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DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Fab.  I hand picked each of the items below and got to choose what to write.  And yes, that includes the Honey Boo Boo quote :)

I hate it when folks have shopping posts and every single thing I like is close to a bajillion dollars.

That’s a technical dollar amount.  Recognizable by Wachovia and Bank of America.  It’s exactly how much money I have in my spending account as well.

(Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing.)

In all seriousness though…I love shopping.  You know this.  I know this.  You know that I know this.  I know that you know that I know this.  We all like shopping.  So that is why when my regular Fab feature came along this month, I knew exactly what I wanted to window shop for….best buys.  biggest bang for your buck.  most power with your penny.  most hollah with your dollah.  best zing for your bling.  most thrills with your bills.  I could go on and on.

Fab is amazing because it brings in great artists, brands and designers…like Orla Kiely, Andy Warhol, and Inhabit…but offers products at both ends of the spectrum.  So whatever your budget allows, you can find something to please.  Oh and on top of that, they offer free returns, free shipping on orders over $49, and price match.  Plus, they offer a smile guarantee – if you aren’t happy, they’ll return it.

So now…let’s get shopping…

First up, I picked out some great finds for the bedroom.  We need a new quilt…this queen size is only $69 for a set!  And the go-with-everything-style is perfect if you like to switch things up a lot like me.  The soft 9 inch high “B” letter is such a great deal at $15…I can see ABC all in a kids bedroom or hanging over hooks to identify where the backpacks go.  And that textural tray?  At only $13?  Perfect for adding some interest to a bedroom side table and could corral all those odds and ends that clutter things up.


Do you bento?  Huge fan here.  These reusable and watertight containers work great for lunches and are even better for the environment.  This type includes a sauce pot…which basically takes your lunch to another level.  Hello chocolate sauce :)  Next we have a pair of vinyl placemats.  What what?!  Yup…those are gold dahlia placemats cut out of vinyl.  I think personally they are spectacular and I would hang it on the wall as a piece of art.  And every kitchen with a back door or a spot for a rug needs this vintage inspired doormat.  I love that it’s a throwback to those diners where you feel safe and happy and like anything you put in your mouth is gonna be delicious.

My office has needs.  My brain has needs.  One of them is and always has been more organization.  I remember when I was in a real office at a real job that I couldn’t stick anything to the wall.  That was before the days of removable decals.  This calendar probably would have saved my life.  And I am completely obsessed with this hanging upside down plant.  It would go with my office jelly fish art.  Oh and poufs?  Why didn’t y’all tell me that they are like the George Clooney of seating?!  Everyone wants a turn!

Last but certainly not least, I dug up some great finds for the loo.  First…that cabinet.  I’m thinking of ordering it right now for the boys bathroom because I need some small storage and that looks perfect.  And that shower curtain is crisp and clean – just right for the place where you are trying to also get crisp and clean.  Finally…my fish bowl.  I’ve already adopted them in my head.  They would be amazing in a bathroom…and how else can you do this in a small space unless you hang them on the wall?!   It’s genius.


Happy shopping y’all.

p.s.  more ways to save:

  • sign up for Fab’s email newsletter which lets you know about all their newest sales!
  • check out the Iconic Brands Sale tomorrow (Wednesday at 10am ET)…in the words of the weatherman…it’s gonna be a hot one!




  1. says

    You are the answer to a prayer! For reelz. I’ve been looking for an affordable white quilt set for what seems like FOREVER and the cheapest I could find was at JCP for $89–but that was just for the quilt. The shams were a separate outrageous number. I never would pull the trigger on it before because, hello. I’m not made out of money. lol But I followed your link to and then found a white quilt set–similar to the one you chose/linked to but not the exact one, promise! I got the Damask–and at $69 for the SET? That baby is MINE. Now when my sister spends the night she will have an actual properly sized cover instead of a twin sized duvet. :-D

    I will definitely remember to check at next time.

    Thanks for sharing your great finds. :)

  2. Melissa says

    hey katie!

    I was thinking of staying home with our son full time and quit work but it will be a big hit income wise. we can afford it but need to make cut backs. what were some cutbacks you made when you started to stay home? We are trying to think of everything and even stuff outside of the box. I figured you would be a good source!

    I hope its not nosey.

    Please let me know

    • says

      Oh wow. When we first made that transition, I did a lot because I was so nervous about the change in income. We cut off cable, immediately called the insurance company to change our ‘mileage to work’ and ‘amount driven’, cut down on eating out, cloth diapered, did all homemade baby food, only cooled our top floor (heat rises so we figured that it would make sense), found a friend who could cut our hair, and made our own detergents. Every little bit helps, right?!
      xo – kb

      • Shanna says

        Weirdest thing that this was in the comments today. I was just planning on hitting you up with a cloth diaper question. Me and the Hubby are expecting our first kiddo (a boy) in December. I have been investigating cloth diapers and I noticed that both you and the Petersik’s cloth diaper with the same brand. I did notice that you use the ones with inserts and they don’t. Wondering if this has to do with differences between boys and a little girl, or if it is just personal preference. I really want to go primarily cloth diapers and am trying to research my way into the best decision for us, since they are pricey little buggers.

        Thanks in advance for any advise!

        • says

          Well, I don’t know if there are any differences per se…but I do know that the ones I chose were at the time cheaper and the ones that they chose were less work. I guess that shows our weaknesses :)
          xo – kb

  3. Jessica S says

    Great round-up! I am IN LOVE with the air planter and fish bowl…off to convince my hubby we NEED those in our bathroom!

  4. Alycia says

    Hello Katie,

    I started following the YHL blog a few months back and stumbled on your page through them. I have to say, I never followed blogs before but I can’t get enough of yours! Finding a sincere blog filled with family stories I can deeply relate to, awesome DIY projects, and a shared faith is awesome. I also have a hunky “lumberjack” hubby who I am trying to get on board with some DIY projects. We rent so we’re more limited but our landlords are thankfully cool with any wall painting indoors.

    Oh! And thanks to this and past posts about FAB I am now an avid window shopper =D

  5. Mary says

    Fab taught me not buy jewelry or housewares I can’t touch first. It’s so much cheaper in person than it looks online. That fish bowl looks inhumanely small, too.

  6. says

    Hey Katie,

    I just wanted to tell you that my daughter bought me a pouf that looks exactly like the one you have pictured at Target just last week, on clearance for $35! They had the grey and the natural. I love it!

    • Jenn W-M says

      I have the Target pouf in grey…just like the one pictured above. I think it was $40.00 ? Anyway it has held up great and with 5 kids and a dog, that is good!

  7. Jennifer R. says

    Hi Katie! Will you be finding out the gender of the new little Bower? If so, will you share it on your blog?

    I feel like a total creep because I am interested in blogger kids lol I think it just brings me joy because I am 23 and not ready for kids just yet! So fun to see others adding to their families.

      • Jennifer R. says

        Yippee! Fingers crossed for a healthy baby!

        Also, I think it is so silly how people take the time to comment about how much they dislike your blog. It doesn’t make any sense… why don’t they just not read it? I think it takes a particularly distasteful person to spend their time bringing other people down. Good for you for being so cool headed about all of it!

  8. Anna says

    I can’t even handle how craptastic this blog has become. How you even gets sponsors anymore is beyond me. I get that your knocked up with your 3rd kid in 3 years but maybe you should just STOP blogging. I’m sure you know just as well as the rest of us that your viewership is down like crazy. You should bow out now before it gets worse.

  9. Brianne says

    I got so excited about the “B” because I thought it was a pillow. I made a “B” pillow in home ec and it disappeared over the years.

  10. Kristin says

    Oh No! Not another shopping post!! My bank account just took a hit, but on the plus side, my bathroom just scored a new properly sized shower curtain :) Thanks for the affordable item suggestions!!

    • Kristin says

      Oh I just read Anna’s post… Now I feel bad for my post.. I hope you know that I was being sarcastic- I totally appreciate your shopping posts. I’ve found a ton of clothes for my son and my ever growing belly. I’d like to go on the record and say I don’t think your blog is craptastic :)

  11. says

  12. Lisa says

    I am not usually into the sponsored posts. I read them and move on but I have to say that you wrote this one really well. Highlighting the affordable grouped items in a website that is generally expensive (IMO) really hit the mark and I even checked out the website…something I NEVER do. Just thought I would let you know. :)

  13. Meghan says

    I just wanted to chime in and say I love these posts. I always get stuck in the rut of buying from the same places and I love seeing what else is out there. And this is like this is shopping with a friend that has great style (and I don’t even have to do my hair/makeup!).

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