Pocket Euro

Pocket Euros.  Not to be confused with pocket change.  or hot pockets.  or small europeans that you can stick in your pocket for entertainment purposes or to model small chic parisian clothing.  no.  Anyone that would think of such a thing is a weirdo.  And could be engaged in human trafficing.  Liam Neeson is watching.  just sayin.

We are talking easy pillow covers.

The euro pillows on our master bed were a little lacking.  First of all there were only two.  And Ikea no longer sells those pillow covers.  Darn those Scandinavians and their meatballs.  So I couldn’t run out and buy a third.  I tried.

Instead I decided to go the cheap route and make my own.  I picked up three yards of fabric at my favorite discount place, The Fabric Mart (it’s in Stone Mountain for all you locals).  The striped white and muted teal fabric was $2 a yard…so that brought my cost to $6 plus the $8 I spent on the new euro pillow.  Together my supplies made this extremely easy project ring in at the astounding price of fourteen big ones.

Here’s how I did it…

First get out a very cute and happy baby with fuzzy hair.  Important first step.

Secondly, get out your fabric and scissors and your old sham.

Jot down some notes on random wood.

Per the old sham, my final pillow cover needed to be 26″ square.  So I added an inch on both sides to hem…making it 28″ x 26″….then I wanted an overlap to form the pocket adding 10″ to the 26″ making my final measurements – 28″x36″.

I cut out three different pieces at that final measurement.  I love when I have striped fabric because it makes cutting so much easier…otherwise my lines look more crooked than a politician at a strip club.  No offense hookers.

Then came the tedious part…ironing.

I like to iron all my hems before sewing.  It makes the ends look really crisp and clean.  You wanna fold over your narrow side of fabric and iron, then fold again and iron again to make it look the best.  Do that on both ends.

After you sew the hems on both ends, you wanna lay your fabric over your old sham and make sure the size is right.  Pin and then sew.

After you turn the pocket right side out, you slip your pillow inside and whambamthankyoumaam.

Granted…I am a super slow ironer…I’m paranoid about burning my fingers off…although the bleeding would be minimal.  The heat might cotterize the wound…hmm…something to think about.

So slow ironer…right…this took me about thirty minutes a piece to make.  Precious time if you ask me.  But I love how they turned out.

Plus, they require no zippers or buttons which can take an eye out with a pillow-fight-loving two year old in the mix.

Have you guys been sewing anything lately?  I must admit that I am one to put sewing projects on the back burner just simply because they seem so time consuming.  And frankly, I can barely sew a straight line.

That’s all I got for today!  Hope y’all have a great weekend!  We are gonna be painting, cleaning, fighting off this mad cold, and preparing for our first ever photoshoot.  Yes.  I am not thrilled at the fact that my first one ever is happening when I have post-baby weight and bald spots but I am hoping that people don’t notice it while they drool over my new tile backsplash :)

p.s.  I write for Wayfair too!  Click here to read my favorite ways to whip a pantry into shape.

***UPDATE: The fabric store is called Fabric World.***



      • says

        ah, the joys of motherhood! last time i just had breakage around the edges, but this time i have it the same as yours. parting my hair in the middle helps disguise it a bit. :)

  1. Staci says

    OMG…seriously…could Weston’s smile and fuzzy hair be any cuter? :) THAT must be why my sewing projects always fail…no cute, fuzzy haired baby to get out while I work.

  2. says

    Love these! I have a bed similar to yours that I have had since before I was married and our bedding is cream and blue as well. I am always looking for a way to make it more masculine for my husband and these would be a great quick, cheap and easy solution.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    I love it! My hubby bought me a sewing machine for our anniversary (I know, so romantic) and I have yet to try it. You have inspired me to try it!


  4. says

    Looks great! I need to break out the sewing machine this weekend. Have way too many pillows waiting for a cover. Thanks for inspiring!

  5. says

    Hi! I am actually going to try and make pillow covers this weekend. I found some king pillowcases on clearance at Tar-jay that I plan on taking apart and sewing. I will try my best (I do not like to sew, am not very good) and post on my accomplishments this weekend. Thanks for the tips!!

    P.S.-Love the blog!! And you have the most handsome boys!

  6. Terri Simmons says

    We’ve been whipping up infinity scarves. Soooo easy, creative, and cheap. We can make three scarves from 1 3/4 yards of material. That means one to keep and 2 to swap or share. Love it.

  7. says

    I’ve taken a bit of a break from sewing lately, but a few months ago I sewed all the items for my little man’s nursery, including 3 crib sheets, 1 crib skirt, 2 changing table pad covers, 2 Boppy covers, and 6 throw pillows! (Oy vey- I needed the break!) I loved how his Nursery turned out though, and how nearly everything in the room was hand made by his mama. He’s 4 months now, and his Nursery, (even at 2 in the morning) is my favorite place in the house! http://oneprojectatatime.blogspot.com/2012/09/sewing-nursery-decor.html

  8. Kristin says

    I’m amazed at how much Weston looks like Will! It’s his mini me! Also, when do we get to hear the next part of Weston’s birth story? I can’t wait to hear the end!

  9. says

    Did you pick up the pillow forms at the Fabric Mart too? I’ve really been struggling with where to get cheap yet comfortable pillows. (Why do the ones from Ikea and Crate and Barrel feel like they’re filled with shredded paper?)

    • says

      I got our pillows at a place in Chattanooga called Southeastern Salvage…but I’ve seen cheap ones at a variety of places. I do think that the fabric store has them too!
      xo – kb

  10. says

    Yep – I’m excessively intimidated by the whole sewing prospect as well. I really, really want to tackle some curtains soon though, so I think I need to follow your lead and just do it. :) The pillow cases look really great, good work!

  11. says

    On behalf of Hookers everywhere, I am totally offended. I am also very offended that you offend us then steal our tagline “whambamthankyoumam”…. unnacceptable! JK!!!

    I had no idea pillows could be this simple. I’ve had a sewing maching sitting on my desk taunting me for over a year now… maybe I should dust it off and learn already!

  12. Cassie says

    Those are super cute!

    I have been putting off finishing my daughter’s quilt due to student teaching.

    I also have a shirt that I will be turning into a dress for my oldest daughter. It shrunk and is too short on me, but I wore it today anyway and caught it in my zipper, leaving a small hole at the bottom. Time to become a dress for Buggie.

  13. says

    I am doing this exact project this week! Except for couch pillows. And I always have to draw things out too.. If I don’t I regret it! LOVE the smiley pic of Weston. And I am so jealous that you got fabric for $2 a yard!

  14. says

    I love the fabric you picked. Thanks for your clear directions, I am totally going to make some pillow covers soon.

    Also, Weston is too cute. Hands down the happiest baby on the interwebs! xx.

  15. says

    oh good night i am loving your bedroom! i’ve always been a bit of guy when it comes to extraneous pillows on a bed, but this post is making me come around. and i have to ask, where did you get that rug?! i’m always on the lookout for pretty rugs that won’t make my baby and i break out into hives and your’s looks like a winner.

  16. Maryanne says

    Ok- I haven’t even read the whole post yet and I had to comment. Weston is the very cutest baby! Oh my goody goodness, what a smile! Squee! Going back to read the rest now…

  17. says

    Great minds think alike! I just took a break from sewing a euro pillowcase to catch up on some of my fave blogs and look what I found! Yours look great! I’m making mine from two different fabrics (one on each side), but it’s for a dog bed, so I’m not being quite as careful on the sewing end as I usually am. I mean, it’s only a dog bed :). It’ll be up on my blog this week!

  18. says

    I never had the desire to learn to sew from my Mom, so all things requiring a sewing machine are sent with a polite e-mail request to her or a phone call with the “you do what’s best for you, Mom. We understand” points emphasized.

    Fortunately, my Mom is more than eager to receive these calls and make things for her only granddaughter (born a few weeks after Weston).

    We’re equally as blessed that my hub’s mom an make anything by hand or machine. (She used to own her own fabric store.) She randomly puts stuff in the mail when she feels inspired and it’s completed on her check list.

    I dream of spending a week with my hub’s mom learning from her, and maybe her 7-year-old granddaughter who lives nearby. :-)

  19. Connie says

    I have a great example of thinking a home repair was going to be huge, and it turned out to be tiny, financially and otherwise. I’ve always left garden hoses connected to outdoor spigots all winter long. (I live in Kansas-it gets cold!) That whole busted pipe thing happened to other people, as far as I was concerned, but about 7 years ago in the Spring, when I turned on the spigot and my basement had a minor flood, I discovered that it happened to me! I called a plumber out who looked everything over and told me that to get to the pipe and replace it, part of my (finished) basement ceiling would have to come out and most of the built in bookshelves & lower cabinets (courtesy of the previous owner) would have to be torn out, AND it would cost a minimum of $700. I would then have to put everything back together (or pay someone else to do it-NOT!) I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Fast forward to this past fall when I had a guy install a new front door for me. He seemed to know just about everything house-related, so I asked him to take a look. He looked outside where the spigot is, then looked in the basement and said “It should be right up in there (pointing). We’ll just take down that board up there and see.” It was! We only had to remove ONE piece of the bookshelves (none of the nearby ceiling!) for him to get to the pipe. He cut out the bad part, soldered in a new piece and charged me $70, and & $40 of that was for the part itself! I put the shelf back together, did a little spackling & touch-up painting and it looks like nothing ever happened. Now I can water my grass & flowers this summer, without carrying water in a watering can! Thank God! I thought this was all nothing short of a miracle.

    Weston is soooo cute! I live fairly near Weston, MO–a charming little town on the Missouri River :) Great name!

  20. says

    I’m digging the pillow set up. We’re really lost on our king bed with pillows (3 regular across is too many, 2 is too few). Euro’s x three would be a good solution, plus you have your regular 2 too!

  21. mina says

    Aloga! The pics for the tutorial were great! I used different measurements though since I had 2 long pieces of fabric (I used curtains) and was able to just use one piece (28in x 72in). Mahalo for posting! I was able to get 4 shams for $14. Yay!

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