The Exterior Paint Recap – Prep

I’ve been really excited to share the recap of our exterior painting with you.  I have not been excited about going through the million point million photos that I have sitting on my computer.  It goes without saying that I got a little camera happy while the CertaPro Painters were in my midst.  Speaking of the painters…here is the fine crew that took our house from poo to WAHOO!

Daniel was the lead painter (he’s the one with his arms folded across his chest) and his crew had two of his brothers and a guy I named Alfredo.  That wasn’t his name but after I didn’t hear his name correctly I said “Alfredo?” and he said “Um….sure”.  So for the two weeks that he was here….he was Alfredo.  And no…I did not pose them.  I asked to take their photo and they immediately adopted what I call ‘the boy band’ stance.

I can not rave enough about these guys.  Seriously.  I wish I could come to your house to accurately describe (with hand motions) how much I appreciate the work they did and how respectful and kind they were.  Even when they came to the door every morning, Daniel would ring the doorbell and then back up off the porch to be about ten feet away.  I appreciate that as a girl who stays at home because answering the front door with four large guys looming would be quite intimidating.

Okay – so this series is gonna be three parts – just so I can share the experience to the fullest…and because I had way too many photos :) Plus, this is THE biggest single expense we have ever had…so dude, I might be the only person to get ridiculously excited about pressure washing and caulk but as someone who doesn’t pay for people to do anything around the house, I could literally sing and dance as I watched them sweat it out as I sat back not lifting a finger (well…the camera trigger finger was busy but that was about it).

After they moved all the furniture away from the house, they pressure washed the entire thing.  Will and I ran from room to room to watch the water cascade over the windows.  That’s prime time entertainment in the Bower house.

Some painters do not include pressure washing in their quote…but to me, it makes perfect sense.  I mean, when I am outside for any length of time, I need a shower.

During this time, the guys game me an update on things they found…like the roof has marks in it from ladders where previous people-on-the-roof-with-ladders were not careful and put small dents and a few holes in the shingles.  They warned me that if I ever saw any moisture in the attic, it’s from that.

I got a kick about how powerful the pressure washer was.  It seemed like it had more oomph than a normal pressure washer.  Check out how this guy is standing on the ground and still getting the gutter!  That’s like thirty feet high!

During the pressure washing phase, they were able to really inspect a lot of the fascia .  It was really damaged.  More on that later.

Yeah.  That guy is high.   Not like Lamar Odom high.  Well.  Yeah.  Sortof.  Lamar is tall.


I also really like the fact that they pressure washed the windows.  Even the windows that are vinyl that weren’t getting painted.  It just seemed really thorough and like a bonus.

Our garage doors really needed painting.  BAD.  Bits of trim were pulling away from the doors and  the paint was in terrible shape.

After the house was clean, the entire place looked different.  It was funny to me how the color could change when it was wet and clean.

Oh and we found a little guy during the process.  The guys didn’t want to touch this bad boy so I found a stick and put him in a bucket and transferred him to the woods.  We have black snakes near the creek so I was surprised to see this little gray rat snake (I think that is what he is).  He probably made a good snack for the black snakes.

After the pressure washing phase was over, the guys started on repairs.  A lot of the trim needed replaced so there was wood working to do.

This door caused a lot of problems for our living room.  Every time it rained, we would have to put beach towels down to make sure the water didn’t get in.

Large pieces were completely rotted.  Others just needed to be cut and portions replaced.

I found this stage to be extra interesting because I have never done or seen anyone install exterior door frames.  They reminded me of interior trim and it was a lot less intimidating after I saw them cut pieces out and replace the trim.

They just cut out the rotten pieces and then cut matching boards and filled any cracks with exterior wood filler.

The front window (the one above the front door porch) had some rot too.  Most of our windows are vinyl but this one has wood casing…so it was OFCOURSE rotten in parts.  They carved out the soft parts and added more exterior trim.

And I know it hard to focus when you see this crazy photo…but look at that roof line.  See on the left hand side?  Where it is a different color?  Like white?    That entire piece of wood needed replaced.  That is a non-standard piece of wood…so after Daniel checked with Home Depot, Lowe’s and Builder’s Supply to find nobody had it in stock.  He finally got word that it could come in after a week of waiting at Builder’s Supply so they couldn’t paint this part until it came in…and they didn’t want to waste time either.  At one point, there was building, caulking and painting all going on at the same time.

Speaking of caulking…they used a ridiculously amount of caulk on our house.

They applied it around each window and all the siding seams in the back.  (and you can see here where they replaced some siding too.  I tell ya what…this exterior was a mess!)

Most of the house wasn’t ever caulked…Daniel told me that this was the simplest way for moisture to get in and for our interior paint to start chipping.

At the end of the day, they used up all the caulk they could buy at Home Depot.  They bought it all.  Crazy-pants.  (caulk pun not intended).

Okay…now that the house was mostly ready…it was time for priming.  They primed any unprimed wood areas.

And once they got it all covered in primer it was time for paint.

Yes I said paint.  And yes, I look like this when I say that…

stay tuned…next up is the progress shots…my Certa Pro’s going at it to really get the transformation going.



  1. says

    Wow!! What an undertaking! I can see why this was definitely a job best hired out. And by the looks of it, you hired one heck of a team to refurbish the exterior of your home :)

  2. Carly says

    How did you not mention the action in that shot …. I can’t believe they jump from one ladder to the next that high up! Also Crazy-pants!! :)

  3. Kara says

    Katie – Things need TO BE replaced. They don’t “needed replaced”. Please please please. They needed TO BE replaced.

    Thank you.

  4. says

    Dear Katie,
    Love the blog….. please please please can you put some kind of SNAKE warning before the pictures of said (demons). I know I need to get over it (chalk up my phobia to an overactive imagination and too much emphasis on the Genesis account) but I’m sure my husband would appreciate not having to replace my lap top every time I fling it across the room when an unexpected snake picture shows up :)

    Congrats on the house!

  5. Nichole says

    I can’t wait to see the end result.

    I am actually worried that they pressure washed the windows. The power from the spray can break the seals inside the windows. Seems like something professional painters should know and not do.

  6. says

    oh god, the picture… where he’s jumping from ladder to ladder. EIIIIIIEEEEE! Willies. I has them.

    But this is seriously so exciting. What a lot of work they had to you (and you didn’t!). Can’t wait to see the final result!

  7. says

    Wow! That crazy climbing to the other ladder picture freaks me out!! Those guys are amazing! I’m glad you documented each moment–this is really cool, especially since I will probably never have this elaborate of a paint job at my home.

  8. says

    Wow! That switching to the next ladder picture freaks me out!

    I’m glad you’re documenting all of this–I doubt I will ever have a painting project this big at my home! It’s cool to see :)

  9. June says

    We could paint our house (1,400 square foot ranch) but why? Our good friend who is a professional painter, can do it in less time and less martial stress. Plus we cook him dinner and get caught up. I have never seen our friend jump from one ladder to another – I will have to ask him if he does that when he paints two story houses. That is crazy!
    PS Love the detailed postings!

  10. Seriously? says

    Real classy. Let’s make a joke about someone’s addiction issues on the day he enters rehab to get help for his problem. Completely tasteless, especially you don’t know the circumstances that led to his problem which so often starts with pain medication. Was that comment really necessary? Did it help to tell the story of prepping your house for painting? No. It was just tasteless. I always thought the Christian way — and you do claim to have strong Christian values — was to raise people up when they struggle instead of knocking them down. Hopefully, no one you love ever has to struggle with addiction and if they do, hopefully no one will make a tasteless joke about it on their blog.

    • says

      I’m sorry if I offended you. Obviously no comment is necessary…I mean, most things out of my mouth are completely unnecessary. And yes, I do have loved ones with addiction and we do joke a lot in my family about all our flaws, struggles and insecurities…but I am aware that other people deal with things differently and sometimes my ‘equal opportunity sense of humor’ can rub people the wrong way.
      xo – kb

      • says

        Can’t catch a break today, huh, Katie?

        I, for one, love the progress post and appreciate you putting your humor (appropriate and otherwise) out there for all to see. It takes some mad confidence, and I love you for it. :-)

      • *eyeroll* says

        So I am just curious…who actually thinks it’s funny to take cheap shots at people who are struggling and going through a dark time? Katie obviously thinks this kind of humor is funny – maybe I am just out of the loop and others do too? However, I think she also is concerned with what her readers like – I mean, we do supply her income after all. If enough people said “please stop with the offensive jokes and stick to what you do best – everything else” maybe she’ll quit. Just an idea because personally I’m a little tired of reading this blog for the home design/photography/adorable kids and coming across sad, offensive analogies more often than not. It really cheapens what I think is otherwise a very good blog. I don’t want to have to stop reading, but when other bloggers also do good work AND do not make insensitive comments, I strongly consider spending my time on their sites instead.

        • abby says

          i had to go back and read it because i was like “what offensive comment” so i did. and i found it. and i would like to thank you *eyeroll* because you alerted to me to like the funniest joke i have heard all day!
          hahaha, it was so subtlety played with awesomeness that i almost missed it! so here i am katie saying “please don’t stop” you make my boring day a little brighter!

        • Melissa Cain says

          “Eye-roll” you clearly have nothing better to do than rub your bad day off on everyone else. It was a joke. The great thing about the internet is that “if you are tired of reading this blog” THEN STOP READING.

      • Meg says

        So anything cruel and unkind said in a joking manner should be overlooked and we should all sit back and laugh?

        Where is the line drawn about being a kind person and refraining from making fun of others serious issues? Should it be free reign to make fun of others looks? Their marriage falling apart? Someone dying? Someone being sick?

      • *eyeroll* says

        Oh, I don’t think personal attacks are necessary, Katy. (BTW, I have a great sense of humor, no worries) I just don’t think you have to make fun of people to be funny.

        I am not looking for an argument, I am just giving Katie what any good business owner wants (and needs): constructive criticism on what her customers (which is what we are, right?) like and what they think could be improved upon. Obviously like any customer, if I don’t like the goods offered I’ll go elsewhere. But like any loyal customer I’ll probably put in my two cents first.

    • Andrea Kay says

      I think that the comment was made in a lighthearted way and that there was clearly no harm intended. I think the comment was completely appropriate because this is Katie’s blog and her humor is part of who she is. I truly enjoy drinking my cup of coffee and reading your blog posts every morning Katie! It’s so nice to find a blog where the author is true to themselves and puts it all out there, the good, the bad, and the incredibly hilarious! Keep up the funny Katie because as a stay-at-home mom of 3, I LOVE getting to start my day with a little laugh and smile! :)

      • Meg says

        Oh that’s right, drug addiction jokes ARE incredibly hilarious! Alcoholics are funny! Drug abusers are so funny I wish they could laugh at themselves more! I am sure Elvis is laughing about it, just like Amy Winehouse or Cory Montieth! I am sure all their loved ones think jokes about the terrible disease of addiction are funny too. HA HA HA!

        Seriously no one is saying blog posts shouldn’t have humor. It’s the incredibly insensitive, unkind jokes that people are having a problem with.

        • Sandy says

          Meg, I take offense to your comment. A terrible DISEASE is something like cancer, that happened to claim the lives of several of my loved ones. Addiction is terrible BUT people CHOOSE to take the first sip or hit. I don’t recall anyone forcing Elvis, Amy Winehouse, Cory Montieth to drink and/or do drugs. That is ridiculous. I too have loved ones with addiction but they chose that path. My dear friend didn’t CHOOSE to suffer for 6 years from breast cancer and eventually lose her battle and my grandmother didn’t CHOOSE to suffer and die from stomach cancer. They died from a terrible disease. My uncle CHOSE to drink and live a life filled with alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, the path he chose lead to his death. Sad but he could have picked a different path like all of his siblings. Katie meant no harm in what she wrote. I didn’t take offense to what she wrote and like I said, I have loved ones that struggle with addiction and have died from it. I do take offense to you calling it a disease. Look it up. It is NOT a disease.
          Katie, keep up the great work! I love your blog!

    • Asia says

      Some people are WAY too sensitive. I love your humor and this post was amazing like always. I can’t wait to see the rest of the posts!!

  11. says

    Wow!! Very exciting! Love all your progress pix and humor. We recently redid our floors and I thought I was nerdy taking so many pix…guess not! ;) xo

  12. Meg says

    I agree with Seriously?

    It’s in such poor taste to make fun of someone struggling with a powerful addiction. Regardless of it it not being very Christ like it’s not being kind at all.

    Since you’re an ‘equal opportunity sense of humor’ type of person how would you appreciate other’s making fun of you for not getting pregnant during a time when you were wanting to conceive and not pregnant yet or making fun of Jeremy loosing his job a few months back? What about kids teasing Will because his mom said it took awhile to love him (per your blog post)? Or people making fun of your sister for being a teenaged single mother? Wouldn’t you hope others would be a little more kind and have more grace than that?

    You can be a funny girl but this is a cheap attempt at humor. I wish instead of being defensive (telling the reader sorry SHE was offended and not sorry that YOU were offensive) you would have taken a moment to step back and admit that you should have refrained from making jokes about someone’s addiction.

    (disclaimer for all the girls who will jump out at me since I wasn’t gushing over how amazing this post was: I’ve read this blog for years and enjoy it more often than not and yes I know I can read something else. Everything I have written was respectful and coming from a good place.)

      • Meg says

        I commented because as a reader and therefore a “customer” and “consumer” of Katie’s blog/business it was fully reasonable to let her know respectfully that her joke was unkind and offensive.

    • says

      Well, since she said her family has an “equal opportunity sense of humor,” chances are that they HAVE ribbed her for some of those things. Humor is just how some people deal with their issues.

      A close member of my family has struggled with addiction and I thought the joke was funny. Different strokes for different folks.

      • Meg says

        If she wants to tease her sister about being a teenmom or her aunt wants to tease Katie for not loving Will at first then I am sure that makes for some really nice Thanksgiving dinners. But I think the difference in those situations would be that she has a personal relationship with that individual and the bashing isn’t done one sided in a public forum. Lamar Odom’s drug addiction doesn’t impact her in the least bit so why bring it up? Why make fun of someone’s serious addiction? She’s not dealing with it firsthand like his wife or his family so it’s not an issue she needs to make light of.

        I hope that clarifies my stance a bit more. I honestly hope Katie is taking some of this and what others are saying to heart. I’ve said things I shouldn’t have plenty of times. It stings and is embarassing when it happens and you realize your words were offensive and unkind unintentionally. Each time that has happened I stood back and took a look at what I said and a lot of times I WAS in the wrong. So I apologized and owned up to it.

    • Bea says

      This is a really interesting post. I love Katie’s blog (and her sense of humor) but you bring up many interesting points.

      I think in the abstract it’s ok to make light of personal challenges, but when it is about someone you know (I feel like I know Katie and her family) it becomes cruel. I guess it’s easier to make fun of celebrities, because they don’t feel like “real people”. But, like Katie, I’m a Follower of Christ and it does feel wrong to make light of others misfortune, especially for something as small as a cheap laugh.

      Thanks for posting this Meg, really made me think.

  13. says

    Yowers! People getting all offended about grammar and rehab on a home improvement post. I’ve seen it all. ;) Breathe, people….breeeaaaatheee. Keep on keepin’ on Katie. Love your blog!

    In related news, I just repainted the trim around my garage doors yesterday. It had paint chipping off and rotting wood that I painted over. Bad, I know. It’s a band-aid, I guess. I’ll have to check out Certa Pro. That’s awesome that they replace exterior trim. Just what I need! Thanks for the recommendation!


  14. Rachael says

    It amazes me the things people get their panties in a bunch about. Really, the entire post I was more focused on her beautiful home, humor and the insane heights these dudes were working in (appearing to be at ease.) (I’m sure someone will also correct my grammar, go ahead.) Nit pick, nit pick…nit pick!! People, take it easy and stop stressing about things that really aren’t a big deal.

    And Katie, can I come over and eat bacon and joke? My favorite are fart jokes, because really… I will never grow up. And I like to over share! Yay!

  15. Courtney Madden says

    Hi Katie!

    We are currently getting bids to repaint our house and we live in Snellville (that weird part where we’re right on the corner of Stone Mountain, Lilburn, Loganville and Lithonia) so I think we’d be in the same area as your CertaPro guys! Could you send me their contact information? We got estimates about a year ago (life happened and we had to re-save up) and CertaPro was our top choice, but I think it was a different CertaPro team.


  16. Natalie says

    Holy Moly! I’m pretty sure I would’ve peed my pants being up that high…and to see them jumping from ladder to ladder would have made me faint, for sure!

    Kinda random question: in the priming picture, what are those beautiful hot pink flowering bushes called? I know zip about flowers/plants/landscaping, but I absolutely love those!

    Can’t wait to see the next post. :-)

  17. Jennifer R. says

    Hi Katie! I bet the new paint looks awesome!

    I am really surprised your home has so much damage to the wood after only a decade. We have a fully wood sided house that was built in ’79 and have not had any issues like this. We also live in Alabama so humidity and weather is pretty comparable to Atlanta. Probably your home is just much larger than ours so more joints, windows, doors, roof, etc. to have issues with. I bet it is a huge relief to have everything cleaned, primed, and painted to last now!

    For what it’s worth, I think public figures like Lamar Odom are fair game for commentary. They make money by being talked about publicly, it’s what they signed up for. It’s your blog, and it was timely and funny. But I also come from a family where it would be perfectly acceptable to say “the roof was as high as uncle fred at woodstock”, etc.

  18. Carrie says


    I am a naturalist at a county park in NC. I care for 11 snakes among other mammals and birds. The little guy you caught could be a black or gray rat snake. They are born with that pattern and as they age and grow it will fade. They are definitely nice to have around since they eat rodents. :) Thanks for not killing it!

  19. Audra says

    Thank you for posting this. CertaPro gave me an estimate over a month ago and so far I’ve been impressed with their professionalism. I really love the price breakdown and willingness to work with DIYers that don’t mind tackling some of the smaller areas to save money. I am happy to let them handle all big or scary jobs.

  20. Melissa says

    Ok, the ‘boy band’ pic of these guys is ADORABLE! :) and the last image had me cracking up! That’s how I look when a project is making real progress around here too!

  21. says

    Hey Katie! So great to hear about all of the nitty-gritty of the process. The back of our house has siding that’s in pretty rough shape so it’s super helpful to hear about your experiences!

    On the *cough cough* other matter- for every 1 person who is a downer, there are a hundred, nay a thousand, of us who genuinely take joy from what you do and support you and love you in a hopefully-non-creepy way.

    • Meg says

      See, I think this is where a lot of people get confused. If some readers express a concern or point out something offensive doesn’t mean they are a “downer” or don’t support Katie. Of course some people will be antagonistic no matter what but a lot of people who take the time to leave a respectful opinion aren’t haters. They are readers (just like you!) who come back and read about her DIY/home/kids (just like you!). Just because a comment isn’t always “You totally rock!” doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable contributions to Katie’s overall blog and business.

      • Megan says

        It’s so weird to me that people leave “constructive” comments here then come back time and time again to leave more and more defensive comments! We get it, you take your “job” as a “blog customer” very seriously and really want to beat a dead horse. I don’t normally comment but just saw all the replies and was curious … and wow! Interesting comments here. Love you and the blog Katie! Enough said from me!

    • Arvada says

      No, you guys are definitely creepy, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with telling someone that they offended you. No one asked Katie to take the post down or to shut down her blog, they just asked that she re-think a cruel joke the next time. It’s not YOUR blog. You guys don’t need to take these comments personally because they are not directed at you. You can read and enjoy a blog, but it’s probably a good idea not to convince yourself that the writer is a personal friend of yours and that she needs or wants you to defend her from people sharing their non-gushing opinions. Good lord.

      • ash says

        I agree, Arvada…adamant, overly defensive, disrepectful replies to an honest opinion are downright creepy. Disagreeing with someone does not make you a “hater”. None of you have people in your life who, once in a while, call you out on something you did or said that they don’t find appropriate? Upon them doing so, do you immediately determine they must “hate” you, since they disagreed with you? If so, that’s just sad to me.

        I’ve always enjoyed this blog very much. Katie, I admire your sense of style, and the way you strive to give your all to your family. However, I am not going to jump in here to defend you. I understand that you are a sucessful, grown woman, and can handle these situations on your own.

  22. Gabrielle C. says

    Wow, that looks like a huge terrifying job. It was totally worth hiring it out, especially with all the “extra”s they did which I’m sure was just them being incredibly thorough. And Katie, thanks for being “you”. It’s a refreshing change from all the “political correctness” of the day.

  23. Leah says

    Katie Bower. I like you, kid. No, I love you. I love your blog. Thanks for doing what you do, and doing it with humor. And that snake! I’d pee on myself.

  24. amiz says

    I have to say the way you handle your haters is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I hope you never change. Lamar put his life and business in the public eye. Everything he says or does is now fair game. If she had said it was higher than Willie Nelson would we even be having this conversation? Grow up and move on, or take your own advice and go to another blog.

  25. Pree says

    Your jokes and humor is sick Katie & I am really sorry for your two lovely boys whom you will be homeschooling and teaching them your (questionable) morals. So sad that they will grow up and be just like you – making fun of “asian cashiers”, mocking people with “broken English” and people who are “high”, singling out “black nurses”, thinking that gays “need to be brought to the other side”. Sigh!

    You don’t have the least bit of self awareness to acknowledge that if with every second post, if people are pointing to you that you have said something offensive, maybe its time to step down and away for a few days and introspect on what you are putting out there and why people are thinking you are so racist! You have no idea of the what the world is like outside your house and how people struggle with life everyday!

    • says

      Oh Pree. You misquoted me…I’m sure by accident. I never made fun of the cashier or nurse or painters…I identified them and described a story….and I never said that gays need to be brought to the other side…I didn’t even know there were ‘sides’ and I surely don’t know how to get there. I did say that Lamar was high…both with drugs and with height (which is fairly accurate according to ultra credible sources like grocery store gossip magazines).
      Like I said before…didn’t mean to be offensive.
      xo – kb

    • Kami says


      GO AWAY! I feel sorry for you! You keep coming back here making cruel remarks and saying actual lies. Some of the above commenters are obviously fans of Lamar and were offended by the comment and politely shared that, but you are a true hater, here to bash when ever you can. You write 10 times worse than anything Katie has ever “joked” about! You attack her personally, her family and kids, call names, and create lies. She said he was high for Gosh sakes. It’s that so bad? Is that racist? Did I miss something?
      Is that making fun of all alcoholics and crack addicts? Is that comment really “sick” or are you? She didn’t go on and on saying hurtful lies about poor Lamar. It’s ridiculous that you keep coming back here. GO AWAY!

      It’s crazy that Christians feel the need to act like you are any better because you wouldn’t write on your blog “high like Lamar”, I’m sure we have all done far worse. Oh Lord forgive us all, for we are sinners!

      Jokes people, cute, sassy,hilarious, and a little bold at times… this is what she does. It’s her humor and why I prefer to read her “stories” over any other blog. If you don’t and are easily offended or too good, Go read boring ole blogs!

      “We” stand up for her because like you we see your comments as wrong and mostly hurtful. Why can’t you people read our comments and realize
      “You don’t have the least bit of self awareness to acknowledge that if with every second post, if people are pointing that you have said something offensive, maybe its time to step down and away for a few days and introspect on what you are putting out there and why people are thinking you are RUDE!”

      I used your words PREE and found them so fitting for you and the one or two other rude commenters.

      • Pree says


        I keep coming back repeatedly? How are you so sure of that? Do you have access to check my IP addresses? When did I “call names and create lies?” Unless you’re Katie Bower pretending to be oh so classy in your reply and speaking your true mind behind a fake “Kami” username. Or you are one among her family members who has come out to defend her. On what basis did you say that I bash whenever I can? I have left 2 critical comments on this blog in the whole of 2 years!

        And again, its an OPEN BLOG! The clicks of a million people generate revenue for Katie and I would wish that when Katie has such a large audience to cater to, she would be a little more careful in what she puts out there. Every second post has been met with rude and critical comments! I haven’t seen this number of negative comments on any other blog I have read till date over half a decade. If she is rubbing sooooo many people the wrong way, she must be doing something wrong/hurtful isn’t it? A 100 “rude commentators” cant be rude just for the sake of it you know? And you know what is even more infuriating? The attitude. Katie doesn’t even have the graciousness to acknowledge someones comment and introspect.

        And Katie/Kami – you did hint that ‘if Nate Berkus moved to the other side’, you needed to be credited for it. Its in one of your old post.

        Oh yea and there are more than 15 major religions in the world. How could you assume I was a christian? Jeez!

        • says

          Pree…per the Nate Berkus comment…it means that if he would be attracted to women. I think that’s pretty obvious. It does insinuate anything negative which is what you were implying. And in regard to the critical comments…yes, I let em go through which is something that a huge number of blogs do not do. Acknowledgement of comments on my end comes from approval…if it never was approved in moderation, it was never read. I read every single comment and personally click APPROVE. I have made it very clear that I can not reply to every comment…but if there is a question, I do try to address it. And no one has access to the IP addresses of anyone who leaves comments on this blog except me.
          On a different note Pree, I think you have made it quite apparent that you don’t like me. I get it. And I see that you are spending your time reading my blog and the subsequent comments for some reason. I don’t know what that reason is but in my mind, it might be a huge waste of your time. I don’t want this space to be negative for you which I am afraid it is…maybe there is something more constructive for you out there? Every blog isn’t for everyone…but then again, what do I know…I am just a country bumpkin :)
          xo – kb

          • Kami Buchanan says

            Katie can respond for herself. She doesn’t need me or to hide behind fake name. She doesn’t know me. I have come across your mean comment before. It really stands out, and from what you have to say I can tell you come back many times. I actually never comment on blogs or get involved in anyone’s battles. It is just so shocking how far you take it. It’s ridiculous. As you want to defend Lamar, I want to defend Katie.

            I was referring to the other readers that say they are Christians, not you. I didn’t assume you were.

  26. Melissa Ricci says

    Looks maaaaaahvelous darling! Love your house, such a beaut! I’m so bad with heights that I can’t be pushed on a swing! I can’t imagine what they do!

    Xo Melissa

  27. Mara says

    I’m a loyal reader and am not a “hater”, but I found the comment to be a bit tasteless. Aim for classy, not trashy. Especially at someone else’s expense that is obviously seeking help. Instead of tearing someone down, you should build them up. No matter what age, race, blog reader/writer or not. There is a way to be funny, and this was not it.

  28. says

    wow!! loved the shot with the ladders! We just moved but our old house needed a total exterior over haul. I so wanted to see it done and have her look good. Looking forward to the rest of the posts!

  29. Trish says

    Love your blog Katie. Love your pics, your humour, your writing and seeing your gorgeous boys. Hugs from Cape Town, South Africa. xx

  30. Amanda says

    Your little snake friend might be a juvenile Black Snake. Sometimes they have those grey-black markings before they mature and turn all black. He’s a harmless friend who keeps your rodent population down! Glad you were able to safely relocate him!

    • says

      That’s good to know. We are very pro snake around here (well…most of the time)…and we’ve seen big black snakes but this one seemed so different. It’s good to know that it could just be a baby :)
      xo – kb

  31. Adrienne B says

    I’ll just chime in about pressure washing windows: you should check your manufacturer warranty because sometime this will void it. The concern is blowing out the seals, but also forcing water behind flashing and damaging the sheathing underneath. If the water can escape, it’s not a big deal , but if water gets into a spot where it can’t dry you could have a rot issue inside your walls. Windows are installed with the assumption that water will flow down the wall, but if you power wash up you could get underneath lapped flashing. (this is probably why that door leaked so much- there was splash coming up onto the door from below when it was meant to shed water rolling down). Just a little warning…

    (and I thought the Lamar joke was funny… You are your own brand, jokes and all. If people don’t like it, you don’t have to change.)

    • says

      Good thing we don’t have a warranty! We don’t even know who makes them (there are no stickers or notations about them) and since this house was a foreclosure, there is no one to ask. Don’t worry though…the guys did the pressure washing at a much lighter level (it was more of a rinse) as you can see in the stream of water.
      xo – kb

  32. says

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Recently, I have hired a painting contractors for painting the exterior of my house. During, exterior painting, they firstly did power washing which i think is one of the most important activity because it helps to remove the dust, stain and mildew and make the surface clean for painting.

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