Color My Room

Ever wish you could see what your room would look like repainted but not actually pick up a paintbrush?

Well, today is your lucky day. has rolled out an amazing tool called Color My Room and it is for you.

And me.  I love it.

It’s actually easier than photoshopping a room with a different color so yeah…will be going back like a hooker to her favorite corner.  Let me show ya how it works.

First go to (applause audibly for my fellow bloggers Ana, Stefanie, Nicole, Diane, Melissa, Lindsey and Kate who are rockin’ the header like it’s their business) and then click on the Color My Room under the Color Tools.  I uploaded my own picture to show ya how it rolls…

Yeah…my very very blue Jack room (we call it the Jack room but I guess from here on out, it’ll be the nursery).  The thing is, we are moving all this furniture to a basement bedroom which is currently empty.  I wanted to see what color would work down there so I decided to use this tool to virtually paint the walls.

First you select what wall space to color (it takes maybe thirty seconds) and then choose what color to fill in with.  I went with a variety of neutrals to see how it looks against the navy headboard.

I tried a lighter tan too just to see if it popped a little better…

Then I started wandering into the land of warmer, almost orangey based neutrals…oh so pretty…

Then I just went for it…flat out color…

I kinda loved the orange…it was a pop that looked rich and totally outta the box.  So I clicked finish and the Glidden color list and photo popped up.  It was so easy and it told you exactly where to go to purchase your paint.  I can imagine myself doing this for every room and being able to give Jeremy some options.  He loves to have a visual and this would be one way that I could convince him that my colors aren’t totally nuts.

And now you’ll know how I’ll be spending my weekend…virtually repainting every room in the house :)

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Glidden/Akzo Nobel Paints to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  And no I am not a streetwalker.  yet.



  1. says

    Oh my gosh that is the easiest way ever to help a man that has zero imagination! Now I have to wait until tomorrow to take photos of every room in our house! Thanks Katie B!

  2. Emily says

    I just had to comment because I noticed the name of the paint color – “Spiced Gingerbread” – that’s the color of my kitchen! I had it color-matched into Behr paint (my favorite), and I definitely had a “holy cow this is bright” moment when I opened the can, but I’m happy I went with it – it’s a warm, welcoming color (and not too bright on the walls!) You can see it here:

  3. says

    I’ve seen a few of these types of program before and being a painter and decorator these colour tools can be very useful when helping a customer to decide on a colour scheme. I’ll certainly be giving this one a whirl!

  4. says

    That is such a fabulous concept! We’ll definitely be putting it to good use in the future! Though I imagine my husband might play with it longer than it takes to paint! Bless his sweet, wonderful, handsome soul!

  5. Kelly says

    What a great tool! As I read through your post I was super keen to find out what my living room would look like in a different colour, and by the end of the post – face palm! My living room is an orange (thanks to my fiance) and I’m not always into it… And then lo! You choose orange. So maybe I’m just not hip enough yet…

    But will totally be using this tool – thanks for sharing!

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