A Mother’s Day

Most of the time Mother’s day makes me weepy.  I can’t explain ohwaityesican….it’s because the babies are getting older.  From my perspective, it’s the bittersweet day dedicated to actually thinking about your children (yes, I think about them other days…when I have energy to think)…I dwell on their birth…their life…their future graduation from law school…their marriage to Suri Cruise after she converts from Hubbard to Jesus…my old age and my impending death. 

kidding.  sortof. 

I do get weepy though.  That part is true.  It’s just that every single day as a mother of babies, you are waking up to crying, dealing with the highs and lows of day-to-day life, milking those moments of peace and trying to forget how many dirty clothes there really are, and through all that work and patience and exhaustion, there is pure and unadulterated joy.  It’s living in front of you.  creating more laundry.  and making your eyes fill and flood over.  It’s your children.  And as much as people may say that mother’s day is about celebrating moms…it’s equally about celebrating what made a mom…it’s remembering the children…our living breathing joy!

This year I had double that.  double the weeps.  double the joy.  double the highs.     

That photo is a perfect representation of my mothers day.  My sweet darling boyfriend made me breakfast in bed(room)…which Will ate and made me laugh when he told me in a tiger voice that I was ‘gorgeous’ and that he would share his food with me.   His funny personality is so big sometimes I wonder how it fits in his little body.  And of course, telling him “No…you are gorgeous!” is my favorite comeback.  And he squeels with delight.   

The day before (week before?) I had worked on a mother’s day event at our church.  We go to a hipster church.  That’s what I call it because there are men in skinny jeans on Sunday mornings and twinkle lights are hung everywhere.  Jesus loves hipsters too :)  I’m not cool enough for fedoras…so no offense hipsters.

And the event was great.  It was just for women…it didn’t matter if you had a mom there or were a mom or just wanted to be a mom…it was celebrating the fine ladies in a community.  I had helped out…which meant I did the photography, hosted three tables and helped cook the food, make corsages, and do setup and breakdown.  I was sortof like assistant to the gal who was in charge.  She’s now a new and fast friend…funny how working together will do that to ya.  I told Jeremy that next time I need a stunt double because I was beat afterwards.  It was a good beat.  Like when you get a deep tissue massage and are sore from it but feel so much less tense.  It took me all week to clean up the stuff I brought back home.  And when I say a week…I mean, there might be still some dirty dishes from it still in my sink.   (FUN PART: I recreated the tablesettings at home so I get to share them with you this week!)

The best part of Mothers day this year was two things.  One…I got to be with my mom.  She surprised me by being able to come to the brunch at church and between the crazy running-around moments, we got the chance to exchange face-to-face sentiments on how we feel through weepy eyes.  Ten years ago or so we did a whole lot of much louder word exchange so for us to come full circle to be able to say the most flowery compliments ever is kind of a miracle.  All you teenage girls reading this….your mama loves you more than you’ll ever know….and things eventually will get better…don’t lose hope.  Enough said about that. 

Two…we dedicated Weston. 

The baby dedication kinda snuck up on us.  I guess Jer and I were both thinking more about mothers day than baby dedication.  But just being able to spend a few quiet moments with family and church friends praying for Weston and his future was really really special. 

This is just a close up of that photo above.  It was the best one we got.  Jeremy is a chronic collar fixer.  And that lady is the gal who is in charge of the childrens ministry at our church.  Basically I am obsessed with her.  She is so down-to-earth and honest and sweet.  

That photo that they showed behind us was a recent one I snapped of Weston.  He’s a bonafide sitter-upper.  I love how squishy his body is…like one of those stress relievers…the ones that you have to squeeze repeatedly.

He’s trying to learn another new skill….the crawl.  He pushes really really hard and is able to get his knees under him but then he pops them out straight. 

Then he planks for a while…moves his feet back and forth but can’t seem to quite get brave enough to put the knees one in front of the other.  This is his concentration look….which includes blowing bubbles…

(this is quickly becoming a baby Weston update, huh?!)

So in addition to his new skills, he is starting solids.  Big (HUGE!) deal for me since I have loved breastfeeding this time around.  There is no guarantee I will ever have another baby that does breastfeeding so easily and I get emotional thinking about the end of it…it was just really such a redemptive experience for me as a mom.  I know we have more months to go before he stops nursing but it’s like the beginning of the end.  

::dear Lord, someone get me a tissue:: 

I feel like just yesterday someone else was just learning to sit up and getting his first rice cereal….

Soon enough, it’ll be this little man playing in alleys and talking in tiger voices…

Oh sweet mother of tears, make it stop! 

Let’s talk about something else.

How bout a quicky gift that is cheap and nice for moms out there.  Hostas.  In tiny baskets.  With washi tape flags.

I scored these at a local growers outlet for cheap.  The plants were $1 and the baskets were a quarter.  Perfect price for giving to those special moms in your life (or aunts, neighbors, teachers, etc) that help mother us along. 

Oh.  And I forgot to tell you the most embarrassing thing.  The church printed out the babies names in the sunday notes.  It had their names and birth dates and parents.  It was a nice little thing to put in Weston’s scrapbook.  I brought it home and Jeremy casually mentioned that they got his birth date wrong.  I was all like “WHAT?! no way.  I told them the 17th.  What did they put?”  And then Jeremy was like “the 17th?!  I thought he was born on the 18th!” and then I relentlessly made fun of him. 

Long story short….I don’t know my own son’s birthday.  the shame.



  1. says

    Oh what a sweet post! You really are a great writer that makes me cry when I read your posts, especially with your ethereal photography skills! It sounds like a great mother’s day! What darling boys you have!

  2. Jennifer I says

    Wow, you have been busy! Such great pics, the one with your sister, mom, and new niece/nephew is priceless.

    Don’t feel bad about the birthdate, I forget my second son’s all the time, and I can’t keep the years straight on either of them. Call it…second son syndrome…

  3. says

    Geeze Katie, thanks for the waterworks this morning. I’m all ready to go wake up my 4 month old boy from his nap to hug him so tight that he can’t grow bigger. (But we know I won’t since he’s actually sleeping that ever so elusive nap…)

  4. Melissa T. says

    I had to laugh about the birthday thing. Last week I called to make a doctors appointment for my baby (who is 11-12 days older than Weston, depending on who you ask in your house, huh?). Anyway, when they asked me for his birth date, I drew a blank and kept stammering “uh, uh, uh…” then I got silent for a minute and finally got it together, but I’m sure the lady on the other line was thinking I was a horrible mother for having to take that long to come up with his birth date! I’ve found that being scatterbrained comes with having more than one child now.

    Anyway, I love seeing what Weston is doing, as it’s cool to have someone at the same stage with him to read about. My little man is currently perfecting sitting up…getting less wobbly by the day (although I find it hilarious when he decides he doesn’t want to sit up anymore and just face plants off to the side and then grins really big), and he now gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. I was hoping he would do the planking thing because I think it’s cute, but so far he hasn’t.

  5. says

    Oh, we must share brains! I’ve had the same experience with breastfeeding. Horrible with my first boy, then heavenly the second time around with boy #2. I’m about to wean (he’s 11 months old) and I am so sad. I love hostas (and tiny baskets). I also, have a hard time remembering my boys’ birthdays…it’s the 27th and the 29th or maybe the 26th and 28th or is it the 28th and the 26th…why, oh why, were they both born in the late 20’s? Cruel, cruel joke, God.

  6. Whitney Dupuis says

    Ha! I am definitely the worst when it comes to birthdays so this is something I would do. Beautiful photos, of course, but the one of Will in the alley is TO DIE FOR. Amazing.

  7. says

    Hi Katie. I have been reading your blog since we lost our 3rd son last year. I needed to distract myself many times, and your blog was so nice to come to. We are currently traveling the world with our 2 sons, after traveling 1/2 of that time with all 3 of our babies. We have not had a “home” in almost 2 years, after leaving our home in Maui, since we have been exploring. So your blog is amazingly not applicable to my life right now, since I can just relax and read about home improvements and such. I just wanted to tell you thank you, and that I really enjoyed this post. It reminded me of my little nursling Trek who was every day of the 14 months he was alive. Your sons are beautiful. I can attest that having little boys is the best:) much love from Cambodia, Chelsea

    • says

      Oh Chelsea…I’m aching for your little heart. I can’t imagine what you went through and what strength you must have. Much love my dear. Much much love.
      xo – kb

      • says

        thank you so much Katie, it is such a joy to read your blog and see how much you treasure your babies. Because our babies are truly priceless treasures. xoxo, Chelsea

  8. Nicole says

    Ugh…I love everything about this post :) it made me weep like a big ol’ girl. I just wanted to know what kind of bottles you use. I’m a first time mom and I’m exclusively breast feeding but will eventually have to pump. I’m afraid of nipple confusion…yada, yada, yada. Thanks, you’re awesome.

    • says

      I use Dr. Browns….we got them because they were supposed to help with Will’s colic…who knows if it actually helped…but they are nice :)
      xo – kb

    • Tiffany says

      Hi Nicole, I just went through the transition from EBF to introducing pumped bottles. We also use Dr. Brown’s and they’re great. Just don’t wait too long to start! We waited until 10 weeks to introduce the bottle and it was torture for everyone!!!

  9. says

    This post was such a joy to read. Baby Weston pictures = yes. And it was so fun to read about your church. As a young newlywed, I love reading your blog and looking forward to the times ahead. You are a GORGEOUS mama, inside and out. XOXO

  10. Julie says

    You are not alone on wrong date…..i am in the same boat.
    My daughter was born aug11; BUT for some reason I insist in saying aug 10.
    I guess it is because on the 10th my water broke and the whole labor process started….
    Crazy mommy brain of mine!

  11. says

    Oh my gosh. You know that trend where 20+ year olds recreate their baby photos? I’m thinking Weston in 25 years, in his birthday suit with that hat on. So look forward to that for a future mother’s day gift :-D hahah

  12. Patty says

    Beautiful post Katie Bower! I have two babies, a 3yr-old girl and a 10 month-old girl. It seems Mother’s Day just gets better and better! It is such a sweet day when they can bring your surprise while they are still in their jammies with their bed-head and pillow-smushed faces. Ugh, where is the kleenex. Oh, you are not alone when it comes to being done nursing…it can be so liberating and heartbreaking at the same time. My little one and I are about done, but letting it end is still so hard!

  13. says

    Oh you totally got me teary eyed too!! Multiple times!

    My baby girl is just over 8 months now, and I can’t really stand to contemplate how soon she’s not going to be a baby any more. More tears.

  14. says

    Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t feel bad about the birth dates- I do that all the time with my first, saying the 28th, 2009 instead of the 29th, 2008. But my grandmother was the worst- she celebrated my Mom’s birthday on the 7th of July for 22 years. It wasn’t until my mom was filing adoption papers for my brother that she got a copy of her birth certificate and discovered that she was born on the 8th! So now my mom has 2 birthdays each year, she celebrates on the 7th and gets older on the 8th. I think in the end she wins, twice the birthdays, twice the cake. :)

  15. Jess says

    I loved this post. You are such an inspiring mom to me – also a mother of two boys. Your boys are so handsome! Love watching them grow up!

  16. Kirsten says


    Both your boys are so adorable, but that Weston,… his smile makes me smile every.single.time.

  17. Elizabeth says

    I just love your blog. It’s the perfect mix of funny, DIY awesomeness and the bonus – you’re a mom. Just the other day I was wondering…is this what motherhood is like?….constantly tearing up over every single thought of he no longer does this, he no longer needs that, soon he won’t crawl anymore, he doesn’t roll anymore, and on and on. Reliving the pregnancy, the birth, the sleepless nights, the feedings….
    With each thought I am on the edge of a total meltdown. We have an almost 10 month old boy and he is our world. It’s nice to know that I am not the only crazy mother out there. :)

  18. says

    Oh Katie, I love this post! I’m not a parent (yet), but I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster that is to come! Blessings to you and those adorable babies of yours :).

  19. Jeanna says

    Do not feel bad about the birthdate! The same darn thing happened to me. I was just flabbergasted, how in the world could I not know my own baby’s birthdate? My OB guy just laughed, and said it happens a lot. Don’t forget, we were pretty darn busy working hard to get our babies born…… who had time to ask the date?!!

  20. Laureen D says

    So sweet. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was a weepy mess for Mother’s Day (and the week leading up to it). First one down, many more to go!! :) Thanks for sharing, what a precious family.

  21. says

    Awwww Katie, this is suuuuuuch a sweet post. So often I always hear about Mother’s Day as being the husband’s job to give some big huge present and prove something..but this just broke it down to what it’s all about. I love that.

    Your family is so sweet and your gorgeous boys (no YOU’RE gorgeous) are so lucky. ;)


    PS eeeek, writing from Croatia! We’re here & around Europe for the summer (and blogging)! :)

  22. Becky says

    My mom can never remember which birthday goes with which child in our house. I was born on the 16th, my brother on the 19th (14 months later). Whats even better is when your family has a dog and your parents start calling you by the dogs name. . . :-)

  23. Amber says

    LOL! I just found out I’ve been writing 2014 on all my daughter’s piano lesson checks all year long. I actually thought it WAS 2014! I do stuff like that. We have 4 kiddos and my poo bear brain is much too stuffed with fluff to keep ahold of everything especially nonsense like dates, times, calendar years, etc! :)
    I get weepy thinking about the brevity of my babies’ childhood, too. Sniff, sniff.

  24. Laura says

    I never comment but just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. After a busy day it’s one of my favorite blogs to read. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  25. Natalie says

    That’s too funny cause my husband’s birthday is an 18th and my son’s is the 17th so I FREQUENTLY confuse my sons bday!

  26. Katie says

    What a lovely post and gorgeous pics of your family.

    I especially love seeing pics of Weston as my sweet baby gal was born 19th November. She’s also getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth – hasn’t quite got the whole crawling thing together yet. I’d offer to set her up with Weston, cause he’s a cutie, but we live in Australia and I don’t want her moving half way round the world… don’t suppose you’d be cool with Weston moving down under? Will could come to as I have a Miss-3-in-July and a Miss 4.5.

    Wow this just got into creepy pimp-my-daughters-out territory…

    Gorgeous post. Gorgeous pics. Gorgeous family.

    As you were.

  27. Christy says

    I loved this post – what could be better than a squishy, naked baby and Hostas??!!! I am comforted that you forgot his birthday. As a mom of 6 (all girls!), whenever I’m on the phone making a dr’s appt. for one of the girls (and let’s face it, with six, I’ve always got at least one sickie in the house!), and they ask for their birthday, I have to whisper all the birthdays in order starting with the oldest until I get to the right one.

  28. says

    LOL I’m 27 and continually seem to forget how old I am. People ask and I feel the urge to tell them that I’m 28? I mean, really, who wants to be OLDER?! So don’t feel bad for slipping up on Weston’s birthday… at least you’re not aging yourself constantly, haha.

    CaseyBeauty 101

  29. says

    I have been there with the birth date. When asked at the pediatrician’s office for date of birth, I blurt out mine every time, not even thinking they are wanting my son’s.

    love this post, the first picture and your blog!

  30. Liz H says

    Ah! The squishiness kills me – I love it so much! I have a 7 month old son with the chubbiest thighs I could dig my mouth in them all day…. which sounds pretty disturbing but it’s oh so not. My 6 year old daughter has always been so skinny, even as a baby, so this is my first time around experiencing the chub, and it is delicious :)

  31. Tammy says

    Mother’s Day makes me weepy too – and it didn’t start until I had my little guy (who will be 3 in September!). This year I also got to spend it with two little guys, as I had my newest addition in March, and we dedicated him on Mother’s Day too – just like we did his brother two years ago. It’s amazing how fast they grow, and that is why I get so weepy too.

  32. ashleigh says

    I don’t normally comment although I regularly LOVE your posts. However, today I just want to say thanks for the reverse perspective on Mother’s Day. I want you to know that I (and I’m sure many others) appreciated that! This Mother’s Day was not a very joyful one; I was busy and felt unappreciated and I knew I just needed to change my poor attitude and focus on the beautiful blessings that have made me a mother and for whom I am so thankful! So thanks for verbalizing your thanks for your sweet boys (who are adorable by the way)! And of course for sharing the fun that your family had on Mother’s Day :)

  33. says

    Well this was a big ol’ dose of Awwwwwww! And how hilarious that you got the date wrong! To be fair, you were kind of busy at the time, so remembering things like exact dates wasn’t a top priority. :)

  34. says

    Your kids are both adorable! We had an identical church service. One in which I, yet again, am not apart of. Our pastor said a beautiful prayer for anyone hurting that day (loss of a mother, infertility, miscarriage, loss of a child). It was beautiful and a great reminder to those who haven’t experienced any of those.

  35. Faith Mota says

    The birthday thing is too funny!! I have 4 kiddos and for some reason I always have a little bit of trouble remembering whether the oldest one’s birthday is the 30th or the 31st. Hey, us mommas gotta remember it all so I think we’re allowed a hiccup or two. Your coming clean made me feel totally normal… Love ya Katie B!

  36. says

    I may have you beat my baby was born in October and when we were filling out his birth certificate at the hospital I said to my husband in a haze, how do you spell Connor and he replied why do you need to know that our son’s name is Cooper! Yea…I forgot what I named my baby! I hope you have many wonderful mother’s days!!!! I know I sure did!!!

  37. Emily says

    Beautiful beautiful post Katie. The hours/days/weeks/months/years tick away and as mothers we are totally allowed to get a little teary on special occasions when we are reminded of how quick they grow. I think you totally nailed how we all feel. Weston (and Will), just too cute. Totally would marry off my Australian daughters too if they weren’t oceans apart. Pretty pretty please tell me though, that’s not rice cereal in the bottle is it? The movement here own under as a whole is towards baby led weaning and vegetables as first foods. I’m really hoping that’s boobie juice or formula and your little man is gulping down his rice cereal on a spoon. No criticism, just confusion as things are really different here :)

    • says

      We tried a little rice cereal in the spoon first but Weston was having a really hard time with it…Will never did so we tried switching to the bottle to see if having a nipple helped…it didn’t so now we are skipping the rice cereal all together and just going straight to gnawing on stuff…aka baby led weaning. And it’s funny that you guys do vegetables as first foods because we do fruits…apples and pears and bananas. Hmm.
      xo – kb

  38. Jessica Moroney says

    Please can we have a glimpse of where Weston resides…he must at least have a cot in a room :) I will not judge that you haven’t completed a nursery for him yet…sharing is not about judging!
    Keep up the excellent work, i love to read what you guys are up to! x

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