It’s been a while since we were in the ole room de la dining, eh?

Well, since we hung up the curtains, not much has been going on in there.  No dining.  It’s like one of those rooms that is better than it was (barely) and since it’s not completely hideous, it’s ignored.  There are far more pressing issues….ahem…weston’s nursery?….but since painting the nursery depends on the windows in his room being fixed, and the window will need to be fixed by a pro, and that same pro will have to do a bunch of other exterior wood repair, as well as paint the house….well, the nursery was gonna cost one gorgeous Jessica Alba of a penny.  No Lincolns here.  Sorry Daniel Day-Lewis.  Still love you in Last of the Mohicans.  And ET :)

Anyhoo… the house is gonna cost a lot of moolah…so that we can start on our four month old’s room.  Sad but true.  And so in the mean time, I’m hemming and hawwing over the dining room.  I hate that we converted it into a dumping ground for all our projects materials.  Every time something gets done…everything gets pushed into the dining room.  But try to look beyond that.  Look at those canvas’ I hung on either side of the hutch.  Way.  Too.  Piddly. 

The piddlyness is exactly what I was thinking about when I saw these bad boys at Ikea.  They are big.  OVER 28″ x 40″.  I saw them and went nuts.    

Actually certifiably nuts because this is what my cart looked like after check out.  Yes.  I am the crazy lady who decided to go to Ikea with two kids (one only seven weeks old) and a stroller and bought clearance furniture.   You should have seen me loading the car.  The security guard parked there and laughed at me.  Not. Kidding.

Sooo…I had my two frames.  Now it was time to come up with cheap art….because dang, $24 a frame is expensive in my book. 

I decided to come up with something very industrial….but still personal.  That’s when I decided to type up some of our favorite spots.  (hence this blog post title)  These are all names of places that hold special meaning for the story of Jer and I.  The place we met.  The town of our first official date.  A random street where we had our first kiss.  The birth place of our boys.  Our honeymoon spot.  If you wrote a movie of our life together so far…this is the main events.   

I liked it but I wanted it to print a little worn…like an old poster.  So I added some overlays till it was rough and tough but with highlights and texture (like our relationship!). 

I saved them both as JPEGs on a flash drive and took them to Staples for printing.  They both fit on a single big sheet so the cost was $5 total.  The nice printer gal sliced them up so they traveled easier. 

Thankfully they just fit in the opening of the mat.  I had anticipated them not fitting at all and I would probably need to cut the mat to be a little larger…but hooray hoorah!

The frames actually don’t have glass.  THANK GOD.  I would have broken it in two point zero seconds.  And Will would have broken it before that.  The amount of things that break in our house is unreal.  That’s why I was overjoyed to find that the ‘glass’ was just plexiglass covered with film on both sides.  After I peeled it off, it looked like real glass but with no danger of the Bower’s crashing it.

All assembled and hung up….

I’m obsessed with it.  I think the entire space is gonna be redecorated.  Let me rephrase that.  The entire space WILL be redecorated.  But these will stay in here. 

And yes…that hutch needs to be gone.  It just doesn’t go.  It’s like Billy Bob with Angelina.  We all know how that ends.  With too many visits to the tatoo removal specialist and that vial of blood going to waste.  Vampires everywhere were appalled. 

So that’s my little art install.  Have you been making any cheap art lately?  Or discovering giant frames?  Or amusing security guards? 

p.s.  This isn’t our first rodeo…err…art made with special cities.  Check out this oldie art post!

***UPDATE:  Yes.  I mispelled it.  I blame the mommy-brain.  or mommy brian.  what have you.



  1. Megan F says

    I’m probably too late to expect a reply, but I just happen to have completed a project with the SAME frames in our living room the other week and I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to hang them. I had mats cut because the artwork I used was smaller than the mat that came standard. I was able to put the standard mat in behind the new mats and still close up the back- so the weight is just a bit heavier than what you probably dealt with. We have plaster walls- would you just (or did you) use nails? Did you anchor screws instead? Did you do use one or two per frame? I’m nervous that 3M strips and/or hooks won’t be strong enough. If you have time to reply I’d be oh-so grateful! Thank you!

    • says

      I used those picture hanging nails…the ones that come in two parts – one hook with holes and the nail goes through the holes to support the hook and whatever you hang on it. This one I used the 50 lbs hook and nail…so that will probably support much more than your art.
      xo – kb

  2. Charlotte says

    I love this idea.

    How did you know what size to print? Did you just tell the people at Staples that it needs to fit inside a ‘A x B” size mat or frame? I already have a similar piece of artwork from one of your older posts but I use it as wallpaper on my laptop. I’d love to blow it up and put it on the wall.

    • says

      I measured the inside of the mat and then told them at Staples what size I wanted to print. I always bring my laptop too…just so that if something seems off, I can quickly edit/resize for the print to turn out correctly.
      xo – kkb

  3. says

    Ugh, I just went to Ikea a few days ago with a friend. It was fun and I got great stuff (I also got the kid-art easel), but we’re both pregnant and we each had a toddler with us. I thought THAT was bad. Wow. Did you leave the store with the sweats? ‘Cause I sure did! Ha!

  4. Stephanie says

    I usually LOVE your style, Katie, and I love reading about your projects, but I’m just not a fan of this. These modern subway art style posters do not seem to fit the classic/traditional feel I get from you.

  5. Krissy Snow says

    shoot..! i guess i am.. i meant***

    i may be in a new mama fog… lol man.. i didnt know you still loose your marbles after the babys here!

  6. Karin K says

    Oh, poor Katie B! Totally something I would do – with the spelling. You should blame Staples. In fact, you should sue Staples. :) On another note – I love that hutch. If I lived anywhere near you, I would totally stalk you for a yard sale. I hope she finds a home somewhere else in your house. If I can’t have her, I want to be able to see her. Thanks for this post – I didn’t know how easy it was to enlarge art like that.

    • says

      a little bit of muscle and a whole lotta will power :)
      Seriously…I just have one carseat behind the driver and one in the middle so that other backseat folds down :)
      xo – kb

  7. says

    Isn’t the plexiglass in the frames great! Pretty much every frame in my house now has plexiglass in it, either myself or my wonderfully crazy daughters broke all the glass, ooppps. I bought a sheet of the thin plexiglass at Home Depot and replaced them all. Now I don’t have to worry as much when my kids are jumping on the couch and knocking the frames on the wall.
    P.S. “baby brain” caused me to misspell my second daughters name on her birth certificate, we only picked the name on the way to the hospital. I spelled JoESphine instead of Josephine. Love how the art turned out :).

  8. says

    I totally just mis-spelled “BEAUTIFUL” in a graphic on the blog today. Really? What can I say, late nights… and “BEATIFUL” is a fun word too, right? :)

    PS, I seriously laughed out loud at your IKEA cart. You’re awesome Katie B. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. :)

  9. Paola Arletty says

    I just hate how some people kept pointing out that Katie made a spelling mistake. So what? Who cares? Seriously some people just gotta give it a break since Katie was brave enough to even post pictures of the mistake she made. Do ya’ll think she’s too worried about having made the mistake? I think not. I love Katie’s writing style. It’s so funny, but real at the same time. LOVE THIS BLOG! You rock katie.

    I’m only 16 years old and read home design blogs because I love interior design, and I think Katie is AMAZING!

  10. Sarah says

    Love it! Such a great and affordable idea. Ahhh…La Romana…reminds me of our incredible honeymoon in the DR. And Bryson City…NC?…we live the next town over! Such a small world!

  11. Jennifer says

    I had the exact same reaction when I found those huge, cheap frames at IKEA. There may have been some jumping and squealing. And guess where I put the frame…in my dining room! :) I was also very excited about the plexiglass, since the whole point of our trip to IKEA was to replace another frame that had fallen and shattered.

  12. says

    Love! One of these years I’m gonna hook myself up with some cool art like that. One of these years… ;)

    BTW, don’t sweat the typo. I lived on Riviera Drive for SEVEN YEARS and still had to stop and think how to spell it each and every time I wrote out my address. And worse, whenever someone verbally asked me for my address and I gave it to them, they’d always ask me how to spell it! Picture me struggling to recite the spelling of my own street name while someone was staring me in the eyeball!

    Also? I never noticed your typo until you pointed it out. I was too awed by the art itself and apparently still can’t spell. haha

  13. Megan says

    Question. Any way you could post the files to be editable by us so that all of your wonderful readers can make their own $5 staples art? :)

    • Next2Nothing says

      Don’t worry. Now that you gave her the idea, it’ll probably be available to purchase through the Print Shop soon.

      • says

        Oh gosh…I wish I had the time to do custom art!
        I won’t be offering it but apparently a gal does some custom pieces like this through her etsy shop…scroll up for the link :)
        xo – kb

        • Next2Nothing says

          Oh no, not individual pieces for each person. But maybe access to a customizable version of these types of projects you do?

          • says

            I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future printable projects. Of course, everyone would need to be responsible for their own spelling :)
            xo – kb

      • Gretchen says

        Next2Nothing, That’s kind-of a snarky comment. I googled “Next2Nothing blog”, and found your blog. Seems as though you must be jealous b/c your blog has gone nowhere. I also found some comments you left on this site:
        You should be embarassed and ashamed of yourself. If you don’t like Katie(which is obvious by your comments), then stop reading please. You just sound like a grown-up bully. That’s not a very good example for your little one. I’m sad for you!

        • Angela says

          I just clicked over to that site…I can’t believe there are sites out there, seemingly, just to b*tch about bloggers! It’s not as though anyone is forced to read blogs! Some people really never grow up…they all sound like they’re in high school! :/

  14. maureen says

    Laughing so hard because I am often the crazy lady in IKEA..last trip I had my two boys with me and a cart load of swell items. I actually put my youngest in the blue bag (they are quite strong) to make more room for stuff. Survived checkout but got to the snow covered parking lot and the cart tipped over, kids were screaming, swell stuff was everywhere…ah, love that place.
    Your art looks great!

  15. says

    You thought you were just sharing your super cool new art. What you didn’t know is that you solved something that I thought was odd for, oh, a year and a half? When I got to the pic of the plexiglass and film, I immediately stopped reading, went to the small Ikea frame I got as a birthday gift a couple of years ago, and discovered that the weirdly printed glass was actually plexiglass with film on it! I never would have thought to check for film, because it was on there really well. Now my frame looks the way it’s supposed to. Thanks for the aha moment!

  16. says

    I’m secretly glad you came to that conclusion about the hutch! Don’t get me wrong, it is a GORGEOUS piece of furniture and you definitely did a great job restoring it. That being said, it has always felt off to me in the room… maybe the proportions are just off? Either way- I LOVE the artwork, even more so with the spelling mistake. Totally something I would do :)

    Oh and I once had a car stolen from me, and the security guard didn’t believe me. I was driving to work, and I knew exactly where I had parked because we had to park in a really obnoxiously far lot. Not to mention, I had misjudged the curb, so there were tire marks right next to the spot. Got off work… and my car was gone. The security guard drove me all around the parking lot to help me ‘find my car’. When it then came to light that the car next to my empty spot was actually a stolen car they had abandoned… aka mine was ACTUALLY gone, he got strangely quiet.

    Moral of the story: not every single female is an idiot with cars :)

  17. courtney C says

    Wait…so…those Ikea frames with the plexiglass thing…that sheet peels off and you can use it!??!?! I feel SO stupid ahahahhah I kept saying to my fiance that I was so angry they had black recycle symbols all over them!!! This is hilarious. Shame.

  18. Sarah says

    I can totally one up you on the spelling mistake. We signed our first son’s baby announcement “Proud parents, … ” except after I had put most of them in a mail slot and delivered the rest to neighbors, during my last delivery to my next door neighbor, she pointed out that they actually said “Pround parents.” Totally a result of mommy brain and I agree, dang photoshop should have warned me with some squiggly lines or something! Help a new mom out! She said I should fix it and print one correct one for his baby book. But I feel like it’s a good memory of that crazy time in our lives and I don’t want to erase it! I love your mistake, but I also feel your pain!

  19. Rebekah says

    These look awesome! I’ve been wanting to try some kind of subway art, and this looks perfect!

  20. bambam says

    I think your hutch could stay if:
    You build a 10-12″ base to raise it up higher. And paint it: maybe the bottom black, and the top ivory or all black. Just sayin’

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