Monthly Report – December 2012

December seemed like ages ago.  So much has changed.  So much is different.  In December, I was still posting pregnancy projects…while barely getting out of my bedroom most days while healing from Weston’s delivery…it was challenging even with a wonderful new baby who nursed well and slept like a champ and a two year old who was suprisingly patient and loving to his new family.  But somehow even with all those bah-humbugs in the mix, with the aide of Advil and a donut shaped pillow, I was able to do some very fun holiday activities with Will and still managed a bit of Christmas decorating and some quick mini makeovers.  Here the recap of our very merry December…







Each month we do our sponsor shoutout.  Literally, these are the folks that keep us with meat on our plate and our bones and allow us to keep this blog up and running.  I can not say thank you to them enough….please consider them if you are in the market for a similar product!


Bama+ry is an etsy shop full of inspiring jewelry.  My favorite is the ‘strong like a motha’ necklace.  That is awesome.  plain and simple.

My go-to source for tile is The Tile Shop.  It’s all in the name.  They carry the tile you see in designs from Sarah Richardson and are beautiful enough to warrant tile PDA.

Kitchen Resource Direct has the cheapest wholesale prices for cabinets the internet has to offer – price guaranteed!  Personally I like looking at their galleries.  It’s like eye candy for the kitchen-obsessed.


Impressions Hardwood Collection carries amazing variety of hardwoods.  I bookmarked some of their delicious dark engineered hardwoods for our basement.  I’d throw my body at them if I thought it would get me a new basement floor :)

Signs by Andrea makes these customizable family rules artwork.  I love creating new rules.  I love creating new wall hangings for my family.  My favorite new rule is “When in doubt, put on a flower headband.”

I was surprised to find out that Golden Age USA sells a ton more than just lights.  They have rugs, home decor, and furniture.  Basically they are an online mall.  Get your mall walk on and check em out.


Ever think that maybe your home should reflect you?  The true, quirk and fun person you are?  Well, Erie Drive can help.  They have some of those personality pieces that you crave.

I wouldn’t say that wall decals are always my jam…but there is a time and a place.  Evgie Nev carries some options that I would totally put in a playroom or a nursery or a dorm room.  I even have one ready for when I paint our little room.  Wanna guess which one?

Cozilee makes a statement.  Well, you are gonna be the statement maker but they help by providing the statement pieces.  Go ahead.  Freak out.


Knesting is a makeover for your cheap Ikea furniture.  Those Craigslist finds have never looked so darn good.

Did you know that I worked for a Dermapathology lab in college?  Yeah.  Skin care is a big deal.  And that is why I’m super excited about Rodan+Fields Dermatologists offering my readers a great promotion.  Check it out.

Are you looking for some contemporary art?  Well, look to Jacqueline Beck for some gorgeous abstract pieces that would fancy up any home in a heartbeat.





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    Cheers to December when we:

    *Welcomed Susanna Hope during Finals Week
    *Saw the hub’s father hold a baby for the first time in years (he’s had Parkinson’s for nearly 20 years)
    *Enjoyed all of those pre-baby meals I made because she arrived in her time
    *Heard my parents exclaim sounds of joy at the beauty of our snowy mountains
    *Watched my hub’s son from his first marriage build a 10 foot snow cave that was completely liveable (thank you week of snow that fell at Christmas)
    *Celebrated life to the fullest each sleep-deprived new baby moment

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