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(Right now the wind outside is going nuts.  It looks like a tree is going to javelin itself out of the ground and launch into the yard at any second.  So if this post cuts short…I’m a goner.  Just wanted to warn you.)

With the assistance of Google analytics (it only took me about an hour to figure out how to sign in…uh-gaw!), Pinterest, etc., I am excited to present to you Bower Power’s top ten posts list of 2013.  You didn’t get to vote.  But you did…in a way…by pinning, viewing, sharing, commenting, and the like.  This list does not include personal posts like when we announced that we were expecting our third boy or when I recapped my breastfeeding experience or revealed that Jeremy was laid off last year.  These are project posts and I am so proud of each and every one of them.  I feel like I am still learning how to do this blogging thing…not to mention the try-to-tackle-projects-with-two-kids-hanging-on-me-all-the-time thing…not to mention still maintain some social life and be involved in our church, with extended family and community.

I’m hoping that this new year I will be able to really tackle so many more big projects (let’s finish some rooms, hoo-rah!) and get my hands busy doing more building and really transforming our home (the outside feels much more complete this year and so I’m hoping some big energy will go into bringing the inside up to speed!).

So without further ridiculousness….I am honored to share Bower Power’s top ten posts list of 2013

#10 Dumpster Texture Art

#9 Washing it White

#8 Oyster Cloister

#7 Photoshop Tutorial – Making a Silhouette

#6 Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams

#5 Lovely Wreath

#4 Full Bodied Shelves

#3 Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

#2 Room to Grow

#1 It’s the Pits


A very special thanks goes out to you.  Yes.  You.  You are as much a part of this blog as anyone and I know that I greatly appreciate your continued love and support and kind words.  You rock.



  1. Alyssa says

    I love each of those projects Katie and am so glad I was here with you all year following along! Yesterday I started blogging again and committed to doing it on a more regular basis. I know you’re super busy but stop by if you need something to put you to bed at night or keep you up during a 3am feeding! Ha!

    -Alyssa (fellow boy mom!)

  2. says

    I somehow missed the growth chart…it’s great! I need to get two of those (one for each kid) done ASAP! Good luck in future endeavors, I can’t wait to see what you’re creating but remember to take care of yourself and those three babies! Put your feet up if at all possible! :)

  3. says

    I love all your projects and the wonderfully humorous way you share your ideas with us all! Keep them coming!! You are an inspiration to me with all your projects for sure! I started following your blog when I saw your post about making your Ana White bed. I loved the added details you put on it and used some of them during the process of making my own bed. :) You, in part, inspired me to start blogging my creative adventures myself. Thanks Katie!

  4. Anje says

    You are my favorite, Katie. I just have to say it. I was a stay-at-home mom when my kids were little, but went back to work when my kids were in school full-time. I miss those days fiercely, but reading your blog takes me back. I also used to do more projects (kids and home)when I was home and that is tougher now. You inspire me to remember who I am and checking in with you each day is my secret way to keep in touch with my creative side. My New Years resolution is to do more projects, little and big. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Katie :)

  5. says

    Looks like the Bower’s had a pretty good year :) Loving the white wash look – I’ve gotta find something I can pop this finish on!

    One of my favorite transformations didn’t make the cut – I loved your bookcase trim update with the new shelves. I thought that really transformed that space. :)

    Cheers! Here’s to a great 2014. :)

    • says

      I loved that too! I thought about doing a ‘favorites’ post but maybe that is overkill…you know…now that every blogger on earth has done a roundup of 2013.
      xo – kb

  6. janetl says

    Great year! Were there any posts that you were surprised weren’t more popular or ones that really took off that you weren’t expecting?

    • says

      I actually had a lot of fun looking at the analytics and I think they just proved my point that I have been stressing to Jeremy for a while…that Bower Power is 60% a personal lifestyle blog and 40% a DIY/photography/craft/style type blog. Majority of the most popular posts page view wise were personal things (breastfeeding experience, Weston’s birth story, etc.)…and of course it was surprising that only 5% of my total traffic from last year was from Pinterest. I heard that some DIY blogs have upwards of 60% of their traffic coming from Pinterest! So those were the most surprising things. I don’t know of any specific post but to be perfectly honest, I don’t expect ANY post to be a hit…I just write whats on the ole brain at that time.
      xo – kb

  7. Mia says

    Katie I just discovered your blog and am obsessed! Can you tell me why for the bathroom shelves you used 2 different kinds of sandpaper? I’m going to try and re-create them for our guest bath… wish me luck (I’ll need it)

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