Kristen Bell

I named our newest kitchen addition in honor of Kristen Bell.  It just fits. 

Rewind a bit…about two years…to our old house.  Wait.  Keep rewinding.  Go about twenty five years or so.  I was in Jersey.  With my parents.  Obviously…because I would be only four years old (wink wink!).  And we lived in a really rural part of Jersey…where the state gets it’s nickname of The Garden State…and my mom would be slaving over a dinner for all four of us kids and it would finally be ready.  But of course, we kids were dirting around making mud pies and digging booby traps in the woods.  (yes, ‘dirting around’ is now officially the term I use for kids playing outside…appropriate, no?!).  So in order for us to hear her, she would open the door and ring a bell.  It’s clang would reverberate through the trees and bring us children running.  My mom was like the Pied Piper…except she was the Belled Bella.  

Now fast forward to three years ago…I had picked up this bell at Home Goods, hoping and praying that I could find a spot to put it so that I too could have a dinner bell to ring and my kiddos could come runnin’. 

Fast forward to about two years ago…I pack up the dinner bell I had bought and never put up…and moved it to our new house…where I placed it in a to-do box. 

Well, you can imagine my excitement when about a month ago, I rediscovered it and was finally able to install it.  Basically I was at 11 on the happy scale.     

Now the Kristen Bell reference.  Have you seen her sloth story on Ellen?  Click here if you haven’t

Basically I love her for that.  That’s like me…crying at everything…except I’m nowhere near as cute when I cry.  I’m a snotty ugly mess.  But the point is, this bell is that for me.  It’s my sloth.    

And Will loves it too.  He asks every night if he can ring it….and then shouts “IT’S DINNAH TIME! C’MON EHBODY!” 

Thank goodness he is a too short to reach it without a boost…because we would be eating dinner ALL THE TIME.

Do you have something like that?  Something special you’ve been waiting for?  Waiting to have in your life and you just get weirdly excited about it?  Your own sloth? Or perhaps you can relate to the whole bought-it-moved-it thing?  Or you just had a dinner bell every night?  I’m like Pavlov’s dog…you ring one, I gotta eat.



  1. says

    so, first of all, i just started following you and i want to be your bestie. ok? love your house and your work and your pizazz.

    second of all, i’d literally just posted about how i still find myself crying despite feeling like my heart is overflowing with happy and then i read your post, watched the video and knew that she describes how i feel to a “t”! awesome.

  2. gina says

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane: I’m one of four siblings whose mom had to ring dinner bell to summons us from the dirt!

  3. says

    My brother and I would be so far out in the woods playing behind our house that my mom would honk the car horn when we were supposed to come home. :)

  4. Tara G. says

    I have a cow bell. We had gone to Bavaria for a business trip with my husband, and it was just a really great break from Ukraine. When we’d drive to the hotel we were staying at on Lake Eibsee, we’d pass gorgeous green fields at the foot of the mountains and every cow had a bell on- it was the prettiest sound, so I asked for a bell for my mother’s day gift. It’s in the kitchen and a jingle gets the kids running to wash their hands and at the table within minutes. :)

  5. Katie says

    Um, this womb is on FIYAAAH!!! That might be the cutest picture of the boyfriend and Weston. The freaking cutest!

  6. says

    Aww, I love this story! I also love the pics of the boys in this post. My babe is only 8 months, but the picture of Will stretching to reach the bell makes me weepy thinking about how fast babies grow up. “IT’S DINNAH TIME!”

  7. Suzi says

    Oh my gosh…just watched the sloath video and I laughed so hard that tears are streaming down my face. Thanks for sharing the link. And I LOVE the dinner bell. It’s been on my wish list since I can remember.

  8. says

    That is adorable — the way Will yells for everyone to come, that is! I love the idea of a dinner bell, but we never had one. Maybe once we have kids it will be a necessity! It looks fabulous, btdubs.

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