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It’s here!  And I’m done!  Did you guys get your Pinterest Challenge projects done?  I always feel like I’m never finished on time.  Which is bad when you promise people that your post will be up around 10am.  Is it 10am yet?!  Okay…so if you are newish or just don’t pay much attention…this is Pinterest Challenge reveal day!  The day where we come back together after a week of looking through our thousands of pins and actually get the doing done.  Then we congregate back here and share.  It’s like therapy for Pinners Anonymous. 

SOoooo….here’s my inspiration for what I wanted to tackle this time around…

Yup.  That’s one honkin’ big letter.  (and a cool light fixture but that’s beside the point).  I love love love the oversized letters you can see on wall all over the place.  It’s just a great statement…great as in extra large AND awesome.  Both definitions :)

Anyhoo…dictionary aside….here is my finished project:

And can you believe it cost me only $7.25?!  Seriously.  It did.  I am still kinda shocked too. 

I used pickets from Home Depot that were knocked down to $1.25 each.  So that is 6 pickets.  That’s all I had to buy because I already had everything else.  Crazy.  Why didn’t I just do this sooner!?

Once I got them home (and the boys down for a nap), I went to work on the sanding.  Since the wood is pressure treated, it’s important to take certain precautions.  Like…don’t breathe in the dust (it’s key to wear a mask!)…and make sure you seal it or paint it before using it inside your home.  OH and if you are gonna use pressure treated wood, make sure it doesn’t get wet or come in contact with food or kids (who might decide to suck on a corner of the letter just for kicks).  Since ours is a piece that will get hung very high in Weston’s room…I think we are in the clear :)

Okay…so sand all the sides…. 

I love sanding sometimes.  Especially when the wood becomes alive again.  It definitely happened here…

Then I wanted my angles.  So I had to mark the bottom of one board to get started….

Then I simply cut three more just like it.

This is the part where I say…you figure it out.  Obviously a letter like W is full of cuts.  I’m not gonna explain each one.  That would be ridiculously boring.

After we cut out the letter itself, we cut boards to go around it…like an outline.  Angles were everywhere :)

At this point, I was wishing that we named our kid Larry.  Or Tyton (that name was actually a final three name for Weston – fun fact!). 
After making each cut, you wanna make sure to sand the edges because the pickets do splinter badly.

The original plan was to add lights.  Like a marquee sign. 

But once I marked the places for drilling and really thought about it, I got this sick dread in my stomach and knew that these extra cafe lights would need to find a different home.  There was just no way I wanted to drill holes into my over-sized consonant.

When it came time to assemble, we used a bit of wood glue and some brads. 

We nailed it all together in sections…each long piece in the center was boosted up with scrap 2×4’s so it got a really cool 3D effect. (see the marks where we were gonna put the lights?  whew!  So glad I didn’t go through with it!) 

After it was all assembled, it came time for the finish.   

The inside of the W got two coats of this semi-gloss paint ‘n primer in one.  It’s actually an exterior paint called DuraMax by Valspar and it was in my stash of extra paints (we had painted our front door this color – it’s ironically called Front Door Red).

Peeks in a red dress…every letter-lovin’-man’s dream :)

Then I decided to stain the outside my favorite stain color – Dark Walnut by Minwax.  I simply used a foam brush to wipe it on and a plastic-bagged hand to wipe it off.  I couldn’t find my plastic gloves :)

Then came sealing time.  A couple coats of this spray sealer and we were set.

After sufficient dry time, we moved it back inside and snapped a few with Weston.  This sucker is big.  Like a fortune 500 letter.  It eats vowels for breakfast.  Sorry…the cheese can not be helped.  Eventually it will go in Weston’s room….and then several years down the road, when the boys share a room, it’ll be in there for both of them.  (another fun fact…I shared a room with my sister and feel like having to share a room at some point in childhood is a great way to learn true life lessons.  Any sharers out there?!  Love it, hate it?  Kill your sibling?) 

I’m really excited to have this project done.  Those angles were a test of patience.  But I have big plans for Weston’s room and I can’t wait to see this bad boy hanging on the wall!

Now for the fun part!  The sharing! Remember my gorg co-hosts for the challenge?

Hop on over and see their tackled projects! And now for some details before we get to see YOUR projects…Just as a reminder, Pinterest doesn’t know about this challenge (or endorse, sponsor, etc.)…they just simply supply the place for the awesome to gather.

Did you also conquer a project?  Did you blog about it?  I’d love to see it!  Here are the instructions if you are a linky-party newbie…

  • click on the blue “Add Your Link” button at the bottom of this post – it has a blue frog head on it add a link to your PC project blog post in the url field (please do not link to your home page) for “name” write a short descriptive name for your project (e.g. “Industrial Sidetable”)
  • pretty pretty please remember to link in the body of your post to the original source of the photo on Pinterest as well as back to me and this editions hosts above – it’s just a big ole fashioned linky love fest! Love you forever & thanks.
  • If you’d rather just link over to your project in the comment section, feel free to do that – or even add a link to Facebook or a free photo sharing site like Flickr with your pics if you don’t have a blog (remember to set the gallery to public so we can all see it).

That’s it!  Hope you all have an oversized fun time getting something checked off that must-do list!



  1. says

    Girl! You are so inspiring! Never would have thought to use pickets for wood, genius!
    FYI (in case you didn’t know) you are the best late night blog (along with YHL – of course) for writing papers, cleaning kitchens, infusion highs etc. Your successes and hardships are my inspiration to keep going through every treatment, paper, job hunt etc. Man- I just want to own a house so I can rip it apart!!

  2. Diana says

    gahhh Weston is just the cutest! Seriously, I almost didn’t see the W! Can’t wait to see it in his room.

    I shared a room with my sister (5 years younger) till I was in high school. It was fine when I was little (I was scared of sleeping by myself) but I didn’t care for it afterwards. I hated my sister’s guts and there was no bonding/staying up late/secret sharing going on. But that might just have been the age difference, who knows! I have b/g twins and they will likely share a room for at least a few years.

  3. says

    Just wanted to say thanks for creating and hosting the Pinterest Challenge! It’s been fun to participate these last couple years, and even more fun looking through all the great projects submitted by everyone. I’ve found a lot of new blogs to follow, and a bunch of projects to try for myself!

  4. says

    I love this! Now I wish my youngest daughter’s name didn’t start with a J, there must be a way to make a giant J, somehow?? My oldest starts with L but if one has something, so must the other. They share a room and they seem to like it but they are only 4 and 6 (16 months apart) so we’ll see how that goes as they grow.

    P.S. Wasn’t Tyton the name of the redheaded villain in Megamind? It is a cute name thought :).

  5. says

    This turned out SO AWESOME. I love it. Love it Did I mention I love it?

    And I think I can speak from experience when I say you should be glad you didn’t add the lights. I’ve been making small marquis letters with lights for Henry’s birthday party and it’s nearly killed me dead. The front and back don’t stay together well, I’ve broken so much glass and I electrocuted myself.

    I’m feeling tingly just thinking about it. And not a good tingly.

  6. Maureen says

    What a fun project, K! However, that chubby, happy baby steals the show in the first photo. So dreamy.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of hand sander do you guys use? I have a few pieces of furniture I’d like to paint and I’m wondering if it’s worth investing in one.

    Thanks! xo

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