Love Bucket

It’s Valentine’s Day Week!  Let’s get our hump on!

(just kidding mom.)

But I do want to throw down some love-fun even if I’m not being inappropriate on my boytoy’s leg.  Love doesn’t mean you gotta hump.  You can quote me on that one.  Hump.  Had to say the word one more time.  It’s a joy to imagine my mother’s reaction.

Okay – so for today we are making a LOVE BUCKET!   You will need some things that most crafters have laying around the house…an empty vessel, some twine or fabric, a glue gun, scissors, tape and decorations for the outside of the bucket.

Start by cleaning off the outside wrapper of your bucket (if you are using a plain jar, skip this step.) I used a Clorox wipes container (I save all my plastic stuff for crafts and games with Will) and just removed the label and the lid.

My assistant used a piece of tape to put the beginning part of the twine on the bottom of the container.

Once it was secure, I could use the glue gun to fasten the first row of twine to the bottom of the container.  Then you remove the tape.  Once the first two rows are glued on, you can continue wrapping it without the glue.

Every couple inches or so, I would put another thin line of glue on the container to secure the twine in place.

Make sure you push the twine tightly against the other rows so that the white doesn’t peek through.

When it comes to the end, be careful to glue all the twine to the lip and edges.  Also, a couple extra rows down the mouth of the container helps make it look more finished.

Once your bucket is completely covered in twine, it’s time to decorate.  I had all these items on hand (the bakers twine and flower stickers are from Michaels and the clothes pin is from our laundry room).

All I had to do was wrap the bakers twine around the container a couple times and through the back of the sticker flower and fasten a little card to the front…

Now whenever we think of something sweet to tell someone else, we write it down and drop the note in the bucket.  Will is obsessed with dumping out the notes at the end of the day and reading all the sweet nothings.  Sometimes it is as simple as “I like the way you load the dishwasher” or “when you smile, I want to smile” or “I love you…that is all.”

Have y’all been making love notes or valentines lately?  Anything Valentines day related?

I’ve been thinking that you crafty peoples out there probably have some mad V-day crafts going on this week.  Let’s linky party this Valentines day to see all your red, white and pink going on!  It can be anything love-day related….wreaths, valentines, presents, baked goods…personally I am trying to convince Jer to dress up in his cupids outfit and pose for photos :)



  1. says

    Hey oh! I have the perfect container for this, a bit smaller but it will do. Yay for easy projects :)

    I love that you do things to make your mother squirm. Now that’s revenge for “no ice cream before you go to bed!”

  2. says

    Once again… I laughed out loud at the last “hump”. I’m sure that you make your mother very very proud! So glad you have a wonderful little helper! This is a neat project. Happy Valentines Day!

  3. says

    This is so cute and so simple, it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

    PS: Cracking up at the thought of your mother’s reaction, because if it were mine, I bet she’d be rolling over and dying of embarrassment. :) Well done!

  4. says

    Very cool!

    My hub wrote me 14 sonnets last year for Valentine’s Day. Uh, yeah, it’s tough being married to a man who can speak in iambic pentameter without trying and who makes up parodies of 80s songs for our daughter like I can bake (very, very easily).

    Appreciate the linky party, as I was thinking the same thing: others have to be doing stuff, too. I wonder what’s out there.

  5. says

    This is great! I love the twine. I tied ribbon scraps and fabric to twine to make a garland, very shabby chic decorations. Love your container, hope you get some sweet messages from Jeremy! : )

  6. Connie says

    I love your framed artwork. We are redoing our kitchen now and that would be perfect on our new countertops!! Love your posteveryday. Love your blog. You just seem so real…and I tell my husband that we would totally be friends in real life!!

  7. Haley says

    Very cute idea! All I did was make a super ridiculous Valentines Day Card. The card doesn’t actually say anything about Valentines day but it does reference a certain sexy Lonely Island song. Oh and my boyfriend and I have animal nicknames for each other so I found little plastic animals, took a picture of them together to create the center of the card. I used a free online picture editor to do a cheesy Valentines frame, some random stickers and a song reference. Now I just have to print it out to give to him Friday when he gets in town (long distance) when we exchange some silly Valentines Day sweet nothings and then prepare for four days of gaming at Dundracon (RPG gaming convention like Dungeons & Dragons stuff)!

  8. Amber says

    I LOVE this idea. I think I might make a love bucket to keep in my daughters’ rooms year round . Then once a month or once a year read all of their love notes to them.

  9. says

    #1, I love twining things. ALL things.
    #2, I love this idea and will probably be stealing it… since I just bought a 4-pack of Clorox wipes. Assume I’ll be using them up at a rapid pace!

  10. says

    This is perfect timing! I’ve been trying to decide on the best way to cover an actual clorox wipes container that sits on the bathroom counter. (I like to keep them in the bathroom but they can’t go under the counter because my one year old has grabby hands and still likes to put things in her mouth…)

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