Crazy In Love

Sometimes I worry about putting things out there.

Like people will think I am just plum crazy.

But then I remember that I kinda am.

Soooo it should come as no surprise that I am head over heels in love.  Yes.  I said it.  And I’m not talking about a fine man named Jeremy Bower.  I am talking about a nearby town.  It’s called Monroe and I must warn you….I become a sappy mess talking about it.


We were first introduced to the very small town of Monroe back in 2011 when we moved nearby.  Monroe had free downtown concerts and I am never one to pass up anything free.  And I mean ANYTHING.  I talked about that fond experience here.  In my past, I had never had any real interaction with this town (well…unless you count a speeding ticket in college)…so it wasn’t like I grew up thinking that this little run down town was the cream of the crop.  I do like old buildings though that ooze character and this place has just that.  In fact, when I started photography, this was a go-to place for me for sessions so over the last few years, a lot of fun happened here…and recently we began just exploring more and more of this sleepy little town with our friends, family and boys.


On top of that, we also have quite a few friends that recently moved nearby….renovating homes they got for uber-cheap.

So why does this make me crazy?

Well…here’s where it gets all wacky….I want a piece of it.

I get it…we own a dream house…it’s on the perfect piece of property with great neighbors in a safe neighborhood.  I get it.  We have it all.  (at least by outside standards).  But I also know that Jeremy and I have both had this gut feeling that one day…perhaps…just maybe….if we are lucky, that we want to somehow invest in something in that little town of Monroe.  Maybe a house.  Maybe a business.  Maybe a tiny chunk of land.  We don’t know right now 100% but something.

I think part of it is us just believing in this little town…a historic place that desperately needs revitalization and renewal.  Part of it might be a pipe dream…a place that I could do photography workshops with other moms learning how to use their DSLR’s…or a place that we do whole getaway weekends where blog readers could get together and just retreat and craft together…a place that we could tweak slowly over the years and eventually retire after all our kids are grown and gone.  Part of it just feels like a really good investment.

I don’t know why this is so scary to say…but it’s something in our dreams.  It’s something that doesn’t make a whole lot of ‘paper’ sense.  Mostly because it has no real focal point right now…there are tons of opportunities here but nothing has wheels in motion.  But sometimes those feelings…those feelings deep in your gut…those twinges and stirrings…I believe they can come from a higher power.  I believe sometimes things that don’t make sense when you feel them…sometimes you find out why later.  I believe that God can lead us.  And sometimes that path is paved and sometimes it’s on an unbeaten trail through the woods.  And sometimes it makes you look crazy.  But to me, the crazier thing is to not dream.

I just wanted to share with you…my friends…where we were.  Not quite in Monroe…yet…but perhaps one day, I can link back to this post and tell ya how we got our foot in the door…or where that gut feeling led us.  Till then, let’s talk dreams….what’s yours?



  1. says

    Aww. I miss Monroe so much. I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people. But I truly did feel at home there and loved that it was so tiny and filled with character.

  2. katie in de says

    Oh. I know exactly how you feel. Except for me it has something to do with making music and singing songs on another continent. What you said about twinges and stirring deep down that can come from God? Straight on, woman. And yes, it does seem crazy…but give it time and a season to grow.

  3. says

    Hi Katie – we may have a business opportunity for you in beautiful downtown Monroe! Not to make light of it, but our family business, Sanders Furniture Co., will be closing in early 2014, after being in business in Monroe for almost 90 years. My father, Charles, is retiring, and my sister Tora is making a career change. They are having a huge “Retirement Sale” that started on Saturday until closing, in case you need a great deal on nice furniture.

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