Dining On Cream

Sorry I’ve been MIA folks.  The boys were sick.  And it seems like life pretty much morphs into a world of hot shower rooms, medicine administering, soothing cries and trying to squeeze every second out of those restful moments.  I’m thankful for them because it means I have two boys…but I’ll also be thankful for when those moments are over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief scented with Vicks vapor rub.  Now on to the real meat of this thing….  

This is our dining room.  Well.  This is our dining room before we hung up our sentimental spots artwork.  You know…the one where I misspelled Riviera.  Dang photoshop and its lack of spell check.  Not that I would use it…but still…dang photoshop.  Seriously…I can be such an airhead.  But you already know that or you should if you’ve read this blog for long enough.

Back to the point.  Our dining room.  It used to look like this:

A while back, we dreamed about painting the trim white (see that photoshopped photo below?!).  Just saying “painting the trim white” is like a boost of fresh air and a headache all in one.  We love having white trim…we just don’t like painting it…by hand.  After painting Will’s room trim by hand and then spraying the office and kitchen trim, we realized spraying is WAY easier.  As in WAY.

So one day while Jeremy was at work and the boys were napping (it was a miracle of miracles to have them both down at the same time), I decided to take the room from this….

to this…

I was sweating like a husky in the bahamas.  That’s a lot more muscle than I’m usually exerting.

 But everytime I looked around the room, the creamy tan trimwork was taunting me.  It was enough motivation in of itself to get the room cleared.

When we spray, won’t we have to repaint?

Well, me…I’m so glad I asked that.  Yes.  We will need to repaint.  The overspray will definitely muss up the walls.  But I hid a secret from you.  The secret is that the walls were already mussed.  Apparently my spelling skills are up there with my mixing paint skills. 

Way back in the day, when we used oops paint to cover up the RED! paint (yes the color shouted at any passerbyers), I made a fatal error.  I bought the bucket of oops paint, had the folks behind the paint counter spin & shake it, and took it home.  My mom told me that I should mix it again with a stir stick.  Being the daughter I am, I didn’t listen.  So after the first two coats were complete, I poured the remainder of paint out in the pan (along with some white clumps that affected the color)…and proceeded to roll patchy places all over the room.  Go ahead mom.  Say it.  You totally told me so.

Most of it was not noticable in photos….especially when I hung up artwork and such.  In real life though, it stood out.  It bothered me every.day.  But the oops color was still better than the RED! so I left it and moved on to other rooms.

So repainting the walls was a must.  Repainting the walls and trim…both big musts.  When Jeremy got home, he asked what was happening.  I told him that we were gonna repaint the dining room.  He then asked if we were spraying the trim.  Why yes.  yes..you are :)  He was actually really happy.  He loves a fancy dining room.

The rest of the room got shifted into the foyer and the reading room.   Just keeping it real…

Over the course of the next two days, I Frogtaped and papered the room within an inch of it’s life.  I pushed aside all urges to email/blog/shower/clean/cook and spent every second I could in here.  Which leads me to my next point…I need a day.  I have decided that I need one day a week where I have an hour or two without the boys.  The weekends are awesome for family time and I love being a stay-at-home mom….but if I had just ONE HOUR of a mommy’s helper or babysitter or whatever they call them, I feel like it could be ultra productive.  At least I could have a moment of sanity.

Sherry told me about the awesome couple-day-a-week preschool program that Clara is in….maybe I could find something like that.  Or do a mothers-morning out.  All something to think about.  This motherhood thing is hard to know what is right for your kid and what is right for you and to find balance.   

Sooo…back to the dining room….the whole thing was ready for paint.  Click here for my method for perfectly taped and protected hardwoods. 

We also left a surprise for Jeremy on the floor. 

My gosh they are too cute.  Seriously.  It is probably just me and my hormones…but they are just so adorable, right?!  Like perfectly iced little cupcakes…just begging for a snuggle.  Not that anyone snuggles cupcakes. 

Weston…aka the man of my dreams….he was perfecting the shading on his waistline.  That funny eyebrow gets me.  every.  time.

The floors were ready and the doorways got plastic wrapped.  These giant sheets of plastic are available at Lowe’s.  They are 9×12 I believe and they are 3 for about $3.  They are REALLY thin though so you have to be careful not to rip them when hanging them up.

The next two days Jeremy did all the spraying.  He said he really enjoys it.  It’s the only kind of painting that he does like.  Probably because it is FAST.  He was done with the entire room AND clean up of the sprayer in thirty minutes each day.    

We have the Graco TrueCoat Plus sprayer…I know you’ll ask :)

And he did two coats.  That’s it. 

The other area that was calling for a coat of white paint was the ceiling.   All the ceilings here are tan.  ergh.

So Jeremy rolled while I cut in.  We used bright white ceiling paint.  It’s flat and covers a lot with one coat. 

We decided to paint both levels of the tray ceiling.  We considered making the lower level a different color again…but in the end, we just wanted it to be all white.  We just felt that this was a darker room and needed more light…especially if we planned a darker wall color. 

See how different the white is from the cream? 

And the previous wall color even looks different now that it’s against white instead of that Nicole-Kidman’s-skin-color. 

Next up?  PAINTING!  I am so so excited to show you all the wall color.  It’s killing me a little just to have to wait to upload the photos.  I MIGHT DIE.

spoiler alert…we already bought the table for in this room too!  AHHH!  Since we were able to save a little in the kitchen, we decided that the extra moolah could be used for a new table.  Unfortunately it’s not in there quite yet because we didn’t have a truck to haul it down from Chattanooga…so for now we have a different table in here (that’s actually quite cute for a smaller dinner table).  I can’t wait to share both the place-holder table and then when we get the big one, share the one we’ve DROOLED OVER. 

Okayokayokay.  I’m off to our playdate and then back to getting the house ready for guests.

p.s.  This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape. The opinions and spelling mistakes are completely my own based on my experience.



  1. Jessie G says

    Hi Katie!
    Man, you two are super impressive! Look at you all motivated to get the house ready for Jeremy to paint upon his arrival! Now, THAT’s what i call TEAM WORK! ;)

    Can i make a request?!?!?!

    Can you please, please, please make a post about your spray gun one day? I know you’ve given us tidbits of info on it when you painted the office, the kitchen and now the trip… But I want to know more specifics

    Like did you have to water down the paint – i know there was a post where you spot about the splatters, how do you avoid that?

    Do you just stick to a certain brand of paint ?

    details! I beg you…

    my husband is not much of a painter and we have a house that requires a lot of painting. We purchased a foreclosed home in 2010 and have yet to repaint most rooms – only 2 have gotten new paint and all others, we tried to match but that was a big fail.

    So, having a paint gun will be sure to help us accomplish the mission without too much trouble on my hubby’s end

    • says

      Sure! I have a post that I’m doing to follow up on a few things…like our duct work, our carpet, our appliances and our vacuum…so I would gladly add that one to the list!
      xo – kb

      • Kelly in Sandy Springs says

        If I may add on to that request, I would love more detail on how you handle windows and doors with the sprayer! It looks like they were sprayed along with the rest of the trim, but did you do anything specific to keep them from sticking? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Amanda says

    Weston looks like a tiny tiny Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey in the best sweetest best way. They have kind eyes. I’ve been thinking it for ages and the image of him on his belly with the crayon & the funny eyebrow just sealed it for me. You needed to know! ;-)

    • Sarah says

      !!! So so true! I never would have seen it had you not pointed it out!

      And you are not wrong, Katie–your kids are the CUTEST.

  3. Jennifer says

    I wish you lived near me cuz I would offer up my 10 year old who is awesome with babies as a Momma’s helper, she works cheap (cuz she’s 10) but she’s great (cuz she has 3 younger sisters) I highly recomend you ask around for an oldest daughter of a big family they have lots of experience! And I love the dining room transformation, my trim is oil based so it is yellowing as it ages and I HATE it.

  4. Jillian says

    My first babysitting gig was watching two kids around Will and Weston’s age for a couple hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer. The mom would meet up with friends, grocery shop, or just get things done while I played with the kids. It was really good for the kids too because they were so shy, it really made them feel more comfortable with the sitter when the parents went out for the night.

  5. Karyl says

    Without a “mother’s helper” (at $3-5/hr for a twelve-yr old to help watch (entertain?) my 1 yr and 2 yr old) I never would have finished writing my PhD or moving out-of-state! I think it’s the only way I got to shower during that time too. :-)

    Anyway, a totally random question for you…but how do you like your heat registers in the wall up towards the ceiling? Why I ask is because we are about to break ground on a new house next month and our builder just let us know that we can’t have our HVAC duct work in the floor (it’s in a flood zone), so up to the ceiling it goes. Do you find that they still work well in terms of dispersing heat? and, how much of an eyesore is it to see them on the walls vs. the floor? Thanks for your input!

    • says

      They work fine for us…I actually prefer them now because Will used to like to try to stick things down the hole if it was on the floor. And it’s not something I even notice now…so maybe if you have a home that is in a lot of photos or whatnot…but as long as it’s not in a central location and large large large…I would say I vote wall!
      xo – kb

      • Karyl says

        Thanks for the input! I hadn’t thought about the kids sticking things down the floor registers–my 4 yr old seems to love that. Last time we had the ducts cleaned, the service hadn’t us 8 matchbox cars, a half pound of legos, and various parts of random toys.

  6. Meg says

    How do you manage to do the projects one after another? It takes months for me to get time paint one room. With 2 kids, and being full time working professionals, I can manage one project in a few months. Wish I could be as prolific. Great job!

    • says

      Well, some are small and some are large…we try to tackle two big rooms a year…but to be perfectly honest, we are just normal people and we treat our projects like normal people do. We take long breaks and don’t do anything just for a post. Our priority is our kids and serving others first…if a room gets pushed to the back burner or the house needs painting…fine…I would rather be living than worrying about keeping up, ya know?!
      xo – kb

  7. says

    it looks so good and as a new mother of 2 boys as well, i am with you 100%!!! I need just an hour to get stuff DONE! Momming is hard stuff and just a few hours a week are amazing! Sending you some good luck vibes that the babes sleep again at the same time tomorrow ;)

  8. says

    It is amazing to see the transformation of the house. It is great that you get the stuff done by yourselves which can be fun and also you can do it with lots of care as it is your own cosy nest.

  9. Leslie says

    Great work Katie! Love the progress you’re making on this beautiful room. One quick question – I noticed you left your outlet covers on when you painted. Did you cover the actual plugs? Does the paint adhere well to the cover? Thanks!

  10. says

    That Nicole Kidman skin color reference cracked me up. You could have said “Katie Peters skin color”, but I guess it wouldn’t have worked quite as well. Cream is the new tan, right?!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your dining room…

  11. says

    I too would love some tips on using the paint sprayer! I have never used one before but love the idea of having such a smooth coat of paint without brush marks but have always been unsure if I could pull it off.
    Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  12. Amber says

    What is it about the ATL area and cream trim? My inlaws just purchased a home in Walton Co. And the house is gorgeous but has tan/cream trim. I immediately thought of all your posts about your trim. Not to mention wanting to paint every square inch of my inlaws home (and painting trim is the bane of my existence). Gonna have to try the sprayer if I can talk them into letting me paint. :) Just thought I would share with you KB! Hope you and your boys are well!!!!!

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