Presenting the Presents

Like most moms out there, I am still sorting through the 2764 holiday photos that I took while my house was completely destroyed with the hurricane of Christmas morning…so while I do that, I wanted to jot down what we pulled outta our Santa bag this year.  I love looking back and seeing how thoughtful Jeremy was and how ridiculous I was.  For instance…last year, I asked for and received a Darth Vader voice changing mask.  yes.  it’s awesome.  and yes.  it has sat in the box ever since.  I am waiting for Will to get old enough to appreciate his mother’s extreme coolness before pulling it out :)  Also, I don’t wanna scare him.

It should be said that unlike a lot of more practical people, we do Christmas big.  Like we save all year because we love giving gifts.  Of course, Jeremy & I always have that annual conversation about ‘money limits’…but all that really means is that he doesn’t want me to spend a ridiculous amount on him but he is gonna spend a ridiculous amount on me.  I ain’t no suckah.  Homie don’t play dat.  So this year, we got our family gift – new tires for our SUV (caCHING!) and a tv for upstairs.  When it came to the boys, we tried to do the ole wear/need/want/read thing…or a version of it.  We planned to get them each something big, something to read, something to wear and something they ‘need’ (which I hate to write because they really have everything they need and don’t need anything).  Oh and this year I did 98% of my shopping on Amazon.  Yeah.  It just made sense.  Otherwise I would be at Target braless with Cheerios in my hair.   

Oh and just so my folks and family aren’t like WHaaaT!?  We also got a bunch of stuff from them…they are ridiculously generous….so thanks y’all.  love you.  and your deep pockets and even deeper hearts :)

1.  Extension Forks – We tackled a big project that we’ve been aching to do for quite some time.  I can’t wait to show you our new fire pit…hollah redneck Survivor reenactments!  Now we also have some fancy forks for roasting up hotdogs and marshmallows.  This gift is for Jeremy just as much as it is for my stomach.

2.  Kobalt Double-drive Screwdriver Set – We are tool junkies.  And when we see that a new tool comes out that might possibly be better than what we already own, we get giggly and giddy.  So needless to say, we have quite the collection.  That is why you know it’s a big deal when we say you need this tool.  And you do.  You need this screwdriver set.  now.  I got it for Jeremy.  Jer’s dad got it for him.  I think two sets might not be enough in our life.   

3.  Axe Detailer - Jer loves him a man-loofah for scrubbing his masculine man-bits.  I now buy them in multi-packs so he gets one for Christmas, one for Memorial Day, one for Fourth of July and one for St. Patricks Day.  It’s a mini gift that keeps my man sparkling….sparkling  clean…not sparkling vampire. 

4.  Viking Fingerprint Safe – We own guns and we believe in responsibility and safety when it comes to gun-ownership.  That’s why we decided to get a beefier safe for our weapons.  Our other one is fine for documents and important ‘stuff’ but we really wanted one that didn’t require a key (in case of an act-fast situation like an intruder), could be bolted to the house, and couldn’t be pryed open or keys easily copied.  Oh and just so everyone knows…no, I’m not afraid to shoot someone to protect my home and children and yes, I’m Italian.  Consider you crazies warned.          

5.  6-Pack Socks by Under Armour – Jeremy always needs socks.  Perfect stocking stuffer :)

6. UGG Ascot Slippers – I honestly didn’t know what to get Jer this year…he’s got enough soda tshirts to rival Johnny-boy, he’s extremely picky about his mountain biking gear and electronics and apparently first place in fantasy football isn’t something you can buy.   So I tried really really hard to think about what would make him a little happier….and the girl in me said fuzzy slippers. 

7. Milwaukee Hammer Drill – Jer’s cordless drill is a little over six years old…and even though it was a good drill, the batteries are starting to not hold a charge and will need to be replaced ($$$)…and the engine for the hammer part is burned out.  yeah.  So after a little research, he got this new corded hammer drill.  dude.  the thing has got power like a semi-truck on steroids. 

1. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet – Will is good at a great many things….balancing breakable items, jamming an entire hardboiled egg in his mouth without choking, staying up till 2am in his room, but the kid stinks at numbers and letters.  I don’t know if it’s just lack of interest or what but he still can’t count to five.  Six does not follow three honey.  I’m hoping that a little magnetic action will spark interest in learning the alphabet correctly…because right now, he only likes the letters W and I.  W for Will and I for ice cream.

2. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site Book – Such a darling book.  Yes, Will knows all the names of the trucks – can’t count to five but gosh darn he knows an excavator when he sees one!

3.  John Deere Gator Ride-Along – We actually bought this last year during a post-Christmas sale (hence the lack of link).  We waited all year.  It almost killed us.  The little Toys movie ride-along he got from his grandparents during his first birthday was too small.  His feet were too big to fit on the sides, it crawled along at the slowest speed imaginable, going up hills was killing Buzz Lightyear and the noises coming from it were borderline inappropriate.  So we splurged and got him this giant gift.  He’s obsessed.  And it comes with the agreement that he must do yardwork.   

4. Skip Hop Zoo Hippo Backpack – I really really wanted to get him a MadPax Spiketus Rex halfpack but I just couldn’t justify spending almost $50 on a toddler backpack (especially since he doesn’t attend a preschool or a place he would need it)…so when I saw the Hippo backpack, I knew Will would love it and the pricetag was something I could get behind.

1. Melissa & Doug Elephant Plush – Big item for a newborn?  hard.  Big elephant for a newborn?  soft :)   I love it.  Weston is my little elephant – a gentle giant if you will :)  Of course, someone else in the family has tried to adopt this guy…no, it wasn’t Jeremy (not yet anyway!) 

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book – I think we have almost every single Eric Carle book except this one.  Weird, huh?  Since this was one of his most famous.  So I got it for Weston (okokWillstolethistoo)…such a cute book…plus, I’m hoping someone learns how to count because of it :)

3. Sophie the Giraffe Teether – I splurged.  I got it and hopefully Weston will gnaw the head clean off this giraffe so I will feel justified for spending the money. 

4. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets – Dude….must haves.  You guys were right about these swaddling blankets…they simply rock.  I love them so much that I think that they will be my go-to present for baby showers going forward.  LOVE.

1.  Under Armour Women’s Tech Tee – My sister in law wears these all the time…and rocks it like Bon Jovi.  except she uses less hair product.   I decided that I’d return the gloves Jeremy bought me (I love you honey but I live in Georgia and don’t need ski gloves…blessyourheart), and snag a longsleeve tee instead.  I do have to give Jer credit for the color choice though…it makes my pastey white complexion look a little less like “corpse-with-powdered-sugar-on-top”.

2. Design*Sponge at Home – I admit it.  I bought this book for myself.  I ordered it and when it arrived, I handed the package to Jeremy and told him to hide it from me till Christmas…which was later that week.  He did an excellent job of wrapping it.  And Grace Bonney did an excellent job of writing it.  Top five for sure in my book category. 

3. The North Face Soft Shell Jacket – This jacket lived on my wishlist for about two years.  And then about six months ago I removed it because I realized that its one of those mythical style items…like the perfect shade of red lipstick or lowrise jeans that cover the mommy belly and don’t show the credit card slot, ifyouknowwhatImean.  Now I have it and I kinda feel like I need a glass case to put it in because it is so pretty.

4. The North Face Fleece Pants – Ever get something and realize that it was something you really would use every single day?  Yeah.  These pants are my unicorn.  And yes, I would use a unicorn every day….everyone knows the best way to travel is to fly :)

5. Nike Free Running Shoes – I have been talking about getting new shoes for oh, about two years.  And then I got pregnant and my feet became wooly mammoths.  minus the wooly.  So my darling boyfriend has been scoping out my Instagram stream and saw some folks with these Nike Free running shoes and knew that I would love them too…isn’t he so thoughtful?!  (I can’t find my exact ones for sale anywhere online…so these are similar). 

6. Romance by Ralph Lauren  – This is my perfume.  I only wear a couple different perfumes regularly but this is the big one…the one I whip out for special dinners and for our romantic rondevous.  Now that I think about it…maybe this is more for him than me :)  Bowchicabower!


So what did you guys get for Christmas?  Anything you can’t believe you ever lived without?  Any new shoes or tools or children’s toys that your kids are nuts over?  I’d love to hear what the fat man brought ya!



  1. says

    I have those same North Face Fleece pants and I love them so much I got a 2nd pair… One to wear out and about, and one to craft in! Best pants ever!

  2. KMP Modern says

    I know all about the fun and excess of the holidays and presents. We have two young children and Christmas morning was a mess of wrapping paper, ribbon and parts of presents. It sounds like you had a great one. Happy New Year. Keep on blogging!


  3. Kim S says

    That man-loofah seriously cracked me up. I thought it was a power tool when I looked at the picture, and then when I started reading the description I had to do a double-take! Now I’m wondering if I could get my husband to put down the bar soap and come over to the loofah side if I got him such a manly loofah. Hmm… :)

  4. Erika m says

    .please don’t feel like this is an attack at all, but maybe consider reading the one star reviews for “Sophie”…seems like a choking hazard and possibly an amazon knockoff. Love your blog

  5. says

    Katie, of all of the gifts, the biometric gun safe is my favorite. I respect and appreciate that you and Jeremy are responsible gun owners, like my husband and I are. I know you are acutely aware of the recent incident in our hometown. That was maybe 2.5 miles from my house – too close for comfort! If you ever want to go to the range, let me know. We go out to Trading Place in Monroe regularly.

  6. says

    I definitely have Nike Free Running Shoes pinned on one of my boards so I love that gift you got. My mom got my son those same letter magnets to help him with his letters too! I was just thinking that I should get my son a little backpack since we’re going on a vacation soon. My husband got me my first pair of diamond stud earrings (love!) and I got him some saxophone music books because he used to play in a USMC military band a couple years ago and wants to start playing again. The big gift we bought ourselves was a new mattress. It was definitely time. We got a new memory foam mattress (icomfort series) and I highly recommend it. I’m so glad you mentioned the bionic safe. I’m fine with having small arms in the house but I told my husband that before we even buy a gun, we need to buy a safe and this one looks perfect! Thanks for the idea!

  7. says

    Such a cute pic of the boys amongst the remnants of the Christmas tornado- I’ll have to remember that shot for next year! My little guy got the large stuffed M&D dalmatian- I’m not a huge fan of stuffed animals, but the big ones are so cute!!

  8. says

    Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is so great! A got that one in my last batch of book reviews and read it to my husband, since we don’t have kids and the dog won’t sit still. He hates when I read to him, and as a libraryless librarian, this is an all too frequent occurrence, but he loved it and when I finished told me that I had to keep this one. I hope Will loves it too, and maybe someday he can read it to Weston!

  9. Rana says

    Will and my son must be on the same number train – it’s always “1-2-3-6″, though if asked he’ll tell you that four comes after three. Silly boys.

    Completely off topic info – today I was in the craft store (Michaels) and they have I LOVE BACON duct tape!!! Very exciting stuff for this bacon lover!

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