Chattanooga Christmas

Before Christmas, we packed up the boys and about 2.4 million pounds in baby equipment (seriously…who is gonna invent a stroller/booster/packnplay/boppy/breastpump in one?  raise your hand.) and we headed to visit Jer’s folks in Chattanooga.  First we hit up Gramps & Grammy…

Will was our little present distributor.  I called him UPS…Ur Present Squasher…

He had a terribly good time opening his and everyone else’s presents. 

He is now obsessed with his teddy bear sleeping bag.  He has it on his bed but hates the fuzz in his mouth so a couple times a night, he wakes up and screams “YUCKY FUR!” and I think he’s yelling “HELPME! FIRE!”…it’s not funny at 4am.   

They also got what Will dubbed ‘tiger towels’…he’s obsessed with tigers.  Weston is just pirating it up.

His favorite gift was the truck.  You push a button and then it drives forward and then comes back to you.  I call it a fat-kid toy because you literally only burn two calories playing with it.  Jillian Michaels would be offended.

I love this photo.  It’s so genuine.  I have no idea what made her smile and laugh like that but it’s completely adorable.

And we all pitched in and got her a stand mixer….she needed it.  Now Grammy has no excuse not to make us high calorie treats when we come visit.  My muffin top thanks you for your muffin tops Grammy :)

I got a cute sparkly sweater…and Weston got a basketball follow through. 

After we opened everything, we played outside. 

The boys built a fire.  Them Bower boys love them a good fire.  It’s that southern blood.

Will’s eyes are so dark…they remind me of my Mummum.  She calls them poop-bottle eyes….romantic, no?!  One day, I will be old and gray and will look at him and see her.  I’m thankful that God created genes like that. 

I love this picture too.  My little spirited one.

who promptly tuckers out…

Smily Spyrus (I have  a slew of nicknames…Foxy Knoxy, Bestie Westie, George Castanza, Mr. Happy Pants – I also call Jer that sometimes – O. Tootles, the list goes on) and Kat (Jer’s brother’s girlfriend)…. 

Will is so affectionate toward Weston.  He loves loves holding him.  We just have to remind him to ask us to get Weston and not try to do it himself. 

The next day, we packed everything up and headed to Jer’s mom’s house.  Will’s first pair of ‘noculars’ :)

And a weed wacker.  He literally thinks this thing cuts bushes.  I was trimming the roses and he came out and did it too…and then said “whew!  Mommy I wooked hard…I tired…I need a coke.”

Jer’s Grandma.  I love this lady.  She’s getting closer and closer to that time.  Wearing down.  Slowing up.  Whatever you want to call it…it makes me get teary.  Jeremy’s eyes are the same color as hers.  I hope Weston has those eyes too. 

Speaking of Weston…he had terrible baby acne/skin sensitivities.  TERRIBLE.  Like even our pediatrician suggested something be done.  twice.  Here he is after we treated him…you can still see the little bumps on his cheeks…now imagine that times 100. It was bad.  We used Hydrocortisone cream….it helped a lot.  Now they are rare…but seriously, I’ll have to show ya one day a pimpley picture…it’s foreshadowing for teenage years.  

First picture of GrandBee with her grandbabies…

Did y’all know she gave up smoking for them?  That’s a big deal.  A REALLY big deal.  I am so glad that she did.  I am so very very proud of her for that because I know it wasn’t easy.  I’m hoping that it will add so much more time to her life with us because these boys will need their grandparents.

A few folks were asking me how I knew my camera focus was off…you can see it really well in this picture….I had the focus on his eyes…but it’s not sharp…the tree is sharp but not his face.  It was things like that.  I knew something was off.

Grandma giving kisses.  I think in twenty years Will will cherish these few pictures with his great-grandmother…she is such a wonderfully tender woman full of laughter.

Later on, we packed everything back up and said our goodbyes and headed home.  We always spend Christmas morning at our house…it’s a little tradition.

 Weston allowed us to go to a candlelight service…it was beautiful.  Our friend Michael helped lead the worship (he is the lead singer in the Christian band Small Town Poets) and it was awesome.  I love christmas music.  His band actually just released a Christmas album and I’m buying it for next year…click here if you want to listen. 

Obviously Will was obsessed with the fire.  little pyromaniac.

That night we got home just in the nick of time to set out cookies and milk for Santa.  He talked about this for days…how Santa will have boo boos in his tummy from too many cookies, how Santa likes to dunk his cookies, how Santa eats the cookies and then says yummy…that’s de-icious.  He has this whole scenario in his head on how the cookies were devoured by Santa and then Santa got sick.

So that’s our Christmas in Chattanooga.  Gramps & Grammy & GrandBee – now you can see those pics!  Hope it was worth the wait!  And I still have the Christmas here and my family’s Christmas to share (I haven’t forgotten about you mom!) so don’t deny the Christmas spirit in January :)  Hey…last year it took me 11 days to get these out…look at me not improving! ahh!  I promise there will be no Christmas posts in February!  I hope.



  1. Genevieve says

    Small Town Poets!!!!!!! Oh wow, I was an über huge fan of theirs when they first came out! I met them when they gave a small concert in a church basement in my Texas hometown, and was so excited I couldn’t speak. Awkward was putting it nicely. They were gracious though.

    Your boys are just as heavenly as always! Adorable post, Katie.

  2. says

    Baby/toddler boy cardigans + plaid shirt > any poofy frilly little girl dress

    I’m thinking that Will’s concern over Santa getting sick was really just a plea for you to give HIM half of Santa’s cookies. Smart kid you’ve got there.

  3. says

    I am so glad that I am not the only who posts late!!! What a great reason to give up smoking (like there wasn’t enough already, but still!). My grandmothers both gave it up, one doing it before the other. It was so gross leaving their houses and having that on you, I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with a smoker. Merry (late) Christmas!

  4. Meredith says

    My lil guy was born on 12/6 and got some serious acne as well. Hubby is totally worried that its a precursor to teenage acne and he won’t have a girlfriend in high school. I said it didn’t correlate, but maybe it does?? I was def guilty of popping a few of the white heads, I swear I didn’t hurt him and they cleared right up when I did it!

    • says

      haha..Jeremy freaked out over it too. He thought something was wrong since Will never had it at all. And it was so bad that we avoided kissing Weston because we were afraid to make it more irritated. And washing his face with a cotton ball made some of them pop…so don’t feel bad.
      xo – kb

      • Sarah says

        Both my little girls had some but my second born in April seemed to have much more sensitive skin. It looked painfully sore that I hated even wiping it with a warm cloth. I starting using California Baby calendula cream on it and it went away fast, and it smells awesome. I use some on her cheeks now during the dry cold winter weather too and it is great. A little goes a long way, I think I’ll have one jar forever.

  5. Amber says

    You’re friends with the lead singer from Small Town Poets?!?!??! Soooo stinking cool!!! My hubby and I listened to their music while dating. I so love them!!

  6. Christi says

    Wills cardi is adorable! My don has a navy n white beanie/tabogin/snowcap ( whatever you call it over there in Ga) I make him wear it all the time!
    Yay for GrandBee giving up smoking!! That’s admirable!

  7. says

    Awww Katie, I don’t even know your family, and those pics with Jeremy’s grandma made me cry. They are just so sweet. I wish my daughter could have met my gran. The pictures are such a treasure indeed. Oh, and Christmas looked amazing! xo

  8. says

    Such great pics! And what a fun holiday!
    Yes! Be very proud of your MIL. My dad smoked for 50 ish years. He didn’t have a pack day habit or anything, but he was addicted. He tried several times to stop, but just enjoyed his quiet time with a smoke. He quit cold turkey the day he found out he had stomach cancer and it would never go into remission. I’m lucky that all three of my children (his youngest) all got to meet him. Unfortunately, our youngest and maybe our middle, won’t have any memories of (one of) the very best man in my life. Encourage her. Share in her accomplishments big and small! Send her pics of the boys as a reminder of why she has chosen this difficult road! I’m saying prayers for her!!
    All the best

  9. Heather says

    Your boys are just adorable! How wonderful to have family close enough to visit for the holidays, even though it’s a lot of work. We have an 8 month old and drove home to FL (from the ATL). Three family Christmases and a wedding down there- it was intense. I can’t imagine having another kid yet; it was tough enough with one.
    And I really want to say thanks for mentioning the Smalltown Poets Christmas CD! I loved their debut album and am glad to know they’re putting music out again. :)

    I feel like I should say Merry Christmas, Katie!

  10. Christine says

    What a beautiful family and a wonderful Christmas! Your photos always capture so much love. I adore the teddy bear sleeping bag – can I ask where it’s from?

  11. says

    My youngest had baby acne and eczema really bad. Mustela’s Stelatopia lotion was a God send.
    He is going to be a year next month and I still use it twice a day on him and started using it on my older 2 also.


  12. Lydia Knight says

    I love the photo of Vicki and Mike laughing. They are the sweetest friends I know! I also enjoy your boys pix. They are just adorable and so stinking cute!

  13. says

    Such precious pictures, and cherished moments that you will treasure for a life time. I love the pics of will in cardigan. I remember the days when I used to dress my little guy in those cute clothes. He’s 6 now and if he’s not comfortably dressed then he won’t wear it.

  14. Karla says

    Totally sweet post. You can tell how much you love Jeremy’s side of the family. :) These are some of my favorite types of posts.

    • says

      Which one?
      The sweater vest was Childrens Place. The blue cardigan with red stripes was H&M. The gray cardigan with the striped elbow patches was Target.
      xo – kb

  15. MelissaS says

    My son got that truck as a gift and both my kids love it! My 18month old plays with it almost everyday and it is starting to not work from so much wear. Might be time to get another one. :-)

  16. Kendra says

    Katie, My little guy is a year and has terrible sensitive skin we use a product called Vanicream you can buy it over the counter and most pharmacies! It is amazing.. I think it works better than the topical cream we got from the doctor. I also never wore perfume bc it would only irritate him. Good luck! I hope he out grows it! Your family is absolutely adorable:)

  17. Linda Talley says

    Love your blog! I live Maryville Tennessee and have a good friend who’s dad coached for Ooltewah for several years! His name is Benny Monroe…..just thought it was cool since your FIL had on that shirt!

  18. Kim says

    Beautiful photos!
    Quick questions: How is breastfeeding going? I’m going to have my second child in a few months, and I’m worried about having to breastfeed while watching my other child. Do you nurse each time or do you pump too? I know, personal right?

  19. Aida says

    hello Katie!
    my baby boy got from Santa the same Home Depot power weed trimmer than Will!! he loves it!… we are from Spain…


  20. Whitney Dupuis says

    Precious, precious memories.

    We visit my grandmother once a month (she lives five hours away). I am so thankful that my son (who will be 3 next month) has developed such a wonderful relationship with her. I can’t help but flood them with pictures during every visit, because as much as I like to think she is invincible, I know that one day that is how Canon will remember her. And I really want him to remember her.

  21. says

    I am preggo with my first little boy right now, and just a few things…
    1. I always love the way you dress Will. It makes me really really excited to buy little boy clothes!
    2. The other day you made me crack up, and today you made me tear up… I’m thankful that God made genes that remind us of our loved ones too. ;)

  22. Lori says

    I love reading your blog but I never, ever post :) Why I choose to comment on the one about baby acne–god only knows haha :) Our gal, Cecelia (5 months) had terrible acne too! Our pediatrician suggested dabbing breastmilk on it throughout the day and it worked like a charm! It also worked on her diaper rash too–who knew?

  23. says

    Way to go- love the Christmas pics in Jan! What else do we have to celebrate in Jan anyway? Plus, now I feel like it’s not too late for me to post about New Year’s resolutions… when I get to it after other posts in about a week! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Lori says

    Your pics and your boys are GORGEOUS!!! I just love it (and the hormonal part of me remembers wistfully when I had a 2 yr. old little boy and newborn baby boy, who are now 7, 4 and have a little sister).

    ANYWAY, what a beautiful holiday it looks like you had and LOL at George Costanza!!!! Oh and I swear I won’t tell anyone that you told us you call Jeremy “Mr. Happy Pants”. Our little secret. ;)

  25. says

    Love your pictures. Such an awesome photographer!! It looks like Weston may get Jer’s eye color, no!? Or is it just my imagination?! Ha. Can’t wait to see more Christmas pictures. xoxoxo

  26. says

    I love that you document exactly how Will talks. You’ll be so happy to have those little phrases recorded 10 years from now.

    I don’t think I knew that Pastor Dad’s name was Mike. I know three Vicki’s and every single one is married to a Mike. (and one Victoria, who is married to a Mark…)

  27. says

    Just wanted to ask – I noticed on Grammy on the couch picture with Gramps (the really cute one with them laughing), that she was wearing a necklace. Do you know where she got it from? It reminds me of some of the Origami Owl stuff I sell and I thought – I wonder if I sold that to her (or sold it to someone who gave it to her)! lol I live near Chattanooga and lots of people buy from me. Just wondering….thanks! :)

  28. Stacey says

    Katie~ While I’m not one to usually leave comments and who knows if you will even see this but when I read that your MIL quite smoking because of her G’kids I near cried. Here’s why…..Almost 15 1/2 years ago we told my in-laws that we were preggers with their first G’child. We told my MIL that if she quite smoking, we would name the baby after her if it were a girl. The next day Nana quite smoking, nine months later we had a baby boy we named Cameron (obv. not after her ‘cuz he’s a boy, duh) and she has not smoked a cig. since!!! We have since had our second son named Kiernan who is now 12. Hows that for a tear jerking coincidence?! I cannot relate to this post more if I tried! Just thought I would let ya know. One last thing since I’m commenting…..You have an adorable family and are such a cute/fun Mommy. Keep up the great job. It’s the hardest job but most rewarding job we will ever have. xo, Stacey

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