Back to Black

Spoiler: I’m at the beach.

Sooo my version of red white and blue is a cold red coke can, white creamy sunscreen and blue blue blue waves tickling the toes of my little guys.  Yup.  No Independence day crafts this year…which is kinda really nice because sometimes you just want to relax on a holiday weekend.  canigetanamen?!

While I am soaking up the rays (aka cursing at the storm clouds), I thought I would share yet another step on our front door journey.  As you may remember, the front doors started off a brown color with our mud colored trim.  

Then I painted them a lovely color of red….ironically called Front Door Red.  #nameforthewin

I actually really liked the color.  I felt like it popped much better and let’s just face it…anything was better than the poop color.

Here is what it looked like with terrible lighting….and all that mud colored trim really needed to go. 

Well, don’t ya know that when we started the whole house painting journey, that the doors started to look a little TOO much for me. 

Then one of the painters told me in broken English that he really liked the new trim color but the red front doors were “in your face”.  He was so right. 

So literally while they were still in the middle of painting, I got out some Glidden interior/exterior paint in Martha Stewart’s Onyx and starting with the mini makeover. 

I get high gloss for front doors because I like a shiny door…especially since Georgia dust and pollen tend to dull everything up just a smidge.

HUGE difference, right?!

Now I just need a little more color for the front.  I’m thinking some pretty pillows on the wicker chairs and maybe some more colorful flowers in the planters and even some hanging plants.


It’s amazing how small things like two coats of paint on front doors can help make things look really polished and cohesive.  So yeah…consider me officially on the ‘black door trend train’ :)  Choo choo. 

(here’s the process on how we paint front doors)

So what are y’all doing for the holiday?  Anyone painting front doors?  Or jumping at the chance to redo something when the pros say it needs to go? 

Happy 4th y’all!



  1. Jessica says

    Sigh. I already commented about how I love your recent exterior choices. I’m sad about the negativity in the comments, I couldn’t do it. I hope you keep on being awesome. I realize I sound like a creepy 12 year old. I hope these negative comments don’t make you not want to write anymore!!! I’m still sounding creepy. I promise I’m not this weird in real life. Just on the Internet I guess!

  2. Betsy says

    WOW… do people just troll blogs looking for grammatical errors and offensive descriptions?

    Love the new door colors and your blog!

  3. Pree says

    LOL If I said something that caused anger not from one commentator but from tens of them!! and someone defended me by bringing up someone like Paula Deen, I would most definitely pause and reconsider what I said or just apologize because clearly I was wrong.

    But not you Katie!

    Your defense clearly demonstrates that you doesn’t get why it was offensive (even after several thoughtful explanations) – that the term ‘broken english’ wasn’t offensive but the context certainly was – just like ‘the black nurse’, the ‘asian cashier with the broken english’ and you are unable/too lazy/ignorant to understand another perspective

    • says

      Dear Pree…I heard the other side…I chose to stop the course, think about it, ask others opinions, do a little self reflection, and realize what I could have done differently (in this case, I didn’t tell the full story or make it clear why I used the term…I am sorry for that) and decide for myself my own stance on this. I encourage others to do the same. Obviously we end up on different ends of the spectrum.

      I am a story-teller…it took me 6 chapters to tell one birth story…quite a long winded kinda cookie….always have been. Ask my mom. I will use descriptives to paint a picture of people I encounter (like race, hair color, eye color, accents, etc.) and situations that I experience. I do not try to offend anyone and always try to use the appropriate terminology. I usually only describe folks that I have positive encounters with (which is a lot of different kinds of people since Atlanta is so diverse) so that negative encounters do not become part of a profiling. My perspective is that we should not ignore the things that make us different or the same…but celebrate them and try to remember those individuals as just that!
      xo – kb

      • Kami Buchanan says

        I love all your responses Katie, but this Pree and several others don’t even deserve a response. It’s ignorance on their part and they just seem to be seeking attention. You have responded enough to the negative. People go back and read through the comments. She has responded! Enough! I like the commenter that said “this is ridiculous”!

      • Katie says

        Your comment… “My perspective is that we should not ignore the things that make us different or the same…but celebrate them and try to remember those individuals as just that!” … I love that way of thinking. and when I saw this blog post today, I thought of that comment and thought you might love to read it. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  4. Janet S. says

    I love the black, I loved the red too. Beautiful house, beautiful doors and beautiful you for telling us about it.

    This whole response thread is absolutely amazing. Everyone is criticizing you for making what they deem to be a critical remark. Pot – kettle – black.

    I often read the comments on your blog and usually most comments are made by other bloggers with links to their blogs, for the sake of self-promotion. This time, these same people throwing stones don’t have the courage to add their links. Anonymity makes for bold statements. Funny thing is, even with the term you used, which is descriptive and perfectly fine, if you had been giving away a high-value freebie these same people would be all over it and cooing and oohing and hoping they win.

    Assumptions are dangerous and if these commenters are willing to judge you by one word from your blog, they need to find another hobby rather than bullying you from the safety of their anonymous computer screens.

    Keep up the writing and know that lots of other anonymous readers love your blog, just like I do. If I had a blog, I would proudly add a link.

  5. Melissa says

    Hi Katie!
    We live in a 1965 split level- part brick, part siding. We started prepping the house to paint the entire exterior… ourselves. I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to prep the house. I thought that it would take 1 day to scrape/repair and 3 days to paint. After 4 days of prep work, we still are no where near painting. You’re so lucky you hired the job out!
    Hope you enjoyed the beach!

    • says

      OUCH! I am so sorry to hear that for your sake but honestly I’m kinda relieved to hear that it takes forever because I kept doubting whether or not we should have done it ourselves. Hope you get to painting soon!
      xo – kb

  6. grey says

    i find it very interesting that many of these people accusing you of being racist or politically incorrect are straight up jumping to the conclusion that this painter is hispanic?!!! -isnt that more racist than mentioning that someone doesnt speak perfect english? you have no pictures of him on here, he could be russian or italian or thai for all we know. but he’s a painter so he must be hispanic. oi.

    • brittany says

      she’s american. we live nowhere near russia, thailand, or italy. we do, however, live a short drive from mexico. how is it racist to assume someone speaking “broken english” in america is hispanic/mexican? it’s common sense. anyway, you’re clearly misinformed in more ways than one. she does have a picture of the painters up. they look hispanic. scroll back to the original post about the trim being painted to see. stating that he spoke to her in broken english was completely unnecessary and mean. there’s nothing more to it. does it make her a bad, mean, or evil person? no, obviously not.

      • Katie says

        I agree with Grey that it’s worse to assume they’re Hispanic based on their “broken English,” profession, or even their appearance- as one small example, there are a number of people in the US who may look Black but prefer to identify as Latino/a. Additionally, I don’t know about Atlanta, but where I’m from (mid-Atlantic region), most Hispanic people are not Mexican; even if these painters are Hispanic, they may not be Mexican. It’s equally wrong to assume their race or their ethnicity.

  7. says

    I absolutely LOVE the black it looks WAY better! I had no problem with the red as my front door is red but the black looks amazing next to that stone! Woohoo, good job!

  8. Whitney Dupuis says

    Ok people. If you want KB to stop blogging completely, keep up the negativity. Seriously, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her description of situations. She is open, honest, and paints a vivid picture with her words. I would venture to say that if you read “broken english” as a description in a novel you wouldn’t think twice about it. Let’s all put our big girl panties on and get over it. Also, if you continue to have issues with her writing style STOP READING HER BLOG. I am so tired of people who are so scared of possibly offending one person (who shouldn’t be offended in this case for sure) that they try to censor everyone else. Enough is enough.

    Katie, love the door and love your work. Keep it up!!!

  9. says

    Katie, did you sand the door before painting or just give it a good cleaning? And I am always confused if I should paint the…i don’t know the correct term for it..sides of the door the same color as the outside color or the inside color if different. thanks!

    • says

      I used the 3m block which is like a cross between sanding and steel wool. And then I did a good cleaning. I always paint the edges of the door the same as the front…but I’m sure other people do it differently.
      xo – kb

  10. Gia says

    It looks nice Katie. However, I don’t LOVE it. The sum total of the front looks very dark and Halloweeny. Anyway, do what you do girlie, it is your house after all :) I would advise a dark blue door but that would bring too many comparisons to the Peterstiks.

  11. Amanda says

    I, too, have a black front door. I love its decorating versatility. It looks especially great with yellow. As for the fuss…I don’t get it. You simply described the way a bilingual person spoke his second (or third) language. The fact he can even speak a second language, at any level, is commendable. I would be thrilled to get my second language to the “broken” stage. Then maybe my kids wouldn’t have to correct me so much, and strangers would actually get the drift of what I was trying to say. Unwad the panties, people!

  12. says

    I suppose I really don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said but I will comment any way. First I love the new color choices on your exterior. Secondly, I have seen the negative comments on this post, some of your other posts, as well as online. It really makes me sad that some people honestly think it’s OK to be so judgmental of others. You read all this nonsense yet week after week continue to DIY, document, and post. Admirable.

    Now, for fear of sounding like Chris Crocker but saying “leave Katie alone!” (Hahaha, crack my self up) I will end with this. If my blog is so blessed to be as successful as yours… when the negative comments come (and I’m sure they will) at least I will know I am in good company. So in the words of all you other fab followers, keep doing what you do girl.

  13. karen says

    i don’t know about the black door. it’s looking kind of dull or even sad.
    i think painting the other doors black on the facade would give it a more sophisticated look…and would maybe flow better?? its just a thought.

    • says

      I questioned that same thing about the other doors. Maybe I’ll photoshop it first. And the door actually looks really shiny in real life so it’s like a shiny black handbag that is the shining star of an outfit :)
      xo – kb

  14. says

    Katie, love the blog and all the choices you make, housewise and other.
    I thought it was a good description of your conversation with him.

    Keep on keeping on.

  15. Lux says

    Honestly, i loved the RED door….felt a ghost house feel with the black door…reminded me of halloween :(..

  16. Jessica says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the black front doors! We’re doing a major renovation and have a pair of black front doors on order. Can’t wait for ours’ to arrive. I know they’ll look great after seeing your makeover! :)

  17. says

    LOVE this post:) your blog Is always so inspiring in every way.

    If you want to see some cute blue colored decor…Check out my blog:)

    Have a wonderful day dear

    LOVE Maria at

  18. Kami says

    Don’t you wish you could totally block idiots that come to call you names and really have NOTHING to add to the story! I do! I read every post, I read every comment, I’m so sick of the people who take a word and change the definition to something mean, racist & hateful! They ruin MY day, I hope for sure not yours, but mine! Re…dick…ulous!! Spaz isn’t bad, Spazzy or Spastic! Not in our language! Just keep typing for those that matter! The ones that get you and love your humor and your heart! The others are just trouble makers!

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