously…my OTHER favorite Grinch quote is this…

“It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags.  The the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…he thought…means a little bit more.”

Speaking of more….here’s my little more’s this holiday season…

I got their photos with all that yummy bokeh before mommy-brain took over and I forgot.  Why is it that we don’t have twinkle lights up all year round?  Seriously.  It would make for such great photo ops.  I might be revolting this year and tryin to figure out where I can add them. 

Oh and I have lots more Christmas posts to come….just be warned.  My family isn’t celebrating our Christmas till New Year so this might be ‘Christmas Week’ here at Bower Power.  Bring on baby Jesus!



  1. Ellen says

    Gorgeous tree! I’m not a huge Cat in the Hat fan, but I do love any red & turquoise decor. Your topper is excellent and I think when it comes to Christmas tree decorations, more is more. The busier the better, right?!?

  2. says

    I am in absolute love with this tree. It’s so fun and unique. I adore the “crazy and full” style. I tend to like my tree crammed full, as well, though I’ve never had a themed tree. I just fill ‘er up with everything I have and and continue to buy more every year. :-D

    Love the portraits of your adorable kiddos, as well. So cute!

  3. Michelle says

    Hi! What were you using as a tree skirt under your 2009 tree? It looks like a great solution to cover the fake tree trunk on an artificial tree.

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