Fall Happenings

The beauty in having this site is that it forces me to look back at the photos I snap, revisiting those captured memories, those sweet special times and see things that are past.  One day…probably sooner than later….I will see these again….browsing the archives…and think wow…look how they’ve grown…I remember that…look at that hair, that face, those toes.  I love thinking about the thought of thinking that.  It’s beautiful.  and it’s all mine.

Here’s random tidbits of our last few months….we went to an outdoor concert in Monroe…(just another reason why I love that place)…the streets are shut down and people sit in their lawn chairs and kids dance in the street.  It’s one of my favorite things to do all summer.  I soak it in even after people pack it up and the band leaves.

The cousins.  All of them.  I’m so glad they get to see each other…know each other…play and laugh and love each other.  Nothing is as sweet to me as that.  I wish I had that.  I hope their children know each other.  I hope they trade stories about my parents and play cards till four in the morning.

My favorite men….plus a Munchkin.  My dad loves that hat.  He gets people all the time thinking that hair is real.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s faker than 90% of the noses in LA.  My Pappap’s hair is not.  The man was blessed.  His nose is also real.

This is Weston and his little girlfriend from church.  She is the sweetest little thing to him.  Don’t get me wrong…she’s a spitfire and sassy and smart as a whip…and she pays zero attention to some kids (like Will) but for some reason, she digs Munch.  And he likes her three times as much.   I foresee an issue with older women in his future :)

I snapped this just to remember that Weston learned how to drink and hold a sippy cup.  Ground breaking news.

His paci is his little calling card now.  He doesn’t take any other kind.  We all think he looks funny without it.  I’m probably gonna be encouraging facial hair early with this one.

Eight months old.  That’s when he started walking.  I thought it was a cruel joke at first.  He didn’t know how to wave or clap or what “NO” meant….it made it difficult…but boy does he have joy when its happening.  It’s like a very funny joke.

Will is in preschool.  He’s supposed to attend four days a week for three hours each day…but really, he’s been sick so much that he’s missed about half the days.  He LOVES it.  I wasn’t ready at first but he’s been asking for over a year to go to school…so I gave in.  Now he comes home saying “Hola Mommy!” and “Today is Thursday…tomorrow I’m a big boy!” and identifying letters and writing his name.  It’s crazytown.

No picture has better described Will and his big cousin Braden.  Braden is that kid…the one that loves beyond his years.  He has compassion and maturity.  At times, it is breathtaking.  And then he reminds you that he is an 11-year-old boy by making fart jokes.  And Will is not a single iota more content than when with big kids.  This picture was after a weekend spent together…one where Will jumped in my parents pool without his water wings or float suit…one where Braden was the first to help him get to the edge and tell him that he was brave.  Every kid in my family was a lifeguard at one point…so I knew that day would come…where Will jumped in…I didn’t know that it would be Braden who helped him.  And I couldn’t be prouder of how it was handled.  He’s a little hero.

Jeremy and I celebrated our six year anniversary on Sunday.  We had the pumpkin painting party that day so it was really low key.  The next day my friend Charity insisted that she watch our kids and we go out.  She really lived up to her name that day :)  Of course, we had no other choice.  We went to Bonefish Grill (the same place where we celebrated our first anniversary) and my entrée was so spicy that I couldn’t eat it.  I guess Baby Love (that’s what I’ve been calling it) doesn’t like spicy food.  Spicy food out…pickles in.

The anniversary gift for six years is wood, iron, and candy.  I got Jeremy a wooden card (it’s hard to describe), and we already had a ten pound bag of candy that he dug into, and I planned on picking out a new iron with him (I know I know…I’m literally literal) but then he pulled a surprise on me…a very useful surprise…

We had a scare this summer where we got news that Jeremy’s mom was taken into the hospital for a heart attack.  Don’t worry.  It wasn’t one…but the entire experience was really scary…and we packed up the kiddos and headed to Chattanooga that very weekend to spend time with her.  Will didn’t want to take any pictures.  that is…until we told him he could hold rocks.

This is all. the. time.  Wrestling.

And then they rest.  I think it’s hilarious when they fake rest…like laying their head down for two seconds actually helps anything.

I’m having issues with my camera and I think I need to send it in.  The last time I had it cleaned and everything was at the beginning of the year but I think that the guy wasn’t the best…so now I need someone else.  I know the back focus button needs help and it seems like the focus is off on every single photo….drives.me.insane….but it didn’t really happen till that last guy worked on it.  Anyone know of a trustworthy place that fixes Canons reasonably?

This subject here of two brothers is not really what I wanted to point out…it’s the pollen.  Check out that crazy slate floor.

Lovie battle.  They constantly steal each other’s lovies.  I have a feeling that I will be saying that same sentence in 15 years when the ‘lovies’ means ‘girlfriends’.

To me, the best part about parenting is getting to watch.  I know that it sounds crazy because everyone gets to do that…but I get to do it all the time.  I get to know why the smiles are there….why they laugh at one thing and not another…why the milestone is especially momentous.  My eyes have never been such a gift to me.

Also…Weston really looks like Will here:

I’m kinda little bit jealous I don’t have a photo like this with the boys.  At least it’s with their GrandBee…I would be mad if it was with a complete stranger.

This one is completely unedited…sorry about the terrible white balance…but seriously…it’s worth editing.

Also unedited…but dang.  I love this.  I love every single bit of this…

Weston has always been a belly sleeper.  I used to wake up every two hours and flip him onto his back as a newborn.  He would even throw his lovie over his face.  SCARED ME TO DEATH.  Or at least crazy SIDS paranoia.  I hated it.  Now I feel much more relaxed about it…but I now too many folks that suffered terrible loss and it is excruciating to think about.

His feet are so Jeremy to me.  Something about them.  In the toes…or the balls…or the heels….wait, I just named all of them, didn’t I?

Oh and Weston’s little girlfriend got baptized this summer.  Her dad is our pastor and they did it outdoors in a friend’s pond.  It was really special and I felt like singing Take me to the Water when we were there.  Yes…I’m a little dramatic.

Some of the little ones at the baptism were ‘playing volleyball’.  It was hilarious…and adorable…and yes, that little girl looks like she’s holding poop.  I think it’s a squished brownie.  And yes, Will was wearing a lifeguard shirt at a baptism…that was irony.

Okay…back to life.  Hopefully one where I pull out my camera to capture more of it :)



  1. kristin p says

    Katie – I’m looking for a place to get my camera cleaned up too! Same focus issue….SO FRUSTRATING! Your kids are adorable. I can’t believe how much Weston is starting to look like Will!

  2. says

    Hi Katie!

    I’ve been following (stalking?) your blog for over a year, and haven’t ever commented- just absorbed your story. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your blog! I really appreciate it. I loved the “My eyes have never been such a gift to me” statement. It’s amazing how the smallest of moments become the biggest gifts! (End sappy comment). :)

  3. amy says

    hey, all those “happenings” and nuthin about the baby? come on girl. i told you the other day we weren’t patient :)

          • Nicole says

            Katie – why did you post the screenshot/texts of Sherry asking if you knew the gender news yet, clearing indicating you were going to find out soon, only to then be coy and not answer questions and avoid the topic? Just for attention? To bait people into asking? I like you so I’m trying to think of any other reason why you would do that but asking for attention/questions seems to be the only answer :( I’m sure people will jump on me and say “it’s private!” and “she’ll share when she’s ready!” but if that were the case you would have kept the fact that there was impending gender news (early via blood test) quiet in the first place. If you never posted that picture people wouldn’t expect you to know until ~20 weeks per usual.

          • says

            I didn’t know at that time (I was more sharing that my phone broke than anything) and it’s one of those pieces of news that you like to share with family and friends first. When that gets done, I’ll be definitely sharing. As for the way it went down…yeah, I thought I would know WAY early but they drew blood in the wrong tubes…had to go back in…then they dropped the blood…had to go back in…then it takes at least ten business days…so I just got the phone call and had my anatomy appointment (both happened within a few days of each other…so I have known for about a week).
            It’s not for attention (I’ve barely mentioned the pregnancy stuff) and I’m not trying to bait anyone into anything. It may be a surprise to some folks but I do have better things to do than try to manipulate folks into asking me more questions…like trying to bathe and sleep :) Seriously though…it’s just one of those things that I would like to celebrate with my IRL folks first. Hope you understand!
            xo – kb

          • Nicole says

            I understand. Maybe you can just take my comment as some feedback for how your actions came across even if it’s what wasn’t intended – that specific text message just seemed too planned to be a coincidence – but I believe you if you say it wasn’t the goal of your picture. That must have been really frustrating with the bloodwork. And unfortunately my frozen embryo transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy/super early miscarriage but thank you for your prayers. We are getting ready to start another fresh IVF cycle and I really hope our turn is coming soon.

          • says

            Oh I am so sorry that you went through that. What a devastation. I’m so sorry that you experienced that loss…I know some friends who went through that and they said that it was hardest because you allow yourself to get a smidge excited…only to feel that heartbreak all over again. I will definitely be praying. Oh and yeah…I’m too braindead to do anything planned…and obviously would never dream of thinking that it would come across that way. You give my brain way too much credit :)
            xo – kb

  4. Michele says

    I started tearing up at your first picture. That picture that you will cherish forever…one where you are just at peace in life and breathing in their love. I loved them all…for a lot of reasons, but so much so because I feel like I’m in a similar place. I have my boys (15, 12 and 7 months) who are all at such different stages, but to watch them come together, to learn, to play, to fight, to laugh…this is my life. And for that I’m lucky. Congrats on such a beautiful family.

  5. JennW-M says

    Wonderful pictures. The last one does look like poo…and the little boy at the end is looking at it like it could be poo!

    Thank you for the post, love your photography, so wish we lived closer to have a family shot with you!

  6. Emily B. says

    Love it! My boys are 3 yrs and 16 months – Definitely familiar with constant wrestling, lovie stealing, and two really sweet boys.

  7. says

    Gorgeous photos and family! I love these posts! I shoot Nikon, but am seriously considering switching to canon. What camera and lens did you shoot these pics with?

  8. Jess says

    Sweet post. I have a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old so I can relate to a lot of this especially the wrestling (and mine our girls). I don’t know how you find time in the day to blog. I can barely cook and clean with these two little ones. Is Weston sleeping for you? Our LO is still up all night nursing.

    • says

      Weston is just this past week turning into a champ night sleeper. He likes going down and sleeps pretty solid till 7 am. Will is my night owl right now and it’s all night…every night :)
      xo – kb

  9. Christina says

    You look gorgeous in the first pic. Such a cute family you have.

    And reading through the comments, I think some people are a little too invested here. There are only two options people and either one is wonderful and bound to be cute as heck.

    Here’s to a healthy baby.

  10. says

    this type of post is my favorite and I tear up every time. just the ‘regular’ type of family stuff that is easily taken for granted is actually the sweetest moments in life. thanks for the reminder!

  11. says

    What lens did you shoot your indoor photos with? I’m guessing the reason for all of your bright indoor photos is due to the fact your house gets a lot of natural light? I’ve been shooting indoor photos with my fixed 50mm just so I can lower the aperature to 2.0 to let more light in but then I don’t get the great detail of texture like the carpet in your photo with Weston. Plus I’m really short so I have to stand like on a chair if I want to snap a picture of my son lying down on the floor or in his bed. Could also be the fact I don’t have a full frame camera (I only have the Cannon Rebel).

    You have a beautiful family! Love getting these updates. Plus it gives me a chance to study your pictures and learn as I am a beginner DSLR user.
    Thanks Katie!

  12. says

    Last Easter we were sitting in church watching as parents were baptizing their own children. It was so moving I sat and sobbed, which I seem to do at church anyways…. but my husband looked at me at one point and said “Are you ok?”

    I was fine looking at your photos until the baptismal picture… OHHH how it pulls at my heart strings. Maybe its the look on her face or the fact he is able to baptize his own daughter. It makes me cry like a two year old boy…..

    Still crying….

    • says

      Haha! You are so funny. It really is such a special moment and I think that most folks don’t ever get to celebrate much less be a part of those moments with their kids. Cry on girl!
      xo -kb

  13. says

    We have that same pacifier! Too cute. I love Monroe too. I think my husband wants to kill me though because I recently found a house there that I’d love to buy… nevermind the fact that we currently live 8+ hours away. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures. You have such a beautiful family.

  14. Carrie says

    Hi Katie,

    This is my first time commenting, and obviously I’m days behind… Whatever. Anyway, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned the snuza to you; but it’s a little device, around an oz, that clips onto the baby diaper. If they stop breathing for 20 seconds the alarm goes off. My father in law, who sits 2 feet from the tv so he can hear it, heard the alarm go off from two floors away. So if new baby is a belly sleeper, you might get more sleep.

  15. says

    I recommend Phototech (http://www.phototech.com) for camera cleaning and repair. I’ve only used them once (to get my camera cleaned), but I highly recommend them. They’re based in NYC, and I was living in PA at the time, so I had to mail my camera to them. It came back looking shiny and new and was thoroughly wrapped in plastic wrap to protect it on it’s journey back to me. I was really impressed.

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