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When we lived in our old house, we bought some of our favorite things from a gem of a store in Chattanooga called Southeastern Salvage.  Our old tv console was a Southeastern Salvage item…as was our antique’s ships wheel.  Every time we visit family and friends we go and stroll around inside pretending that we could afford it all and fill our house with goodies.  I get so excited to share little shopping adventures with you…this is one of those times…except it isn’t like Goodwill where the prices are rock-bottom.  Southeastern Salvage has manageable prices but I like to think that their items are above average.  Think Restoration Hardware goods at clearance outlet prices.         

Jeremy and I are dreaming of the day when we buy more leather.  I need more hide in my life.  These spectacular leather chairs came in at $988 which is no small chunk of change but they look like they will last a lifetime.

I was drawn to the industrial furniture like this island/cart.  At $500 it doesn’t come off as cheap but you would be hardpressed to DIY this sucker.

Another wheeled option would be this two-tier cart.  Perfect for extra storage and would clean up in a snap!

Oh and the tables!  The tables are our absolute favorite.  Every now and again they will have a new shipment and we lay down our upper halves on each one.  I’m not kidding. 

I love love love this chunky legged table – it was marked down to $1200 but the Restoration Hardware version was over $2K so it is definitely a savings if this was the look you loved.

This time I was crazy about this one.  It has no seams on the top which is AMAZING for eliminating those crumbs that get stuck in the cracks of wood tables and it was just rustic enough to speak to the country girl in me.  Plus it was the perfect matte gray brown…

I loved this tall bar height table with metal legs but I just don’t have a spot for it.  The price was $400 which I think is fair. 

I was also obsessed with these chairs.  If they had a set of six I would have carried them home on my back.

Jer and I also considered these gray chairs for the dining room…I love the straight legs and the perfect sloping arms.


There was also matching settee…which would look amazing at the end of a bed…(I drooled all over that tufted ottoman too!)

And the matching bed with tufted headboard.  So swanky :)

The store also carries a bunch of different stuff…like these colorful and intricate console tables…

and a variety of mirrors like this little stacked crosscut wood one (which I think would be amazing to DIY!)…

and this driftwood one that was so huge they didn’t have a spot to hang it. 

One of my favorites was this round framed one.  Even more than the mirror I love the reflection.  Apparently Weston just smiles at anyone passing by…

We like to walk the entire store…including the art aisles…these $29 frames were about three feet high which is a decent deal if you like the art because it comes ready to hang. 

And these ship prints in the warm wood frames were my jam.  It took everything in me not to take two home…

The variety extended beyond butterflies…

to fish…and chalkboard frames.  The big ones were only $39 which is about how much all the materials would cost you.

Or maybe masks are your thing?  Well, you and Jim Carey could find one here…

We explored the vast number of rugs….(which something to note…if you see a good deal for something you love…buy it now!  Last time I was there I was thisclose to buying a cowhide rug for under $100 and now they are back up to $189 and didn’t have the color I liked…so lesson learned!)

This visit they had a bunch of options…

these runners were colorful and under $100…

And these oversized runners were a rare find…I loved the worn bits.  Most just said Turkish rugs…so it definitely required some digging.

In the lighting section, we looked for something to go in Weston’s future room…no luck this time but I wouldn’t be surprised if next time was the winner.


I loved this one for over a  kitchen peninsula…

Jeremy liked this barrel inspired version…

This one was close to coming home with us…but we had limited room so I decided to pass.

Over near the lighting they had a bunch of natural wood furniture…I especially liked this stump coffee table.  Soo textural and cool.  Definitely a one-of-a-kind piece. 

I didn’t snap a lot of the outdoor furniture (probably because we aren’t looking since we got a bunch of outdoor stuff last year!) but this hanging egg chair was too cool to not photograph.



If I could get married all over again, I would fill the forest with these lanterns and then walk down my foggy pinestraw lined aisle to my boyfriend.  It would be amazing.   

Southeastern Salvage also has a bunch of random stuff…like hardware, petrified stone sinks, doors, tile and carpet.   


And onyx eggs.  I regret not grabbing a couple.  I don’t know why but I want some.  My mom has some of these.  It must be in my blood.

The boys both fell asleep in the stroller and buggy respectively….so we had plenty of time to discuss whether we really wanted to splurge on a table.   

This one is the one in question….the solid top one that could fit eight. 

In the end, Jeremy said that even though it would be possible to build, it’s not probable that he would have the time to do another table (he built the gigantic outdoor one and I think Jer thrives on variety)…

We also got this pillow cover and a ceiling medallion for a little craft project I have planned.  Oh and Jeremy found a car mat.  It was random.  But useful. 

So that was our little shopping adventure….what have yall been buying lately?  Any dining room tables or ethnic masks or industrial stuff?



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    The hubby and I are both from close to Chatt-town, so we swing by Southeastern Salvage any time we can. It’s such an awesome place to dream in. I always find something I’d like to take home with me, but unluckily (or perhaps luckily) we usually don’t have much room in our car on the way home so that keeps our purchases to a minimum.

    Can’t wait to see your new table once you get it settled!

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