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It’s quite obvious that I dig my camera.

I reach for my DSLR pretty much without even thinking about it these days.  There are just so many moments.  Moments I want to remember…moments I want to forget but remember that I forgot….moments that stir up emotions that I never even dreamed about.  Moments are really all that we have.  Our looks, our possessions, our health, our jobs….they all fade into nothingness.  But our moments….those whizzing, flying, fleeting blinks of an eye…we cling to them.  We never know our quantity but we all try to make them quality.  It’s our commonality.  The thread that runs through us all.

Which is why I need to confess that while I love my good camera….I also have fallen hard for the iphone.

Instagram was just another catalyst in my love affair.   My love for moments…converged with the convenience of capturing them good enough…melded with some of my favorite people on the planet….well, that my dear friends is a recipe for one iphone vacation recap.


Our dear friends the Petersiks arrived on a Wednesday.  They settled in before Sherry and I had to head to Haven the following days.  Haven was awesome…I’ll have to fill you in later….but while we were gone, John took some of the cutest little shots of our cuties as they played together.  After our duties at the conference was over, we packed our cars and headed south.


Let’s just say that traveling is not Weston’s strong suit.  And as cute and happy as these two three year olds look….they definitely were working through some moments of, let’s call it, “personality”.  There were definitely some moments where the adults all looked at each other with that look in our eyes that said “three year olds in the same room is not a good idea”.  In the end though, they both worked out the kinks (as all engaged couples do) and were pretty much inseparable.


When we first arrived in Destin, the kids and adults checked out our house-for-the-week and then changed the kiddos so that they could get in an evening ocean dip.


But the real ocean fun started the next day.

Oh and let me just say….we’ve been to Destin and Miramar beach several times now and this was by far one of the nicest weeks we’ve ever been.  We had two days of ULTRA-calm water…and we stayed near a sandbar which allowed the kids to have the freedom to swim all by themselves on those un-wavy days.


Our tent neighbors built a pyramid.  It was amazing.  So of course, in the true spirit of competition, we had to build a truck.  Is your name Mater too?


Weston had the hardest time.  He really wanted to ingest all of the sand and was really frustrated that I wouldn’t let him.  Plus, this was his first sleep-on-the-beach experience….so the first day took three hours to get him to go down for his nap in his ‘birds nest’.  I’m sure our fellow beach goers loved listening to the soothing rhythm of his screams.


On the calmest day we did something that was hands-down my favorite.  PADDLE BOARDING.  Seriously guys….why have you not told me that I need to own one of these.  I know it’s not practical for 99.999% of my days but this one day was the highlight of our trip.  And that is saying something because there was a moment where I yelled “I’M PARALYZED WITH FEAR!!!”.  That really happened.  And it was due to a hoard of jellyfish surrounding my board and trying to climb on top.  Ok ok…there was two.  But still….fear happens people.


I don’t know what it is about that first photo….it’s like something I would see in an old album where the family gets captured in the moment and little Jimmy…I mean…Will…is forever commemorated as a future professional paddle boarder.


We also did a great amount of eating.  It was divine.  I got to eat at my favorite place (it’s called Stinky’s and with a name like that, you know it’s good!)….and we visited the Donut Hole.


They retaliate in the best kind of ways sometimes.  Be still my little heart.  If only we all did this :)


Big news…Weston has officially started walking.  He took his first steps about a week and a half before the beach….but a step doesn’t always mean walking….plus, I didn’t want to believe my 8 month old was actually walking.  Seriously, someone kick the legs out from under him!

Well, he showed me because now he is movin right along.  His record at the beach was 8 steps.  It helps if there is a food reward.


See Will in that photo?  Not smiling.  Yeah.  It’s because he had a belly full of salt water and none of us knew.  Later that night, we went to eat and he sat there….refusing to eat anything more than a French fry or two (which is actually pretty normal for him) and then while we were in the quaint little town of Seaside trying to get some ice cream….it happened.  The salt water decided to make it’s appearance….all over him and Jeremy’s shirt.

Thank goodness for friends that have patience and strong stomachs.


The next day though the kids were all fine.  We watched them intently…limiting beach time and getting some solid naps before heading to The Track.  It’s a flying good time :)


There were also some moments of shopping, sea kayaking, singing 80’s under stringed lights, synchronized Barbies (I was the choreographer, Sherry was the camera person and John was the pushover for letting us talk him into it/director of quality control because if he had to be involved…gosh dang it was gonna be awesome) and just laid back eat an orange ice cream float kinda moments.


Our very last day we all skipped down to the beach for some family photos.  It was so fun to shoot Clara and her graceful little tip-toe dances and get some time to just capture us as we are right now.

Thanks for the awesome time you guys.  And I hope that next time we get a decent group shot on the beach.  Or at least get the video of the guys in the pool during the daylight :)

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    Love Destin and going ourselves for a kid-free vacation next week! Where did y’all get the paddle boards? And we’ll have to check out Stinky’s. always looking for new places to try. Do you have any other spots you loved/would suggest?

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