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My mother is one of those original DIYers.  She says it’s because they didn’t have any money.  I know the real truth though.  It’s because it’s in her blood.  My Pappap (her father) built his own house that he lives in to this day.  She was only a small child when she would help carry the bricks used for the walls.  When she comes over to talk to me, we don’t look at each other in the face…because she’s bent over pulling rogue weeds.  She can’t help it.  It’s in her blood…in her bones…it’s on a cellular level…that need to improve things with her own two hands.  

Now that she’s gotten a little older…she’s 39 now (you’re welcome mom!)…she can’t do quite as much.  She has bad feet, a bad knee, a bad shoulder.  The girl can still dig faster than a Playboy bunny around old rich men…but it’s hard on her. 

I say all this because I know most of you are the same as me.  You love your mamas.  You want other people to love them too.  And mom…I appreciate the fact that you didn’t let me become a hooker, or shave my head and discouraged me from spending any money on those N’Sync posters in the mall.  You da bomb dot mom.  (haha) 

The point of all this is that I was quite excited that Delta Faucet Company contacted me after posting about my mother’s basement countertop makeover.  Remember when her lackluster counters got made over into a high contrast black?  Here’s the before…      

and here’s the after…

It looked so much better but I still think that it has a little bit further to go.  Hence the photoshop of my vision below.  And since my mom had summer plans to host a missionary family down there for the summer, I knew that if she was gonna make any improvements, it would be now.  So when I shared the exciting news that Delta wanted to give her a free faucet to help finish the space, she was ecstatic.   Personally I feel like my mom deserves this thing after putting up with me for so many years.  Sure it’s just a faucet…but anytime you can,  I’m sure you would give freely to your own mama. 

Plus, anything would be an improvement over the standard ole builder grade one she had already.

Delta sent her the Pilar faucet in oil rubbed bronze.  It has Touch20 Technology which basically means you can tap it with your wrist or elbow or any other sticky-outtie body part and it turns on.  I call it Mike.  Because it’s magic :)

My brother is a plumber so he installed it for her.  He was even impressed by how nice and well made it was and joked that it was nicer than her upstairs kitchen faucet.  I guess like they say –  faucet others how you would like to be fauceted :)  They say that right?!


When I was looking at all her basement pictures, I decided to photoshop a little more.  I switched out the plain door for something a little more decorative.  (Mom do you like this idea?  Because I think I can do it for you if you do all the measurements! )

While I was at her house, I also thought this scene was blogworthy.  It was her mantle with her collection of mercury glass.

She’s picked up the pieces over time and I love the arrangement. 

My favorite is the hex piece on the far right in the one below.  Mom….I hope you remember that when you die :)  Put it in the will…I also want Dad when you’re gone…write that down.

Disclaimer:  Delta Faucet Company provided the faucet for my mother’s basement but did not ask for a review or even a mention of it in a post.  I just like things that turn on when you touch them…that sounds dirty…but believe me, this faucet is all about keeping you clean :)



  1. says

    Your mom has great decorating taste and I definitely think you should be willed the hexagon piece. Question about the countertops: how are they holding up? My parents have gross counters and this could be a good fit for them!

  2. Julie says

    Katie – I so love your sense of humor! It makes me feel more human that someone else has such an eccentric look at life and isn’t afraid to actually MAKE the jokes everyone else is thinking anyways! :P

  3. says

    Love the new faucet – those old ones should be banned from existence! And I totally agree that moms rock for not letting us shave our heads or in my case, get that nose ring I begged for in high school (I still like nose piercings on others, but my nose is not my best feature and I really shouldn’t draw attention to it!).

  4. Kathy says

    Just wanted to say it’s so nice to read your blog and hear how much you love your mom.

  5. Ashley says

    I would also like to thank your mom for you not becoming a hooker. :)

    Also, do you sit there and giggle to yourself when you write your posts? I giggle out loud when I read them!

  6. says

    Cute post Katie. So lovely to hear about how much you love your mama!! Love mine to the moon and back, and so I agree, every time I can give her a little something to thank her… I do!

  7. Whitney Dupuis says

    You’re so sweet to help your mom like that. Too many people wouldn’t. Also, what an awesome mantel collection…totally digging the hex one too!

  8. Connie Grimes says

    So fun. I think your next joint project should be painting her fireplace brick surround white and maybe the mantle too. That would really set off her beautiful mercury glass collection.

  9. Samantha says

    So, can we expect you to continue to be a corporate shill? Your posts are all sponsored and unoriginal nor creative. A friendly suggestion to figure out where you roots are and get back to them.

    • says

      Burn! :)
      xo kb
      p.s. I know I am not that creative or original or much of anything but my roots are family and this blog helps support them and more projects (all which cost something!) so if family and projects are not your thing then I’ll be sad to see you go!

    • Sarah K. says

      A friendly suggestion, go back a few posts and read where she said she would be doing more sponsored posts for awhile and NOT TO READ if you don’t like them.

    • Eileen says

      Sam (can I call you Sam? Because if we were friends, I’d probably call you that), that really didn’t come off as friendly. I truly hope that your friends give you better suggestions than that. My honest and friendly suggestion to you is to find another blog that you really like, because life is too short to spend time on things that don’t make you feel good, and you don’t seem like you feel very good in that comment.

    • says

      Man, what’s up with the haters lately? A lot of blogs have sponsored posts. Once you get to a certain size, it comes with the territory. Plus, Katie has always been very open about the fact that some posts are sponsored, and is always thankful for the opportunity. I really don’t understand the irritation about it.

  10. Julie W says

    Looks great! As an m* family(from GA actually =) ), please tell your mom how much m* families appreciate people like your family that provide such an amazing place for them to stay. It is always such a blessing in transitions and during furloughs. *I’m not cursing, it’s just better for me not to say the word due to where we live ;)

  11. Toby says

    You have 10 ads on your sidebar and now nothing but sponsored posts. Could you sell out any more?

    • says

      Are you looking at the same blog I am? I only wish I had ten sidebar sponsors! And this wasn’t sponsored…but a girl can dream!
      xo kb

    • Elizabeth says

      Didn’t your mother ever teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all?

    • Sarah K. says

      You’re looking at all of the places she’s been featured. Maybe taking as much time to actually pay attention and read as you did writing that would be a helpful idea.

    • Jenna says

      interesting how people bash you on here. it’s their choice to read your blog. love you! keep doing what you are doing!

  12. Nikki says

    You had me at “The girl can still dig faster than a Playboy bunny around old rich men…” but you sealed the deal with “I just like things that turn on when you touch them…that sounds dirty…but believe me, this faucet is all about keeping you clean.”

    I big pink puffy heart you! AND the faucet!

    I always look forward to your posts.

  13. says

    I have that exact hex piece on the far right!! I found it after christmas at a thrifty-antique store for $12, I think. No idea where it is from originally.

  14. says

    Yay for giving something to our Mum’s! My sister collects mercury glass – not sure if I should encourage her by sending her this link or not. Your Mum’s collection looks so beautiful!

    p.s. I really want that faucet now. Our rusty/leaky old one needs to go!

  15. Jennifer says

    Great post and kudos to you for doing the sponsored posts to keep some extra $ coming in for the fun stuff :)

  16. Gill says

    Hi! While I *totally* get the post was about the facuet…any chance there is a link to your mom’s counter top update? Is it a DIY or a complete reno? I can’t seem to tell. Thanks! PS Love reading your blog! Love that is supports your family! And, love your personality!

  17. Gabrielle C. says

    Lovin this post. Its hilarious, as per usual, full of pretty pictures, and an honest opinion piece on a faucet I really want. Thanks for the funny and useful post!

  18. Sarah(20state) says

    Ohhhh I have serious tap envy! How cool is that thing… And to be able to “turn on” Magic Mike several times a day…exhausting but thrilling and the cat could self water! Due to no opposable thumbs she struggles with my current one.

  19. Rhiana says

    My parents and I have the same faucet! We LOVE it! It is great when you have just been touching raw meat or something equally as icky that you can just bump it with your elbow. The other thing that is cool about it is that it LEARNS. It is touch at first but it figures out what is a touch to turn on the sink and when you just bumped into it. Amazing technology! I hope she enjoys it!

  20. Angela says

    I too love the mercury glass collection. I especially love your funny little paragraph, you squeezed in at the end, re: what your Mum should bequeath you. Your sense of humour kills me! (oh & the hooker etc part) Imagine me slapping my knee & shaking my head “that KB”.

  21. says

    That was a really cute post. Mom’s are the best! (Auto-correct wanted to make the m&m’s instead of mom’s and I almost missed it). I love how you tell stories and not just how to do a project. Your stories are my favorite part and the bonus is I was always wondering about that faucet.

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