Monthly Report – November 2012

 Our November projects seemed dwarfed by our main accomplishment…bringing Weston Knox home!  Since he arrived a couple weeks later than expected, we didn’t plan to do a whole lot this month…we seriously thought we would be cooing over his snuggly body the entire month…not just the last two weeks while eating leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had so much to be thankful for this month that isn’t listed here – a healthy little baby, a boy who adjusted really well to being a big brother, a successful VBAC birth experience, and a family that rallied around us to care for Will while we were in the hospital and helped for the first few weeks when we came home.  Overall…a really great month no matter how much we got checked off our list.      






Each month we do our old “thankyousponsorsforkeepingusrunningandeating” shout out.  This month we have so many folks to thank…and it’s especially sweet because Novemeber is the month of giving thanks…even if you talk about it in January.

 Impressions"   Kitchen  Golden

 Everyone knows that flooring could make or break a room.  Impressions Hardwood Collection has some amazing hardwoods that make even the toughest critic say wow.   

Cabinets.  Necessary to life.  They keep all the dishes at bay and hold up that sink, countertop and your sanity.  Kitchen Resource Direct has the cheapest wholesale prices for cabinets the internet has to offer – price guaranteed!  Plus, their galleries are perfect for kitchen-spying.

Golden Age USA is a mecca for home decor and lighting enthusiasts.  It’s huge.  And I am obsessed with this chandelier.  GORG.   

Scentsy"  The  Teal

I think that if Jeremy was the stuffed animal type, he would totally request one of these Scentsy Buddys.  They smell good because of the smell pack you slip inside.  So until I convince him that all grown men have a stuffed elephant, I’ll stick to my spring scents in our warmer. 

You all know we are fans of The Tile Shop.  HOLLA SEXY HEXY! Seriously…I think a backsplash is one area of the kitchen that splurging goes a long way.  I’ve seen too many kitchens need a little paint and some sleek new tile…don’t let that happen to you!

Even designers have a hard time with their own abode sometimes.  And that is why a custom mood board would be a perfect ‘fire-starter’ for any room in your house.  Teal & Lime will inspire ya to get in gear!

Erie  Evgie 

 Why Erie Drive do you taunt me with cool finds like a vintage camera?!  You know you make me wanna shop…which I will do….right after writing this post. 

I can’t tell ya how much I love me a good sticker.  And ones that are gigantic that go on the wall are even better.  Evgie Nev makes ones for nurserys and grown up rooms too.  (psst…they are having a big sale right now…so run!)

My big brother is a plumber.  And everyone knows that a good plumber is hard to find…that’s why I list him on my sponsor sidebar…because I’m sharing the good guy with you…because I’m generous like that :)




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    Such a good month — one you’ll love looking back on! I have a question: how do you format pictures into groups of 4 or 5 or so, such as you have above? I’ve been looking for a (free) program that does that — do you (or any other readers) know of a good one?

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      I simply reduce the of the width of the photo in the HTML to 32% (for three across) or 24% (for four across)…hope this helps a little!
      xo – kb

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